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    25 minutes ago, Jedichic98 said:

    Well if you consider the possibility that that was a throwaway line (if not there are ways to improve flexibility) 

    Wide hips and prominent hindquarters suggest a future in successful childbearing. 

    Can't find the clip right now, but back in Season 4 in Pulled Groin, Amy said that one of the reasons that she thought Leonard "fell in love with her" was her "dang pelvis".

    Completely off topic story:  I work at a middle school as a counselor.  I was doing lunch duty one day when I overheard one of the kids in the line talking about my "big booty" (it is kinda on the big side).  I just turned around and stated "For your information, these are authentic German birthing hips!"  Didn't have a problem in the lunch line for the rest of the year...:icon_cheesygrin:

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jonny83 said:

    We will no doubt talk about it more during the summer and when we start to hear plot rumors but I think the three possible outcomes to the sex life question are:

    1. They are physical again before her birthday. Doesn't have to be another bed scene if the writers are worried about moving their relationship too fast on screen , it could be a scene for example the next morning when it's clear that Amy stayed overnight at 4A and they slept together.

    2. They are physical again on her birthday. Not what I would prefer in all honestly but if both are happy to wait until then that's fine by me. It's possible their physical connection may take some time to develop so they may start off slow for a while. But then this raises the question of how much Sheldon really wants to be physical, can he only express it as a gift etc.

    Worst case scenario:

    3. They haven't been physical since Opening Night and the writers decide it's funny that Sheldon doesn't initiate/doesn't want to be physical on her birthday. It's pretty obvious that Amy will be expecting it to happen if not before her birthday but at least on her birthday again with the line that he said in The 'Opening Night Excitation'. I think this outcome could cause major problems in their relationship going forward and make them question what they really want or need from the relationship again.

    So my preference is easily 1, could maybe accept 2 if it's done properly, but 3 will have me screaming at the writers. Maybe there is a fourth option that it's heavily implied that it happened again but we see nothing whatsoever on screen. I would take that over scenario 3, which for me is a really stupid outcome.

    I wish Option 4 was Sheldon becomes a sexual being and can't keep his hands off Amy.  Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen...

  3. So, Platonic Permutation, Earworm, and Opening Night were "written very poorly"?  I'll agree that the second half of the season wasn't as good as the first half, but I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    In reference to Amy at the beginning of the season... the writers were trying to show that she was struggling with the breakup just as much as Sheldon, even though it was her idea.  She knew she needed to assert herself and the relationship would be better for it; however, she was unsure if it would backfire and she would lose him forever.  Add in the fact that most of her friends are mutual... she didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable and force them to choose between her and Sheldon. That's why I think she was angry and sad.

  4. 5 hours ago, phantagrae said:

    Someone actually complained about Amy eating her sandwich with a fork?  Maybe she didn't want to try to lift a big unwieldy piece of sandwich by hand.  I've eaten such things with a fork.  And I'm sure that for practical purposes in the scene, it makes more sense.  It's also a reason that they often don't really put much food in their mouths during dinner scenes.  They don't want to get caught with food in their mouths when it's time for their lines. 

    That and Mayim Bialik is vegan, so whatever she had on her plate wasn't a sub sandwich...

  5. 2 hours ago, Jonny83 said:

    Maybe she turns up with a new fella, could add some interesting discussions between Sheldon and his mother.

    Wouldn't it be weird if Sheldon's Mom showed up with Leonard's Dad???
    Not that it would happen, just that it would be weird...

  6. 13 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    She really does.

    Actually hasn't her hair been getting gradually curlier, since Opening Night?

    On opening night, it looks like the ends of her hair, are curling slightly.

    The coitus was so good it curled her hair?

  7. 3 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    Constance Sheldon and Mary Sheldon?

    Don't like the sound of that. :( 


    35 minutes ago, gsxdoug said:

    Um...maiden name refers to a woman's last name before marriage.

    So Meemaw's married name would be Constance (insert maiden name here) Sheldon and Mary's would be Mary Sheldon Cooper. 

  8. 52 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    Also in CBS's The Science of Love video which includes important moments of the Shamy relationship, CBS clearly counts the 421 kiss as their first kiss.

    Just a few days ago, my TBBT Calendar (the page a day trivia one) said the first kiss was on the train.  I feel like emailing someone and correcting them!  421 was their first kiss!

    28 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    Yeah...that's my point from the beginning. In 421, Sheldon wanted that kiss. With Beverley, he was just totally shocked.

    Probably 'cause the kiss was so freakin' ROUGH!  I'm surprised no one came out of that scene with a chipped tooth!

  9. 14 hours ago, Lionne said:


    Let us conversate of coitus, you cray-zee couple.

    I don't know about the rest of y'all  (yes, y'all is a word....), but I want to know how the guys found out about the coitus.  Did Sheldon tell them (doubtful), or did the girls tell the guys?  I also would have LOVED to have seen the guys' reactions.    

  10. Little late to the favorite Shamy moment party, so most of my faves have already been taken.  The past moment that I love that hasn't been mentioned is when Amy showed up at Sheldon's in the Catholic Schoolgirl outfit to "repent" for lying to him about being sick when she really just wanted to hang with Bernadette.  Now that coitus has happened, I would LOVE to see a return of that outfit! 

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