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  1. This is incredibly rude. You have no more information than I have and to think you know more than other fans isn't arrogant. And none of your points are valid. The first is just a question. The second ignores the fact that Leonard had a ring in his wallet, so it's in the show's history. As for the 3rd maybe he got it from a crane game or one of those 50c vending machines for kids outside of grocery stores. None of us has any idea. I was just having fun speculating, but having someone go through your post and dismiss rudely everything you've said isn't fun.
  2. A few thoughts on why he could have the ring on him. Perhaps: 1. He fetched it from Lenny's when moving, but couldn't find a place to hide it from Amy except on his person. 2. He took it out to consider proposing to Amy before she left, but changed his mind and hadn't had a chance to put it away. 3. He bought a temporary ring on his journey to New Jersey, just to propose with, but MeeMaw's ring will be the real deal eventually.
  3. But with an even better outcome than the tiara kiss.
  4. I just read the article about Mayim and Melissa and came to say I'll stop being a Debbie Downer now. Shamy will end up engaged sooner or later as long as both actors are on the show, so I'm no longer concerned about her answer.
  5. I like the idea of Amy having a panic attack because it stops her from saying yes before finding out about the kiss, which potentially could hurt her and make her change her mind. I want her to know the whole story before she says yes, even though they got back together just after she was kissed by someone else, and officially started dating while she was on a date with someone else, so this is very fitting for their relationship so far. Someone else wants one of them, the relationship moves forward. If she doesn't say "yes" right away, either because she is upset about the kiss (which she shouldn't be, Sheldon did everything right. He was just trying to make a friend), or because she thinks he's just panicked and doesn't mean it, I think she would say yes once she realizes the situation. Once it dawns on her that he has nothing but the ring with him, it should really drive home that this is something he's more prepared for than anything else, quite literally in this situation. I've been trying to figure out exactly what about Ramona kissing him makes him need to propose that second and I just don't want it to be guilt because that's not the best reason to propose, but if it is, by the end of the episode, they just need to realize that regardless of the catalyst, they want to be together forever and that's what matters. I also really don't want him to try to get her to come home. If the proposal is because he thinks it will get her to return to California where she can protect him from people like Ramona, I will not be happy.
  6. Thanks to everyone who shared info. I guess I missed the last taping report because I just found out today that they break the "once a year" rule in the penultimate episode if the season. I'm happy Sheldon just goes with his feelings instead of staying beholden to a self-imposed, needlessly restrictive schedule. They love each other. They both enjoy it. I'm glad that's over. I'm going to be worried about the proposal all summer, at least until I read confirmation Mayim is on board for 2 more seasons. I don't say this to be a downer or to worry anyone else, but to say thanks. I really appreciate those of you who stay positive about this ship.
  7. My DVR cut off early and I didn't get to see the preview for next week. When Raj asks Sheldon what attracted him to Amy, it sounded like he said "her mind" and then added "mostly her body" and then Amy said to Raj "relax..." The closed captions/subtitles don't work on previews, so I'm not 100% sure that's what's said. If someone sees this exchange somewhere and can tell me where to find it or tell me what he says, I'd appreciate it. Shamy was cute tonight, even if it wasn't a big episode for them.
  8. WHY CAN'T SHELDON REMEMBER ANYTHING NEXT WEEK?! It looks like such a funny episode, but I suspect little Shamy. Glad this week was such a cute Shamy episode.
  9. I would be okay with Shamy living in sin forever, but if the Powers that be intent to marry them before the show ends, this really should be the proposal, but I feel like something that big would have slipped out by now. I hope that means they are confident in another season happening.
  10. I just saw that we aren't getting a new episode this week. I'm so bummed. I'm really looking forward to Shamy being the model relationship in the coming episode. It sounds like Amy will explicitly acknowledge Sheldon's efforts to be a good partner. And that goodbye kiss, whichever version they choose, will be a wonderful addition to the series of kisses we've gotten over the last two seasons. After the wait between the tiara kiss and the train kiss and then the perfunctory date night kiss that followed, I'm really glad they seem to be making up for lost time.
  11. My favorite detail is the way Sheldon runs back to her. It's probably the fasted we've ever seen him move on the show, except maybe when he was running from the dog with the hotdogs in his pocket or when he stole the movie from Wil Wheaton. (This is very appropriate given that the Flash broke them up).
  12. I know a new kiss has been posted, but I wanted to say my favorite part of this kiss is my conjecture that he was thinking about The Flash to distract himself from his raging hormones which he wasn't yet ready to deal with. My favorite detail here is that they sort of avoid looking directly at each other after. I feel like they are too overwhelmed to really deal with it all at once. It's cute.
  13. Where are you guys finding these promos and pics? I'm lost.
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