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  1. Hello guys ! I hope you are all doing great. I posted earlier this year about coming seeing the taping of TBBT but I could not make it in the end. Nevertheless, I will come to LA (from Paris, France) in November especially to see the taping of the show. If I got it well, for the taping of the 22nd of November, I have to book my tickets on the 24th of October, right ? If anyone could help me get one ticket that would be really great ! I would send you my info by PM. I come to LA especially for this... Thank you very much all ! Louis
  2. Hey Notchinc ! That's what I thought as well but I thought I read that date somewhere (not here obviously). At first AU only took into account the weekdays but someone said in this thread that they make now take into account the sundays ?! I think I will connect on 2/24 and 2/25 to be 100% sure Thanks for your help !
  3. Thank you so much Fitzsimmons Should I send you my info by PM ?
  4. Hey everybody ! My name is Louis (from France), I'm new on this forum but I've been a big fan of the Big Bang Theory for quite a while now It's definitely my favorite TV show. I've been willing to attend a taping of the show and that would also be my first taping ever of any American show. One of my dreams I'm a French (I hope you like them ahah) and want to come especially from Paris next month to see the taping of TBBT. I've been reading quite all your posts and what seems likely to help me get a chance to get a ticket is to ask you for your help. I'm not used to that, especially as I don't know you guys and feel uncomfortable asking, but as I'm planning on coming by myself to the taping and from France, would someone please help me get a ticket for the taping of 2/23 ? I will be online on 2/22 to try my best to get a guaranteed ticket for an hour and a half before 8.30 am LA time and an hour and a half after (loading up the page every minute). But I might get quite sad and really disappointed if I don't get any Thanks for reading me everybody, and again sorry if my demand sounds inappropriate. Louis PS : I love seeing your enthusiasm while reading you guys
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