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  1. I am hoping that the money in the account is the money Penny insisted on returning after selling the car that Leonard bought her as a gift (minus the massage and "best fiance ever" frame). I just wish the episode would have some sort of resolution such as Leonard suggesting that he pay half the rent at Penny's apartment while they figure out how to merge their belongings and finally move in together. Also, I know others have mentioned, but I reiterate how could Penny have a guy diversify all her savings if she is still paying down so much debt? Also, how much debt could she have when she was gloating last season about making twice what Leonard makes in salary? Also, why does Penny have to go back to being a waitress in order to go for auditions? I would think the sales call jobs would offer more flexibility. What happened to Leonard and Penny finding mutually agreeable solutions, rather than leaving lingering "concerns"?
  2. When Raj requested respect while working with (or "for") Sheldon in season 3, episode 4, Sheldon rejected his addendum requests? Now Sheldon is willing to compromise, based on Penny's suggestion? Also, Penny stands up for Howard, but not for Leonard? In addition, Penny cares more about what turns Sheldon on rather than acknowledging or defending her own husband. Penny doesn't love or respect Leonard and should have never married him. She harbors resentment for quitting acting even though it was her choice. The Raj-Claire-Emily relationship triangle is a microcosm or the macrocosm of the Sheldon-Penny-Amy relationship triangle. Sheldon and Amy still have discord and their communication problems are just as bad as before the breakup and reconciliation. Yet, Penny and Sheldon are popular characters portrayed as victims because Leonard physically cheated and Amy dumped Sheldon. The emotional affair and lack of boundaries between Sheldon and Penny though is far worse than physical cheating or breaking someone's heart because it robs the intimacy that should be shared with their respective significant others. Sheldon and Penny only express interest in their partners when they are jealous of someone else expressing interest (i.e. Alex, Leslie, Stuart, Priya, Dave), but once that threat is gone, they go back to being dismissive and derogatory. What would the plot lines be if Amy and Leonard were written out of the show and Sheldon and Penny didn't have whipping posts? Potential Series Finale Spoiler Alert: Penny and Leonard will get divorced (hence why the wedding was so crappy) and Sheldon will propose to Penny (Bachelor style) rather than Amy. The show should have ended three seasons ago when it was still funny, and done a spin-off if this is the direction they wanted to go.
  3. The show got to 200 episodes because of all of the characters and the very strong writing during the first five seasons. Season 6, 7, and 8 had some good moments and Season 9 has been up and down. Sheldon and Penny moments were unique when they did not get along. Now that Sheldon and Penny get along, those moments fall flat. To me, the handholds at the end of Season 5 were more touching and genuine. As much as I like Sheldon's character, the amount of Sheldon centric episodes destroy the balance that earlier seasons perfected.
  4. I don't like when they put any of the characters in a bad light. None of the characters are perfect and they all have their quirks, but some characters are condemned for their flaws and mistakes worse than others. Raj might be an ass at times, but he has his good moments. Raj arranged and decorated the rooftop for Howard and Bernadette's wedding, and he arranged the texting date in the library with Lucy which was so unique and sweet. Raj even seemed to get along better with Yvette (the vet who treated Cinnamon) than Claire, so these recent developments seem strange. Raj already tried the dating two girls at one time after meeting Emily, but wanting to give Lucy another chance after Lucy dumped Raj. Raj was honest with both Lucy and Emily. Emily was more understanding, prompting Raj to tell Lucy, "Emily's cool with it. Why can't you be more like Emily?" Even after Raj and Emily started dating, Emily was seeing another guy, prompting Raj to get jealous at the movie theater, before Raj and Emily got more serious. I just never saw enough of their relationship to have a strong opinion. Leonard might have cheated on Priya, but he felt so guilty, he confessed to Alice and Priya, even though Priya would have probably never found out. Priya's cheating behavior was also worse than Leonard's, and since Priya was not a series regular, the impact of the mistake was not permanent. However, Season 9, the writers have inflicted consequential damage on Raj, Amy, Stuart, and Leonard's characters. Some might argue Sheldon's character as well, but the painful breakup (where Amy is blamed on multiple accounts) and the primary focus on Sheldon's reaction minimized much of Sheldon's prior behavior without lasting consequences. I thought Kripke, Wil, and Leslie (even though I like all three of them too) and other antagonist characters were supposed to make things difficult because they are not as well known. Even Penny's mistakes with Raj and Zach were minimalized or negated by Leonard's lack of resentment of unfortunately overreaction respectively (I feel so bad for Leonard sometimes). It is such a shame the writers choose to inflict such drama because I want to like all the series regular characters. Between Howardette, Lenny, and Shamy, I am a little sick of the breakup and reconcile theme, but if seems to be popular with the writers. I just hope Raj (as well as all the other characters) find their way personally and professionally without hurting one another anymore. Playful joking among friends is one thing. Hurting your significant other or spouse, intentionally or unintentionally, is hard to continue watching.
