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  1. Thank you, @dana1010! I don't use the forum much either, but it's nice to have somewhere for us spoiler-free fans to come when we have the need to fangirl.
  2. Hi @Sah! I'm so glad you're enjoying this story. I've been writing two multichapters simultaneously for months, so a few weeks ago I decided to concentrate on my other story as it's nearing the end (I'm working on the last chapter now). I haven't given up on The Sin Closet Diaries. More to come
  3. I've been forgetting to post here. Chapter 23 is now up.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Yes, it's a large pharmacy chain in the US.
  6. I posted a new one shot today. I hope you enjoy.
  7. I forgot to post the last update.
  8. I forgot to post the newest update last week.
  9. Chapter 19 is up! Will Lucas's revelation help or hinder Amy's search?
  10. Ship Zone

    I chose 10x4 too because I enjoyed the whole episode, for the reasons @mirs1mentioned. Though I loved the flirty skype talk and the sequence of Sheldon going to Amy and ultimately proposing, I still have a hard time watching the Ramona parts.
  11. Sorry for the delay. New chapter is finally up. Happy Friday!
  12. Ship Zone

    So many Shamy tags this season. I love it!
  13. Ship Zone

    I didn't vote because there were just too many moments to choose from, but this definitely would have made the list.
  14. Chapter 18 is up!
  15. episodes

    Yes, just air travel.