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  1. I'm interested in hearing what everyone's favorite Shamy moments have been so far this season. Some of mine are: - Sheldon realizing he needs Amy in his life - the long kiss in Earworm and Amy kicking the door shut on Dave - the whole coitus episode - Sheldon naming a comet after Amy - bed Skyping - Sheldon telling Amy his hoarding secret; I love how she's the only one who knows - Shamy all cute playing Never Have I Ever
  2. I'm not sure what the point of last week's episode was. Sheldon had come a long way, now he's reverting back to his old ways? The only thing I can come up with is the writers are doing this so that when he proposes, we won't see it coming. Kind of like after The Platonic Permutation when we (or at least I) was losing hope that they'd get back together, then the next episode they reunited.
  3. I've been trying to stay away from the spoiler pages, but the spoiler-free pages are so quiet in comparison, that I have peeked into the Shamy spoiler page. There are spoilers there, but a lot of the discussion is not spoiler-related. It would be nice if some of that discussion carried over here or to the episode pages so we can remain spoiler free but also be more a part of the conversation.
  4. The audience watched The Solder Excursion Diversion at Paleyfest right before the panel.
  5. That's terrible that priority weren't let in. It's just not right.
  6. Standby tickets are available for tomorrow's taping right now!
  7. That's what I'm thinking too. When I attended season 9 premiere taping, they used a cart similar to that one with mugs and a teapot that Sheldon took over to Penny's. The cart wasn't seen onscreen.
  8. I finally added a cover photo and avatar photo to my account. How do I add a signature to my posts?
  9. I did a Google search for the CERN supercollider. It kind of looks like it.
  10. I saw the guitar too and also found it odd. I didn't realize it was a Rock Band guitar, but that would make a lot more sense. I was trying to find the ventriloquist doll that appeared in Mayim's Instagram picture of her and Jim.
  11. I was trying to stay away from spoilers for the rest of the season but accidentally saw something on tumblr and had to check out the Shamy spoiler thread here. I am very invested in Shamy (probably too much) and had to see if I had anything to worry about. I completely agree with Jonny83's points. I too feel many Shamy shippers, myself included, are (to quote Jonny83) "looking out for potential pitfalls which might cause trouble down the line." From what I've read of the spoilers for the episode taped on March 22, I don't think us Shamy fans have anything to worry about, especially after reading the part where Penny is compared to a comic book character who manipulates men using her naked body. Sheldon states the only thing Penny does it takes him to the Lego Store. That says to me that he does not see Penny in a sexual way. Of course, I wasn't at the taping and only have posts to go by. Hopefully this will be the push for Lenny to finally move out and Sheldon thinking about that engagement ring again.
  12. I was at Paleyfest and don't remember it actually being mentioned that Leonard's father would appear in the season finale, just that it would be happening soon. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. Howard is playing one in The Big Bear Precipitation when Raj and Bernadette come back with groceries.
  14. I remember her mentioning how she doesn't like the flirting.
  15. Lenny spoilers from tonight's taping The Big Bear Precipitation Lenny and Shamy get ready go to a cabin in the woods. Leonard is wearing a backwards baseball cap. Penny asks what team it is. It's a Harry Potter cap. Sheldon comes out wearing a large hat with mosquito netting. Penny says she likes his hat. Late at the cabin the two couples play a drinking game (never have I ever). Leonard says he's never used Sheldon`s toothbrush to clean the sink. Penny says she never named her own genitals to which Leonard replies that he never should have told her about Alvin and the chipmunks. Sheldon later reveals that Leonard had a secret bank account. Penny storms off to the bedroom. She then reveals a secret of her own - she hates her job because she doesn't like flirting with the doctors but we'll keep doing it because she needs to pay off debt, and that's the adult thing to do.
  16. No Shamy coitus or cuddling, but the tag scene with them was really cute.They had been playing a drinking game (never have I ever) with Leonard and Penny earlier, and then just the two of them were playing. While all four of them played, Amy said never had she ever rocked her girlfriend's world in bed.Sheldon was embarrassed but took a drink.Penny told Leonard he could drink too. Sheldon did take of his pants when they first got to the cabin so they could check him for ticks. The episode starts with Sheldon doing an outdoor simulation complete with car freshener to bring in the outdoor scent. Penny says a doctor offered her a cabin for a weekend to which Sheldon was not impressed. Amy said if Leonard went and he didn't, Leonard might end up smarter than Sheldon. Amy admitted she was manipulating him, but he decided to go anyway.
  17. Are there a certain number of posts newbies need to make before they show up automatically, or does everyone's posts always need a moderator to approve first? I'm so new at this, so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. It seems to be working now. I don't see any tickets yet. Not sure if the tickets are gone or if they haven't been posted yet.
  19. My husband and I both had problems this morning too. We got the timeout screen a couple of times. We finally got confirmation that we had tickets, but the graphics and important info didn't come up (see attached). Not sure if we got guaranteed or standby. He emailed Audiences Unlimited to check.
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