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  1. Love this idea, too! Here are some that weren't mentioned: - I like you, quirks and all - Their first (drunken) kiss - The tiara scene - When they decided to get a turtle - When Amy's been a bad girl - Being under the love spell on D&D - Amy trying to increase Sheldon's affection towards her - Shamy building a fort - Earworm I know I've missed some. So many to choose from, though. We could narrow them down little by little.
  2. Even the guys are hinting on the proposal with their conversation at the comic book store. Saying that he loves Amy and he likes living with her....ahhhhh I really wanna answer the "Do you know what you need to do now?" question myself. Just. Get. On. One. Knee. And. Propose!!!
  3. Yaaaaaaas. Amy breaking Sheldon's habits was also brought up,so I guess it could affect the coitus being a once a year event, as well. If so, I'm really excited on what the tptb's take on this matter.
  4. Sheldon mouthing "come here" before they hugged had my heart rocket to outer space, light years away. And Penny strikes again, the queen of Shamy shippers.
  5. Okay. The new episode is absolutely adorable! Our babies finally living together! Can things get any better? Oh no it won't, Sheldon. We've been waiting for this moment for almost 7 years and so did Amy. I was quite disappointed at first when Amy proposed that coitus should be off the table until they revisit the topic but then boy, oh boy, this happened! Making out at "OUR" place! Ugh! Finally! I love this Shamy on the tag scene. They're back! The Shamy that we love. We finally get to see the signature Shamy foreplay. TPTB, more of this please! Peace out!
  6. Though this is a Lenny-centric episode, we always love the small Shamy moments. Jelly Shelly or to put it accurately, Possessive Shelly, strikes again. I hope I can see more of him this season. Since the Shamy reconciliation, Sheldon has been giving Amy carrots and sticks (more of the latter, actually) so it's nice to hear Sheldon pointing out that Amy is his. No signs of the ring yet but I'm hoping it would re-appear this season. What I like the most, though, is how Mary sympathized with Amy when she thought that Sheldon's gonna propose at Lenny's wedding. I personally would not want it to happen at that moment anyway because I want more than that for our babies. They've been through a lot and they deserve the best. I think the TPTB are also brain-storming of how to do it in the most Sheldon way possible. And that tutorial in the car ride to the airport that Amy just have to "put a zing on it", hilarious! Well, all three parents are. What I don't like is how Sheldon was labeled as "the other husband that came with the apartment". I really wish that either Lenny or Sheldon will finally move out of the apartment. I hope TPTB will deal with this soon. In general, I like the episode as compared to season 9's. No angst this time. We're also given hints of what I believe will be the story arc of the invention of the guys so we have something to look forward to on the science-y side of the show. Akward Stuart is really funny, too. All characters, including the guests, worked really well together in this episode.
  7. Just a few hours away from the season premiere! I'm so excited! I hope we could get more Shamy "action" this season. How about you?
  8. Definitely. You really have to choose who to follow on tumblr or else you can kiss being spoiler-free bye bye. Once you decide to read a sentence or two of spoilers, there's no stopping anymore and you'll regret it later. Some of my friends tried to be spoiler-free but failed.
  9. Another season of being spoiler-free. All other Shamy shippers i know (except for @becauseimsunny as we were spoiler-free from the very beginning) read spoilers. So even though we're all Shamy shippers, the five of us can't talk about shamy altogether. I find it funny at times but I really appreciate it especially when they're holding themselves back just to preserve us being spoiler-free and all. Lol.
