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  1. Right on. In the states we refer to all branches of the Military as soldiers.
  2. All branches of the Military. Basically, it's a day to remember the service men and women who were killed. Veteran's Day is thanking a veteran for their service.
  3. Yes. It's dedicated to the armed service men and women who lost their lives in service.
  4. Happy Mother's Day to all the Shamy shipping moms out there.
  5. I agree that the theater statement about saying sorry was a throw away line.
  6. I agree with you Kelli about the stuff happening off screen but at least we heard about it. Lol. So now we know that there is more physical contact between them. I wouldn't mind knowing if she kept her cardigan on though.
  7. I get that. I know it was sincere but the way it was portrayed, to me at least, seemed less sincere by what he said when he went back to the line. That's the way they are. They get each other so nobody should care. Lol.
  8. I can dig that statement that the writers didn't want to put it in back to back episodes. Which couple is perfect? On tv or in real life, none are. Communication can be a big problem in relationships but it seems like that they're slowly moving away from the way they were in S8. At times though, Sheldon seems to understand but not 100%, like when he said, when you never apologize and finally do, it puts them on their heels. That is true but that statement he made at the theater seems to take the steam out of his apology. To me it made it less sincere.
  9. I agree that Amy should have taken sheldon aside, in the hall and talked to him about sending Stewart. I also agree that the comedy in them being in the hall having a heartfelt talk wouldn't be good for ratings of the casual viewer but it would have been nice but I get it. Amy including herself about the lack of communication was a big step and admitting that they both have that problem but it kind of defeats the purpose of her statement by acknowledging her forgiveness and not communicating it to Sheldon.
  10. I just got around to watching last night's episode and I'll weigh in. I liked the episode. Stewart was great! I don't think that Howard's intention was to have Sheldon send Stewart shopping with Amy, it was to pay someone to stand in line for him. It's unfair to say that Howard is to blame for their tiff, Sheldon just took it the wrong way. The growth of Shamy was extremely evident in this episode, although the apology was rushed. I know it was sincere for him but the speed at which he did it was made it appear insincere. I like Amy standing up for herself and giving it right back to Sheldon. He had come a short way in a long time which is alright but it seems like it should move a little faster now, after 9x11. Overall great episode for the growth of Shamy and a decent episode for the show.
  11. I'm excited to see the last two episodes then I can have a whole season marathon and see if the writers knew the direction they wanted to go or just mailing it in this season.
  12. I agree with you. Howard and Amy in that scene was way more awkward than it should have been. They have a great bonding moment during the scavenger hunt, it made me a little sad that the writers went back to their characters before the hunt.
  13. After reading this post and watching 9x22, I haven't read any negative reactions to Howard. I like how they're giving him all the great lines. "I mean...Come on." Lol.
  14. I like the idea of Lenny walking out of their bedroom and seeing Amy in the kitchen wearing one of Sheldon's shirts. They ask when did she get there this morning and she responds with, "last night."
  15. Side note, I just rewatched "The Monster Isolation" and it's cute how Amy looks away when Sheldon pulls out the Rubix Cube from his underwear. My how things have changed in 5 years. Happy taping day everybody.
  16. After reading some of the posts on here it hit me, maybe Leonard's dad and mom will say something about Lenny living with Sheldon and encourage them to move out. Just a thought.
  17. I thought it was a decent episode. If living arrangements aren't brought up by the season finale, then this episode was just a filler and that's all. On a side note, Howard and Stewart stole the episode! They were hilarious. Great writing for their characters!
  18. I got around to watching the episode this morning and I will say it was a decent episode. Shamy was cute and were acting like a normal couple. Fighting about small, petty stuff and eventually made up. It seems like they're building up to something big, living arrangements is what they're hinting at just from this episode. Don't know what the next one will hint at. Again, Howard stole the episode with his lines and acting. Stewart was on point tonight. It's great to see him so funny in an episode.
  19. I joined this board a few days after Shamy got back together, but before I joined the board I had blamed Sheldon for the break up. He was an ass to her and still is, at times. At least now he seems to realize it after he does it. Except in the last episode, when he gave her the dictionary to look up fun. That was a dick move. He has changed but there is still a little bit of ass embedded in personality.
  20. I got around to watching the episode this morning and I enjoyed. I loved the Shamy moments. It was adorable how both embarrassed they got when Amy broke the Non-Disclosure agreement. Once again Raj, Howard and Bernedette stole the episode. I like this Raj when is isn't a douchbag.
  21. I got around to watching the episode this morning, and I thought it was great! The Shamy and Lenny scenes were great but Raj, Howard and Bernedette's once again stole the episode! I like this Raj, when he's not being a douch.
  22. I think if this next episode is about a Lenny fight I am thinking it's leading up to a living arrangement switch. It'll come out that their problem is them living in 4A, which is causing them stress. I think they're showing it get bad before it's addressed.
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