  5. This might have been posted in another forum, but I think the author has some good ideas that perhaps those attending PaleyFest can inquire about. http://whatculture.com/tv/the-big-bang-theory-season-9-10-things-that-still-need-to-happen.php I don't agree with all ten points, but personally, I would like to see: 9. Stuart's character find success (whether the comic store or in love), I just want to see the quirky, yet lovable Stuart from the earlier seasons again. 8. A new quirk: Many of the episodes beat the old quirks to death with little variation, but only if the new quirk is lighthearted and drama free. 7. Howardette: Looking forward to seeing Howard and Bernadette explore this new chapter, especially if they are sweet like during their engagement. 4. Raj: whether it is staying single, or reuniting with Emily, or dating Claire, I would like to see Raj get more screentime and more favorable plot lines. 2. Moving around: Would love to see Lenny live together in 4B and Sheldon and Amy or Sheldon and Raj (they do work well together) in 4A. 1. Proposal: Although I connect more with Shamy and look forward to a proposal and wedding, I would also love to see a renewal ceremony for Lenny. I know the writers are reluctant to disclose future developments, but it is always interesting to hear their perspective regarding past incidents that could shed some insight.
  6. Yeah, and by the time Leonard and Howard got back from the emergency room, Leonard didn't even get to enjoy the party because it was already over. He really cannot seem to catch a break.
  7. As someone is identifies as asexual/demisexual, whatever label you want to put on it, I could care less about the frequency of their activities (whether monthly, annual). I just want to know that they are in agreement. I hope Amy's birthday suit comment is not pressuring for something more than Sheldon is willing to give. The show is treading a fine line because either Sheldon truly doesn't get the joke (and it is just for humor) or he is trying to ignore Amy's advance under the guise of ignorance. Another reason I hate Amy knowing about the ring. We know Sheldon and Amy connect intellectually and now physically. I thought for five years they were connecting emotionally offscreen until the breakup. However, what I really want to see is for them to connect emotionally. The show has been very careful to show that everything Sheldon does for Amy is out of obligation, contractual agreement, demands or prompts by third parties, or as a gift. I really need to see Sheldon demonstrate his vulnerabilities and emotions to Amy willingly without coercion. That is why whenever anyone says to not worry about Sheldon and Penny because they are just brother and sister, I have to disagree. They have an emotional intimacy and sharing of vulnerabilities that they do not seem to share with their respective significant others. That is a problem and in some cases can even be considered a form of cheating despite the lack of physical intimacy. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/life-gets-better/201406/emotional-affairs-why-they-hurt-so-much I am trying to hold out hope, wishing I am wrong. Sheldon is just Sheldon, but Sheldon has shown his emotional vulnerabilities to Leonard, Penny, Howard, and maybe Raj. I need him to willingly (without prompt, obligation or demand) share his emotional side with Amy (without Penny being around), not just out of exasperation after a failed FWF episode where his speech was interrupted. I have often said I would rather see Amy freaked out about the pregnancy and Sheldon be the one to reassure her. It would be a much welcomed change into the dynamic where Sheldon is there for Amy just as much as she has tried to be there for him.
