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  1. Or...Stockholm as in where the Nobel prize is given.
  2. Okay can we talk about how cute that picture of them in the new press photos are. This next episode is going to be a good one.
  3. I'm glad they're diving into Amy's feelings about this. I've said it before it's her accomplishment as much as his. And women receiving recognition in science is a real issue. Plus it opens the door for sheldon to comfort her.
  4. So I'm glad this latest taping report revealed we're going back to the Nobel prize arc. Even if there's no solution at the end, its comforting the writers didn't forget about it. Also we might more shamy against the world dynamic I love and hopefully some cute moments between them.
  5. I've been interning at a local publication here on long island for about six months now and I'm responsible for writing what celebrities who live here or have homes here are up to for the website. Honestly, while it's good writing experience to put on a resume, it's really turned me off to this form of news. It doesn't matter how stupid or minuscule it is, it's my job (and other writers) to pump out a minimum of 300 words and make it sound like it's the most important thing you've ever read. So I'm with you, I'm not forming an opinion until I know the wording isn't some journalist's way to make it sound more dramatic than it is. That's the job.
  6. A small but cute moment for me was when sheldon quietly closed the door so not to wake the clearly still sleeping amy. Little domestic touches like that are everything. And we know they did it three weeks ago which was in January so its official no more just on Amy's birthday.
  7. Well, the episode that's going to tape today will air on my birthday. So i'm hoping we get some good spoilers so I know what to expect.
  8. So we're just going to brush off the fact the press release said the physicists try to keep amy off the nomination. Is it because she's not a physicist, she's a woman, what? How will it be resolved, will it be resolved. As someone who loves shamy and the super asymmetry plot, and amy, this is the more important thing. It's not just sheldon, this is Amy's dream/project too.
  9. Amy's "I wish you were with me" was so cute.
  10. Typo I meant it looked like a good group plot I'm very excited for this
  11. Not a good group episode plot Not to mention a good group episode plot
  12. I'm relieved to hear that–not that I want them to be miserable, but I think it's a more in depth look into Amy's character to have her try to keep it together, rather than have her get over it or not be bothered and become annoyed by Sheldon moping (which is what they've done in the past) For me, Amy needs the encouragement from the tape as much as sheldon does, which sets it apart from similar storylines. And of course I'm glad they'll still be working together.
  13. I hope that's not just a joke, I miss those tipsy girls night episodes. 4x21 is one of my favorite episodes.
  14. Not a lot of shamy in this episode but by God I loved them.
  15. I know people have strong feelings about this episode (and they're all justified) but for me, this was such a great Amy episode. She asserted how important her field was to her, we got to see her be excited about it and called out sheldon for being selfish, a known flaw in his character, but for me, one of her own flaws was addressed. Now this is just me, but Amy is not the best at being vulnerable. Getting angry, that she's great at but expressing fears and insecurities is not her strong suit. She'll either joke or be matter-of-fact about talking about her lonely past, both clear methods of detaching the emotion from it. Here, not only did she call sheldon out on his crap but she expressed her fear of losing herself. The best part IMO, she wouldn't have done that if sheldon had let her go back to sleep. By stressing how important it was for their marriage to talk about it, it opened the door for her to be honest both with him and herself. Sheldon's "Thank you for explaining" tells me this is the first time she's ever told him that. A tired plot? Absolutely. but it explored Amy as a character and I loved it. Also, them passing math notes in the beginning like giggly teenagers was the best.
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