  10. I'm really happy to see lots of posts here! It has been quiet lately because there isn't much for Shamy after the Opening Night episode, I guess? So on with the list... - re-emergence of the ring in The Spock Resonance. I love how Sheldon is so in denial about how hurt he is; it becomes more obvious how he really feels for Amy. - the long kiss in the Earworm episode - Opening Night's deep Shamy kiss on the couch just gives me goosebumps. The Earworm kiss is just ugh-mazing! but this is just different, especially when Sheldon tilts his head while doing so. - well, the coitus itself - Valentine's ep, especially Sheldon's wink at the end. - Shamy's knee-touch on Application Deterioration (shallow, I know. it's because I still get feels on their touches, no matter how small.) - all their scenes in Solder ❤ - Never Have I Ever tag - their cute argument in Fermentation
  11. Lots of rants on Tumblr about the latest episode. I was disappointed myself. Hearing it's 'Shamy-centric' got me excited but finally watching it, reaaaaaally underwhelming. Also, I already expected Beverly to be fascinated by Amy. It seems like they want Amy to be parallel to Penny when it comes to in-laws. Meemaw likes Penny instead of Amy; Beverly likes Amy instead of Penny. Why is tptb always engrossed with parallels...like all the time??? I hope the finale makes up for this ep. L.O.V.E. Stuart in this, by the way. He's just A-dorable! Still quite a pushover but in a very funny and charming way. Finally! Not the one who gets harshly bullied by the rest of the gang.
  12. New episode. Yay! Didn't have the time to post my thoughts about it after watching since life got in the way. @becauseimsunny probably covered almost everything but here are my thoughts on the other aspects of the episode. We were given a hint of what to come as Sheldon showed much attachment to his computer, not wanting to replace it with a new one. We know that he wants the best of everything. The way the story progressed is a breath of fresh air not just because tptb is admitting that Sheldon has psychological issues but him acknowledging it, calling himself a fraud. Though Sheldon opened this side of him to Amy, he still wants her to think highly of him and he wants to protect that. This is evident in other occasions but was only spoken of now. By the way, isn't the computer monetarily quantifiable? Why is Sheldon not making any fuss about it? And did anyone notice Sheldon's voice during their conversations? It's like that "after-kiss voice" over again in S07E15 and S08E24. Soft, subtle and intimate. Not to mention, sexy. He speaks that way when he's alone with Amy. About Shamy coitus: Amy signed a Non-disclosure agreement before they did IT. So that's why there were no girl talk or boy talk, even on the side. Well, except for Raj, of course. I was expecting Penny (Queen of Shamy shippers) to be all over Amy asking her about how things happened or how it felt then she and Bernadette will fangirl scream, etc. but I'm over it. The mention of the agreement gave me closure. Favorite Lines/Scenes: • Amy, in that green top while skyping with Sheldon, is just glowing. I hope she'd wear that color more in the show. It really brings out her eyes. • Amy - "Get a new computer!" on the phone. • Sheldon whining about the computer Amy bought for him and ends up it having all the specs he would have chosen himself and eventually yields. • Bernadette - "...It's like a beer commercial." followed by Howard's wink and Bernie's smile. So cute! • Leonard blabbering about solder and Penny stops her saying it's not a funny story at all. • Penny - "Okay. So what... is solder?" (Queen Penny is adorable!) • Amy - "H-watch me." • Raj - "Yes" in a high-pitched voice. • Amy - "I would like to tell you that there is nothing here to be ashamed of... So I'm gonna need a minute" • Raj's being-in-the-closet-and-him-coming-out-of-it puns. • Leonard and Howard being honest and apologizing to their wives. ❤ • Sheldon - "It's still a couple of hours before my bedtime." and seductively moved his eyebrows up and down. Headcanon on how Amy ended up sitting on top of the shelf. Sheldon definitely helped her up. I was kind of upset that the information about the ring is already known to Amy but I'm still expecting the most Sheldon proposal possible, if there will be one this season. I'm curious of how the writers will do it but I want to be surprised as what they normally do to me, to us. I know it will be a Shamy brand of fluff! ❤
  13. I would recommend @nerdforestgirl's "Double Date Conundrum" in fanfiction.net. Definitely very fluffy and IC. Try reading her other fanfics there, too. They're really good.
  14. voice inside my head: me, myself and I: AMEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!
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