  8. You might be interested in the following graph that rates the content ratings of the episodes rather than the viewer ratings of the episodes. Matrimonial Momentum was the lowest content rated episode across all nine seasons (each color is a season and you can click on the dots for each episode). http://graphtv.kevinformatics.com/tt0898266
  9. I realize season finales and cliffhangers draw in crowds for viewer ratings, but perhaps the writers should also look at the content ratings of the episodes to figure out which ones resonate with viewers. This graph is pretty startling, and further proof of audience reaction to the episodes, not just how many tuned in. http://graphtv.kevinformatics.com/tt0898266
  10. Has anyone figured out who the "bad" actor is that Jim Parsons is referring to that he has to work with because the TBBT show will not fire that person (between 1:19:00 and 1:24:00)? He mentions the person was brought on, so I would hope it is not someone he pretends to like in interviews, and might even like as person, but might not like as an actor. It is odd he asks the question, "Am I going to hell?" and mentions that the scenes could be better. I have just never figured out who he is referring to.
  11. Yeah, but the whole Joey premise ruined Ross and Rachel for me, even if they ended up together. So like Friends where I only watch beginning seasons because later seasons went to crap, I guess season 5 of TBBT is my limit. The unconscious handholds when Howard goes into space, couples actually being sweet to each other, balancing work, friendships, and relationships in the episodes. Maybe after season 10 ends, I might get curious what the writers ultimately did, but I think I am done for now.
  12. Not to mention the fact that Lorre personally wrote both the MeeMaw and the 200th episode, so yeah I personally think Lorre is a closeted Shen**. It breaks my heart that they give S&P more genuine friendly scenes (whether maternal, consoling, whatever) than they care to invest in the canon relationships. Also, it is not just one S&P scene, but a pattern of uncomfortable scenes since Season 6. I am not saying Penny and Sheldon cannot be friends, but the lack of any boundaries and lack of moving out really make it very awkward.
  13. The group attended and officiated Howardette's wedding. There was no need for a fancy reception. However, the girls were shown opening gifts while Howard was gone. Lenny thought the group saw their wedding via webcam, but still it would have been nice for the group to acknowledge the wedding on their return with a reception and gifts. Oh wait, the fight on the way home ruined that. Still no gifts from anyone else other than bachelor party gags and the San Fran trip where Sheldon comes along? Lenny deserved much, much better treatment. Another reason why the Howardette comment of "we totally won" is salt in a very open wound.
  14. All the more reason to cut the umbilical cord and have the friends and couples interact as the writers supposedly set them up to do so. Even as a Shamy fan, I agree that the first five seasons were awesome because there was such a good mix of work, friendship, and relationship balance.
  15. Actually, I have been dreading since Season 6 that the writers might pull something stupid, which I am not even going to mention because while I do not support it, I have just been very, very afraid of it. Postponing living arrangements only adds to the fear even if one of the couples is married. So I have been just as much of a Lenny fan as a Shamy fan because if in the end all of this drama and angst ends up being for nothing, I will be so furious.
  16. Actually, as a Shamy fan, I wanted the drama to end sooner so they could get back to being friends like Lenny. After the Thanksgiving episode, I expected reconciliation as an episode 200 or season 9 finale because I wanted them to talk and resolve differences before reconciling (although I never wanted that to be a reason to delay Lenny moving in together). When reconciliation got rushed along with Amy's birthday gift, I was pleasantly surprised, but also thoroughly confused, especially since the breakup is rehashed with the Mee-Maw and Valentine's Day episodes. Now post Valentine's Day, things look good, but late Season 8 looked good too (Prom, Christmas, Colonization, Fort Cozy) before everything went to hell, so that is why some of us are still on eggshells because it is still so fragile. For me, proposal could be season 10, as long as there is no drama. I would also love to see Lenny get a renewal wedding. It was odd to me that the writers cared more about Leonard's bachelor party than a post wedding reception with the group. If nothing else than living arrangements happen in episode 200, I will be happy.
  17. I agree with your opinion. The Positive-Negative (karaoke) episode is the first group episode of season 9 (unless you include the Vegas party bus, which I don't). It took 16 episodes to finally get one where the "conflict" of the episode is resolved within the episode, rather than dwelling on unresolved drama that could potentially last the entire season. I understand the need for change and growth and that some conflict and perhaps drama of a few episodes might be necessary. However, the amount of unanswered questions and vague innuendos stretching almost an entire season without any progress or resolution can be just as draining to endure, and turn off viewers rather than bring them in. I personally waited until the summer to catch up on Season 8 because of how slow everything was dragged out. I almost did that with season 9 when the drama didn't end after the first 3-5 episodes. About the only thing that kept me hanging on was knowing the 200th was coming this season.
