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  1. I am actually glad there wasn't an engagement for the same reason the plot with Mary and Alfred bothers me--it's just rude. It's rude to propose at someone else's event and it's a stretch for me to think that Southerner Mary would put her son and the friends she seems to adore in such an awkward situation on the night of their redo even if it got derailed. Maybe it's just my expectations of characterization getting in the way, but I really think that's a social convention Sheldon would follow. I am glad that their communication is getting better. 9x23 sounds nice to me, but as a finale th
  2. *looks at spoilers* *looks into camera like I'm on The Office* Well, at least no one is hopping a train this time. /s ETA: Ok, I take some of the sarcasm back because the karma leftover from when Penny took great entertainment in Amy being dragged by Meemaw seems to be coming back around to nip her heels with Beverly's return plus some good emotional communication (sort of; good for them) between Sheldon and Amy on the side so far. But I wonder if Bernie and Amy are nicer about it than Penny was? Either way, 9x23 sounds cute with the extra info out and 9x24 sounds. . .eh on
  3. Dear spoiler gods, I come to you humbly to ask that you give Amy a maternal figure that loves her without making her fight for it, doesn't make her feel guilty for being herself, and just accepts her as a person because it's about time she was loved unconditionally by some sort of parental figure. And with that I lay this sacrificial promise to leave kudos on fics instead of just clicking away because it's hard to log in on my phone should this prayer be answered. Sincerely, CuriousMeans
  4. It's not quite the current HTML version of Gmail, but it's definitely old. I just checked. That is quite literally the opposite of what sort of browser and OS I thought Sheldon would use.
  5. ...Is that the HTML version of Gmail? Is it 2005??? Side note: I know it will never happen, but my god, please let Sheldon go to therapy.
  6. Oh man, maybe it's the year Sheldon finally gets to go to therapy. I said, not thinking that will ever happen ever. I am really glad they handled it how they did with Amy, though. I do hope we get less frown town Amy and more quirky Amy soon. Or literally any science plot with her that includes Sheldon.
  7. Do you have a link or title for this fic? I need to know because of reasons...
  8. They are either not good at being vague with the press/marketing angle, 100% ignoring marketing and screwing with people, or just not super great.
  9. I would think they had both. They play so many games, I would be surprised if all of them were the same system. Maybe Sheldon got one and Leonard the other.
  10. They look like two very adorable, happy dolphins screeching at each other.
  11. Blocking and lighting. You could run a technical rehearsal (where you run through when cues happen, where the actors are, what props you need where and when, how it looks, basically all the non-acting parts) with stand-ins. It's standard in theater (we usually only had 1 and then dress rehearsals with acting and tech). I would imagine it's the same for film?
  12. Yeah. I love the group episodes but hate the dynamic when the girls are alone and fighting. While the guys have that friendly joking that sometimes go to far, the girls are written much more viciously. Honestly, I don't understand how they function as friends. They are so mean to each other in both micro and macro ways that they only time they function as a unit is when they have to be meaner to someone outside of their group (it's like they're only united by a common enemy to me). If they weren't written into the script as friends, I don't think they would be. But they're the SOs of the guys,
  13. I can't help but wonder if they opened a can of worms and they, as a collective, don't know what to do with it since they've all had differing views of Sheldon and his relationships and actions. Either way, I'm not too pressed about it yet because I had low expectations for their treatment of Sheldon and Amy in a physical relationship and didn't know if they'd go the route of "Sheldon's asexual." Which brings me to a few points (that I don't think anyone is making, so this isn't directed at anyone; it's just thoughts I've had while watching): 1. If they are going with Sheldon as asex
  14. I would accept that they have plans, agendas, and endgames (or at least should), but I honestly don't think they're that. . .idk not cunning or smart, but that whatever it would be to orchestrate a scene on Conan like that when they can hardly keep up with the internal consistency and plot arcs of their own show. I absolutely do not trust them not to create some nonsensical drama for the couples because they can't seem to think of other things to do (literally any science/work related/ensemble scene, come on guys), but as it stands, they would either have to completely gut their character
  15. How are these still in this thread but the analysis of non-romantic, loving relationships got moved within seconds? Jk I mean, I don't trust the writers as far as I could throw them either because 1. they're not super great writers for long-term nuance and characterization and 2. HIMYM set a really gross precedent on how not to handle last moment plot twists. However, I am hoping, given how they've previously handled the marketing of the show and the friendships (not just the Sheldon-related ones), that they are attempting to build up non-romantic platonic relationships in whi
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