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  1. I am actually glad there wasn't an engagement for the same reason the plot with Mary and Alfred bothers me--it's just rude. It's rude to propose at someone else's event and it's a stretch for me to think that Southerner Mary would put her son and the friends she seems to adore in such an awkward situation on the night of their redo even if it got derailed. Maybe it's just my expectations of characterization getting in the way, but I really think that's a social convention Sheldon would follow. I am glad that their communication is getting better. 9x23 sounds nice to me, but as a finale these episode reports don't really do much for me. They feel more like mid-season (or the 50% mid-point twist to narrative structure) episodes to me. NOTHING is being resolved, only dragged to the forefront. The structure of the last 2 seasons is really getting to me...They're fun episodes but don't sound like they close any arcs (plot or emotional except maybe showing Shamy as communicating better than previous and seriously placing Penny's immaturity into the plot as a point instead of a joke) or count as a cliffhanger (because the actual cliffhanging if you call it that is between two side characters with rare screen time whose relationship would only moderately affect the MCs if not explored beyond this episode). I am...conflicted. I mean, it's obviously too soon to call it for real, but this is confusing to me.
  2. *looks at spoilers* *looks into camera like I'm on The Office* Well, at least no one is hopping a train this time. /s ETA: Ok, I take some of the sarcasm back because the karma leftover from when Penny took great entertainment in Amy being dragged by Meemaw seems to be coming back around to nip her heels with Beverly's return plus some good emotional communication (sort of; good for them) between Sheldon and Amy on the side so far. But I wonder if Bernie and Amy are nicer about it than Penny was? Either way, 9x23 sounds cute with the extra info out and 9x24 sounds. . .eh on both the whole plot and Shamy arc to me? w/e
  3. Dear spoiler gods, I come to you humbly to ask that you give Amy a maternal figure that loves her without making her fight for it, doesn't make her feel guilty for being herself, and just accepts her as a person because it's about time she was loved unconditionally by some sort of parental figure. And with that I lay this sacrificial promise to leave kudos on fics instead of just clicking away because it's hard to log in on my phone should this prayer be answered. Sincerely, CuriousMeans
  4. It's not quite the current HTML version of Gmail, but it's definitely old. I just checked. That is quite literally the opposite of what sort of browser and OS I thought Sheldon would use.
  5. ...Is that the HTML version of Gmail? Is it 2005??? Side note: I know it will never happen, but my god, please let Sheldon go to therapy.
  6. Oh man, maybe it's the year Sheldon finally gets to go to therapy. I said, not thinking that will ever happen ever. I am really glad they handled it how they did with Amy, though. I do hope we get less frown town Amy and more quirky Amy soon. Or literally any science plot with her that includes Sheldon.
  7. Do you have a link or title for this fic? I need to know because of reasons...
  8. They are either not good at being vague with the press/marketing angle, 100% ignoring marketing and screwing with people, or just not super great.
  9. I would think they had both. They play so many games, I would be surprised if all of them were the same system. Maybe Sheldon got one and Leonard the other.
  10. They look like two very adorable, happy dolphins screeching at each other.
  11. Blocking and lighting. You could run a technical rehearsal (where you run through when cues happen, where the actors are, what props you need where and when, how it looks, basically all the non-acting parts) with stand-ins. It's standard in theater (we usually only had 1 and then dress rehearsals with acting and tech). I would imagine it's the same for film?
  12. Yeah. I love the group episodes but hate the dynamic when the girls are alone and fighting. While the guys have that friendly joking that sometimes go to far, the girls are written much more viciously. Honestly, I don't understand how they function as friends. They are so mean to each other in both micro and macro ways that they only time they function as a unit is when they have to be meaner to someone outside of their group (it's like they're only united by a common enemy to me). If they weren't written into the script as friends, I don't think they would be. But they're the SOs of the guys, so they have to be! IDK I just wish they behaved like they actually liked and respected each other more.
