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  1. Judging by how grossed out he was, I'm thinking it went into the realm of That Which Must Not Be Mentioned Again. Penny might have said something, though.
  2. 1. I think it was Pulled Groin... She is not for you! 2. Sheldon is complimenting Amy's intelligence when he calls her a Vixen, IMHO. 3. Can we have both?? I'm Shamy greedy...
  3. Can't find the clip right now, but back in Season 4 in Pulled Groin, Amy said that one of the reasons that she thought Leonard "fell in love with her" was her "dang pelvis". Completely off topic story: I work at a middle school as a counselor. I was doing lunch duty one day when I overheard one of the kids in the line talking about my "big booty" (it is kinda on the big side). I just turned around and stated "For your information, these are authentic German birthing hips!" Didn't have a problem in the lunch line for the rest of the year...
  4. I wish Option 4 was Sheldon becomes a sexual being and can't keep his hands off Amy. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen...
  5. So, Platonic Permutation, Earworm, and Opening Night were "written very poorly"? I'll agree that the second half of the season wasn't as good as the first half, but I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater. In reference to Amy at the beginning of the season... the writers were trying to show that she was struggling with the breakup just as much as Sheldon, even though it was her idea. She knew she needed to assert herself and the relationship would be better for it; however, she was unsure if it would backfire and she would lose him forever. Add in the fact that most of her friends are mutual... she didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable and force them to choose between her and Sheldon. That's why I think she was angry and sad.
  6. Raise your hand if you *love* the fact that Raj just outed himself as a douchebag!
  7. That and Mayim Bialik is vegan, so whatever she had on her plate wasn't a sub sandwich...
  8. Still in shock. I share my birthday with him (June 7, along with Tom Jones). I'm thinking we should all post our favorite song(s). Me: Let's Go Crazy and Kiss (cause of the birthday thing).
  9. Wouldn't it be weird if Sheldon's Mom showed up with Leonard's Dad??? Not that it would happen, just that it would be weird...
  10. The coitus was so good it curled her hair?
  11. Did anyone else just think of Amy's Mom saying that's how good people eat their bananas?
  12. I'm dying because I just discovered I have the same favorite episode as Mayim! Woo hoo!
  13. We should let Sheldon know this is how he can cover up the Sharpie. Who would have thought to try this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMBTf_UTWqI
  14. So Meemaw's married name would be Constance (insert maiden name here) Sheldon and Mary's would be Mary Sheldon Cooper.
  15. I thought it might be Sheldon. Sometimes the mother's maiden name is used as the son's first name.
  16. Just a few days ago, my TBBT Calendar (the page a day trivia one) said the first kiss was on the train. I feel like emailing someone and correcting them! 421 was their first kiss! Probably 'cause the kiss was so freakin' ROUGH! I'm surprised no one came out of that scene with a chipped tooth!
  17. I don't know about the rest of y'all (yes, y'all is a word....), but I want to know how the guys found out about the coitus. Did Sheldon tell them (doubtful), or did the girls tell the guys? I also would have LOVED to have seen the guys' reactions.
  18. Little late to the favorite Shamy moment party, so most of my faves have already been taken. The past moment that I love that hasn't been mentioned is when Amy showed up at Sheldon's in the Catholic Schoolgirl outfit to "repent" for lying to him about being sick when she really just wanted to hang with Bernadette. Now that coitus has happened, I would LOVE to see a return of that outfit!
  19. I think Amy is too much of a traditionalist to propose.
  20. Where is the option to like posts? I see others liking posts and feel a little deprived.
  21. I posted a comment about 9x11 yesterday and it hasn't been approved yet. How long do I have to wait for a moderator to approve my post?
  22. In reference to those who don't like Sheldon's calmness... Sheldon told Professor Proton he was scared he would be overwhelmed and ruin the evening. I believe he is staying calm in order to give Amy the best birthday present ever. Also, I can't WAIT to see the guys reactions when they figure it out!
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