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  1. Regarding Sheldon's muscles... how 'bout a screen grab of the scene last week where he lifts Howard upside down?
  2. Could be the reason he can't lie or keep a secret either...
  3. Regarding the viewing numbers for Episode 1... I have 3 words: Monday Night Football. Most football fans are going to watch the live action game and watch BBT via DVR, On Demand, or online.
  4. We all know that Penny is a Nebraska football fan, wonder if this will somehow work its way into the BBT world: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=17461894&sf35101342=1 Maybe a picture of the fallen punter (or his number) in Penny's apartment?
  5. I say glove compartment... I think the 2 are interchangeable
  6. I think it was Bernie and Howard's first date. They found out the both lost their virginity in Toyotas. Howard in a Corolla, Bernie in a Camry. Here's the clip:
  7. Not too sure about that.... IIRC, Bernadette said she lost her virginity in a Camry. Glenn was one of her professors, so I'm assuming that their activity happened in at least a hotel room, not a car.
  8. With all this talk about Dave and Sheldon's height... I can't stop thinking of the comment Bernadette made to Amy about Amy and Dave having dinner in her apartment and that could possibly lead to sex. Bernadette, knowing how tall Dave is and that Amy is a virgin, says "That's like taking your driver's license test with a bus!" Can't find a clip... sorry
  9. He would probably get in the same way he did in Spittoon.
  10. The other night I had a thought... wouldn't it have been perfect if Jason Ritter, John's son, had been cast as Penny's brother? Not saying I'm objecting to the casting, just a random thought.
  11. I agree. We have a player here for the Tampa Bay Rays, Kevin Kiermaier (otherwise known as my baseball boyfriend), whose nickname is Outlaw. Here's a pic in a plaid shirt. You're welcome.
  12. The reference rang a bell, but I just couldn't place it... sorry!
  13. Yep, I married a smart short guy from New Jersey... wait... I married Leonard! I'm definitely not Penny; people say I remind them of Amy. BTW... you can tell when hubby has been on the road for a while (he's a truck driver) and I'm missing him... I start talking about him a LOT. July 15th can't get here soon enough!
  14. Hubby has 3 older and 1 younger sister. No fixing up needed, as he came trained .
  15. So a female can be intelligent or eye candy, but not both?!
  16. I think it's called Goodwill or Salvation Army... maybe that donation bin where Bernie found the cute boots and said it was OK to take them because she serves soup to poor people.
  17. Last day of school in my area is today. I'm wearing my Bazinga shirt 'cause... Bazinga parents! Deal with your kids all summer!
  18. How many of us would like to see a return of the Catholic schoolgirl outfit next season?
  19. Any word on when the new season will begin taping?
  20. Judging by how grossed out he was, I'm thinking it went into the realm of That Which Must Not Be Mentioned Again. Penny might have said something, though.
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