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  1. episodes

    Yes, just air travel.
  2. episodes I should clarify that I live in one of non REAL ID-compliant states, so a passport will be needed.
  3. episodes

    They might ask non-US residents to see a passport. Right now US residents can fly with just a drivers license, but that will change next year.
  4. episodes

    No, you can cross state lines without a passport.
  5. Happy Shamyversary! I wrote a short fic to celebrate.
  6. Ship Zone

    Happy Shamyversary! We've been so lucky to have so many wonderful scenes with this special couple. Here's to many, many more!
  7. Thanks! No, it's not based on a real school, although the part about Cadence getting the lead in the pageant comes from a real life experience. My sister's music teacher gave all the good parts to her daughter who was in the same class.
  8. Looks like I forgot to post the link to Chapter 19. Here's 20.
  9. Speaking from experience, this is very real.
  10. I don't remember seeing Amy in the trailer. Maybe I saw something different?
  11. I'm not sure why your post didn't show up. It was in regards to Penny signing autographs at a convention.
  12. Ship Zone

    I was unspoiled for most of the season. When I watched the finale, I felt numb when it ended. I was upset by the whole Ramona involvement. The worst was that horrible kiss. I write fanfiction, and of all the possible scenarios I could have dreamed of for a catalyst to a proposal, never in a million years would this have even crossed my mind. When I re-watched the episode, I felt better about the situation. I love that Sheldon got on a plane and went to Amy. It was very romantic.
  13. I had something similar happen this morning. Seems like all the reviews that were sent via the new app that hadn't been sent through email have now come through. I had a reader tell me this morning she had posted a review. I received an email notification about three hours later.
  14. Chapter 17 is up, but is not sending email notification to story followers. All other authors I've spoken with are having the same problem. Apparently it's been going on for 9 days now.
  15. Same thing just happened to me. Super frustrating. Completely agree!