  18. I think he meant more in terms of what do you have in common (besides sex) to talk about during non-intimate moments since this was back in season three. Clearly a lot has changed for all the characters though.
  19. I did grow up watching Adam West as Batman with fight scene sounds that took up most of the screen (i.e. POW, WHAM) and all of Robin's "Holy ....." sayings. I had to look up the BBT episode (apparently Season 3, episode 17), but I laughed so hard at the following lines the first time I saw it. Penny: Who’s Adam West? Sheldon: Who’s Adam West? Leonard, what do the two of you talk about after the coitus? Then later... Penny: That is so sad. Sheldon: No, what’s sad is that you don’t know Adam West was TV’s Batman.
  20. Well Sheldon's "cool your jets" line does imply that. Also, Bernadette already had a similar conversation with Howard (that she can give Howard sexual intercourse and his mom can't) when they thought Mrs. Wolowitz had a heart attack rather than food poisoning. With four couples, it has to be difficult to find unique ways to present similar material.
  21. She did look amazing in the Star Trek uniform playing doctor.
  22. Not only contradicted, but it also put Amy back in a position of wanting more from Sheldon than he was currently giving which I am so sick of. I really hoped we were done with that dynamic post reconciliation, but I guess the writers don't know how to write Amy any other way. Where is the Amy of Season 4 that had to tell Sheldon to slow down because she was not quite there yet? Apparently, without pressure, Sheldon is willing to do more, but when Amy makes demands, Sheldon loses interest. Why doesn't Amy recognize and accept this?
  23. I agree with the rest of your post. As far as the ring, it does seem odd that Mee-Maw wouldn't still wear the ring. My husband's grandmother lost her husband several years ago now, but she still wears her wedding band and refers to herself as married. The sloppy ring revelation seemed like a lazy way to inform Amy of the ring so Amy could nontraditionally ask for blessing, rather than the traditional Sheldon asking for Amy's hand. Couldn't they all, including MeeMaw have been watching the documentary instead and have the fight occur after the ring is revealed in the documentary? I also doubt asking for MeeMaw's blessing would have crossed Amy's mind if she was still trying to process Sheldon even contemplated marriage, but I guess we never truly know what our reactions would be if placed in similar circumstances. The only other sloppy point I try to take comfort in is the show demonstrated to viewers and MeeMaw that Amy did not come back to Sheldon because of knowledge of the ring. I thought this was obvious already, but apparently needed emphasis. Hopefully, Amy returned out of unconditional love without the guarantee of marriage, but if so, then please have Amy stop rolling her eyes and appreciate the recent developments without demanding more. However, I still beat my head against the wall about why Amy cares if Penny (or Leonard for that matter, but it wasn't asked) knew about the ring or not. Why does that matter? Apparently, Sheldon wasn't willing to divulge to anyone even post breakup until the Spock documentary. Oh well, cue happy thoughts, and it is just a show, and something about rainbows and unicorns.
  24. The video links on the CBS website demonstrate many episodes are under 20 minutes to include the credits. Another reason I don't want to see the series continue past Season 10. Could you imagine increased salaries and a 15 minute episode or less?
  25. Trouble is I think it was Molaro said there would be no second Lenny wedding. I can't remember the actual interview and am having trouble finding it too. However, that interview was before the Sales Call episode, so maybe it is a diversion tactic to lower expectations and then surprise viewers with a renewal or second wedding. However, that back and forth shock value was beyond tedious and annoying with the Shamy breakup and quickie reconciliation and birthday present (that were still spoiled in previews), but i guess to your point since the formula worked so well to drive ratings and the cash cow, that the popular adage, "what you permit, you promote" applies. So, I just keep trying to endure the filler episodes in between the shock value ones and cross my fingers that hopefully someone knows where this is ultimately heading.
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