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  1. I thought he looked great in the white tux with tails that he tried on while trying to find a suit to receive the award in Season 3, I believe.
  2. I do want to see a Sheldon fantasy, but what about Amy playing Doctor Star Trek style, Amy in the Catholic schoolgirl outfit, Amy baking the penis cookies, or Amy in the Harry Potter robe?
  3. Depending on my mood or what I'm doing that day, I'll wear either my glasses or contacts. While hubby says I look good either way, he has said he prefers me in contacts. in Amy's case, she wears her glasses consistently. Therefore, she does look "weird" when she takes them off because that's not what Sheldon is used to.
  4. According to the guide on my TV, it's a rerun of Conjugal Conjecture.
  5. Amy spiking Sheldon's juice to get him to go to sleep was a bad choice and could have backfired... who remembers The Pants Alternative?
  6. I loved the the crib tenderness too; however... I hope this doesn't encourage new parents to co sleep with their newborn. A newborn in my area died recently when the Mom rolled over on top of it while co sleeping. The weird juice thing creeped me out too... The Lenny scenes were hilarious!
  7. I'd like to see Lucy and Stuart together... I honestly think they'd be good for one another, plus imagine Raj's reaction!
  8. Just got back from our Holiday Cruise, and am busy doing laundry before going out to watch football tonight (Go Buckeyes!), so I figured I would drop by to say Happy New Year, Shamies! BTW- played a LOT of trivia this week... our team name? Bazinga!, of course!
  9. Hubby brings his truck into town today and then we will be cruising 12/24-31 (we are not wearing our Bazinga shirts to board... we are going with St. Nick's World Tour this time). Happy Holidays Shamies!
  10. Precisely. Here's Mayim's take on the episode: http://groknation.com/hollywood/the-big-bang-theory-the-birthday-synchronicity/
  11. I'm sure Amy likes playing with a sword too...
  12. It's Semester Exam season over here, so I just now got to read the taping report. Thank you @shamyyellow! I'm going to have such a stupid grin on my face tomorrow in the Testing Bunker; that is if I don't die from the MaJim interview first! Bow chicka wow wow!
  13. My Mom's birthday was also November 14, as is Prince Charles'. So I guess we all know what Queen (at that point still Princess) Elizabeth's and my Grandma's Valentine's Day presents were that year (1938 and 1948, respectively)
  14. I know you can't post the link, but can you at least direct me to the site with the pics?
  15. Look at my profile picture... I married Leonard!
  16. So excited about the Shamy news! Almost made up for the fact that hubby might not be home for Thanksgiving! On a related note... TBS is showing Earworm and Opening Night at 9/9:30 PM Eastern.
  17. So excited about the Shamy news! Almost made up for the fact that hubby might not be home for Thanksgiving! On a related note... TBS is showing Earworm and Opening Night at 9/9:30 PM Eastern.
  18. I was hoping for the Catholic schoolgirl outfit
  19. If this is the case, the first question they need to ask him is when is he going to fix the elevator!
  20. Remember when Leonard proposed to Penny in bed and he blamed it on "wedding fever"? I feel that Sheldon has "baby fever" due to the experiment and Bernadette's pregnancy .
  21. This half German girl may have to go to a German restaurant and get my fix now. Darn y'all!
  22. I saw Leonard "holding class" with the younger nerds almost like him passing the torch... Like him saying... don't give up, it IS possible!
  23. Regarding the temperature comment... this hit sooo close to home for hubby and me! I am a person who is constantly cold (thank you, broken thyroid). Hubby says I'm probably so cold because I emit a lot of heat; he even calls me a "furnace"!
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