  13. I can't help but wonder if they opened a can of worms and they, as a collective, don't know what to do with it since they've all had differing views of Sheldon and his relationships and actions. Either way, I'm not too pressed about it yet because I had low expectations for their treatment of Sheldon and Amy in a physical relationship and didn't know if they'd go the route of "Sheldon's asexual." Which brings me to a few points (that I don't think anyone is making, so this isn't directed at anyone; it's just thoughts I've had while watching): 1. If they are going with Sheldon as asexual, it would be disingenuous and harmful to suggest that he just needed to have sex with Amy to "awaken" his libido and what not. Asexuality is a lack of feeling sexual attraction at its simplest scale, and up until the recent episodes, I honestly did not think Sheldon was asexual. Demi or gray, perhaps, but I thought is lack of desire to have sex was more of a sensory overload and pride issue. However, where they are at now, with Amy making some cute comments and Sheldon not responding reads pretty realistically to me? Because only having sex once per year and never thinking about it again is something that is extremely rational (because it's just not something you ever think about) until your partner sets you down and is like, "That is not how sex works for other people, including me. Let us talk." And Amy's comments now, unlike before, don't feel coercive or constant. They just feel like throwbacks (hey, cuddles, remember that thing we did because I do and I am trying to gauge where you are at right now on the ' However, @wowbagger, I will say that your two scenarios in the last paragraph don't really apply here (to me but whatever I am just me so, grain of salt) if they're going for Sheldon's asexual (unless he was honestly just sex-adverse) because then it's not really about him tolerating sex so much as "Oh, I love Amy but I don't ever consider sex as a thing, but she has informed me that it is and I am not opposed to doing it with her because I love her and it was sort of fun, so thanks for the reminder that we should do it" vs. "I will like I must toss aside my own feelings about sex to keep Amy in this relationship with me." That said, I also don't really trust them with either scenario, but I would be more open to a comedic moment of Amy explain to Sheldon how sexual attraction works and him being like, "Oh, you mean like you can't just turn it off and not think about it? Ohhhhhhh....we need a new plan." Because I honestly, regardless of Sheldon's sexuality, just don't think he thinks about sex on the regular. At all. And that his upbringing has given him extra baggage about sex and sexual urges that has created this persona of "I am too good for sex. It's a weakness." And if he goes back on that now, he loses face (although, I haven't super seen this last bit in the episodes). 2. They're building Sheldon up even more as having some sensory overload issues and it doesn't really make sense on a larger scale because his character is already (and I hate myself for a myriad of reasons for saying this) the 'quirky' genius character. 3. I actually wouldn't mind them having a sex schedule at all so long that it is EXTREMELY CLEAR that they both made it together, had fun making it, and have fun doing it. Because if Sheldon doesn't think about sex, this would solve that problem and give him something to work with. I sort of thought they'd Liz Lemon Sheldon and have him find out that organizing sex (or having Amy be brilliant and say smart things because he's attracted to her mind) would help him move forward. 4. These marketing walnuts. I think, for people that aren't dissecting this like this board is, this is a particularly cunning move because it means we have to keep tuning in to find out if they're having sex and the old comedy works on the less Sheldon focused viewers. Which makes zero sense from a writing standpoint. 5. I trust none of these writers--not what they write, not what they say on Twitter, not what they say in interviews. AND they had better not shove us back into frustrated Amy. Just give Amy her own non-Sheldon related personality back, please. Or at least not this personality aspect. *Typed really quickly. Hopefully it's clear and makes sense. If not, will edit or whatever.
  14. I would accept that they have plans, agendas, and endgames (or at least should), but I honestly don't think they're that. . .idk not cunning or smart, but that whatever it would be to orchestrate a scene on Conan like that when they can hardly keep up with the internal consistency and plot arcs of their own show. I absolutely do not trust them not to create some nonsensical drama for the couples because they can't seem to think of other things to do (literally any science/work related/ensemble scene, come on guys), but as it stands, they would either have to completely gut their characterization (which, I mean, *looks at the three different versions of Amy none with a solid arc*) do something extremely drastic for a comedy (death, adultery, something more drastic than divorce since that's already been done unless they do want to copy). I guess at the end of the day I don't trust them not to create drama (or to solidly explore the characters who are not Sheldon well), but I don't think they'd retcon one of the main draws of the show, one that is essentially their cash cow (except maybe in the VERY last episode, but even then, that would seem to be a bad move for future marketability of their projects). I agree with @wowbagger but I also think doing something like that would be a bad business move on their part because of how cultish the following for the show is.
  15. How are these still in this thread but the analysis of non-romantic, loving relationships got moved within seconds? Jk I mean, I don't trust the writers as far as I could throw them either because 1. they're not super great writers for long-term nuance and characterization and 2. HIMYM set a really gross precedent on how not to handle last moment plot twists. However, I am hoping, given how they've previously handled the marketing of the show and the friendships (not just the Sheldon-related ones), that they are attempting to build up non-romantic platonic relationships in which you love your friends. BUT THEY'RE just bad at it because Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny are the main characters, Sheldon more so. So the order of characterization importance is something like: Sheldon-Penny (because she's the female lead), Sheldon-Leonard, Penny-Leonard, Sheldon-Amy...so on and whatever. I don't think they're balancing the characterizations properly for such a long short-form show. And on that note, I think the Sheldon-Penny and Sheldon-Leslie relationships play into two very common romantic tropes that we see in modern Western literature, so any hint of those relationships is picked up on as more intimate by virtue of our used to those pairings regardless of how intimate the scene actually is (and then the intimacy of other scenes is lessened by comparison). ANYWAYS, it would be super nice if people who aren't the same gender could be platonic friends. That would just be great. I would love to see friendship on the show and not run into this every time something loving happens between friends because it reinforces the idea that friendship isn't a thing. AND if this is one long bait-and-switch to a romantic endgame relationship not yet explored on camera, that's just not good writing and should be disappointing on many levels before it even hits the 'not my ship' level. An analysis of the intimacy between characters is great, but we did this before (and I imagine people have been doing it after every episode since Amy showed up) and I don't think anything came of it? ETA: So, analysis of anything in the shipping threads that isn't only involving the ship characters is essentially impossible in any thread that isn't Shipping Lanes, and I don't want to be in this thread since I don't want to do much analysis of things not related to Sheldon and Amy since that is where my interests are. I want to discuss things related to my ship in that thread and do so with a larger framework that includes other relationships, so ...I'll be over there? I guess? Not doing that or something idk.
  16. Application maybe? It looks like there are two letters with no tail or curve on the bottom after 'App,' so I'd guess A p p [consonant] [vowel]. . . I will bet zero dollars on The Application Federation, but I would watch the koala version of TBBT in a heartbeat.
  17. To paraphrase relevant part of moved post (which I cannot find because apparently my internet hates fun and this forum): I think Sheldon and Amy have a deep emotional connection that the show has told us about without showing us at times, and I cannot wait for them to continue showing it (as it sounds like they will in the upcoming episodes if the TRs are anything to go by). I imagine the multiple takes are done so they can see which version fits the overall flow and feeling of the episode as opposed to that moment.
  18. It's a different kind of emotional intimacy, and I see that difference here. It's not entirely platonic but it's not romantic. It's in some non-space of 'you're family by bond and in your own little space.' That said, I don't think this is purposeful so much as a bi-product of how the actors portray the characters verbally and non-verbally. I would like to see more of an acknowledgement of the emotional connection between Amy and Sheldon and how Sheldon feels about the physical aspect of their relationship. I think Sheldon and Amy have an extremely deep emotional connection that the show has simply failed to show and instead has told us about. However, I do not think the show is attempting to imply that Sheldon is being pressured if it comes to that because I do not think they have the necessary means to navigate this issue if you consider Sheldon on the asexual spectrum, nor do I think they have an interest in exploring that given how they treated the physical aspect of the relationship. I don't want to ascribe intention to things that I think result from a gap of knowledge where that 'thing' wasn't even something on their radar (unless they've talked about Sheldon and asexuality before). Personal notes edited out.
  19. Yeah, and it's not even in a "we must teach them the most science" way. He is completely thrilled by the idea of their kids, likes the idea of being a science role model to kids, and wasn't that uncomfortable talking to that high school class. Personally, I think this is one of those things where Sheldon puts up a front in the public sphere of "no thank you" while not actually feeling that way (and probably liking a bit more warning to adjust schedules and what not). And depending on how this episode goes with the delivery of his comment to Howard, I think him actually wanting kids with Amy has to do with his own childhood (but that's basically a huge thesis for another day, I think? idk).
  20. I really just want them to be goofy dorks in love doing goofy science things and sometimes serious science things together while being a couple without the pressure and stress of everything that's happened. And maybe them doing things that are traditionally domestic in their non-traditional ways (until perhaps it's a year later and whoops we're accidentally living together now and also we've got these mice because you guys are terrible tests subjects and we named them Eve and Irene). ETA: IDK I don't want Amy to propose because I don't think it would be handled well in light of their past. That's really the one thing I personally don't want.
  21. Amy never let him finish his thought during the Skype call when she asked for a break.
  22. Oh, I don't think this week was a proposal, but it is the second time he's been interrupted while sharing his feelings and thoughts on love. If that builds up to him getting interrupted every time he starts talking about love, it would be funny.
  23. Sheldon getting interrupted during increasingly dramatic moments until he snaps at everything interrupting him is really all I want.
  24. "Once I ordered an Uber by accident. I just got in and went somewhere." Too real, Sheldon...too real. ETA: I sort of hope Sheldon getting interrupted while trying to say important things is something we revisit until he gets to finish all of those thoughts.
  25. Ok, but, I don't think that logic will get you anywhere but a circle. I think, with only having read the TR, they picked to have Penny step into Missy's shoes and just didn't consider how the characterization they'd previously sacrificed for one-liners and jokes would make that look to some. The writers absolutely picked Missy as why Sheldon hates his birthday. That's what writers do, and I'm betting they see it as a way to make Penny into Missy while being to unconcerned with how it my look in the big picture to some people regarding how they treat Sheldon's interactions with Penny vs. Amy. Yeah, they could've picked anything, but this could theoretically set the stage for Penny and Leonard moving out (finally, my god, they've been there for ages) because it's an emotional shift. Physical shifts usually come after. ETA: I am not a fan of how this places Leonard and Amy as potential parallels and how they've not moved out yet. There's a lot of that dynamic that doesn't make a lot of sense for the characters (and it's coming across like how we're missing Amy's POV on the split) even if it's their tried-and-true formula for comedy.
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