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  1. Ship Zone

    she may have panicked at first but IMO by the gang worrying it only solidified the fear in her mind that she SHOULD be worried. It's like with Beverly this season. Amy got defensive (in a panicked way) about their relationship at first but once she calmed down, by that night she was able to discuss it in a more even headed manner. Once she knows all the details (I'm sure that WILD imagination of hers can be a double edged sword) they can discuss it without too much unnessacary drama.
  2. Ship Zone

    No other hesitation, no doubt in his mind, no real plan, but completely calm. Just one thought going through his head, "There's no point waiting, I just wanna marry this girl" THAT's what was shown. My brother (who is unspoiled) was watching it with me and the whole time he and I were saying how the groups reaction (though funny) was blowing the situation out of proportion. If Amy TRUELY believes Ramona is a threat, it's because the gang put that thought in her head. (she only has them to go by) I'm confident once Amy hears it from Sheldon's perspective, she won't doubt his intentions. She might not be happy with the circumstances (I'm sure as hell not) but she knows he loves her and would never betray her that way.
  3. seconded.
  4. Flirty or angry, that woman is a genius!
  5. Ship Zone

    we all thought it. And according to his expression, Sheldon did too.
  6. Ship Zone

    You know how we sometimes say the writers will throw in, "he's still Sheldon" moments, I think the skype call between the girls in the sneak peak is a "she's still Amy" moment. With the grammar talk, (where do I begin with that) she's confident and flirty and so sure she can get her man fired up, but once Ramona comes into the picture we start to see her old insecurities shine through. While I'm still not thrilled about the plot (not doing cartwheels anytime soon) I like these little reminders that Sheldon's not the only one with shortcomings. That's my interpretation anyway. And the other sneak peak with Sheldon and Penny, the boy is clueless (however believable it is/isn't) there is no intent from his part.
  7. I would love to see this!
  8. @wowbagger that's why I want to see how Amy's doing in Princeton, and I feel we got a glimpse of it in 10x24. Now bear with me: Even though we know nothing was going to happen really with Sheldon and Ramona —and I'm sure deep down Amy knew too, all she knew was that this hussy is taking advantage of her boyfriend's naiveté and she's about 3000 miles away. I've stated before that's Amy's gotten quite used to the role as "the fixer", and now the long distance presents a level of helplessness. She can't swoop in to save the day or handle the situation. It puts her in a place of vulnerability and I think that terrifies her. Not to mention having to face her deeply rooted fear of solitude by being far away from the only friends she's ever known along with the pressures of having to prove yourself to a new research team. Now take all that and add Sheldon showing up at her door to propose to her, and that's why I strongly predict a panic attack at first in 11x01. I really want her to tell Sheldon how hard this has been for her, because this forces her to face her worst fears. *fanfic mode on* then have her embarrassed that Sheldon got to see the more broken side of her, how she knows he relies on her, but she's not always so strong as she wants him to believe. She then looks at him defensively and says "you still wanna marry me?!" then have sheldon take her hand and just say, "quirks and all" and then she wraps her arms around him. *fanfic mode off* (sorry I can't control my shipper heart.) Back to the job thing, As you said the writers have proven they can do it with Bernie so they can do it here. There's a lot of material to delve into, with Bernie, with Penny, with Amy. Our girls are working girls and there's a story to tell with that that doesn't have to rely on how it makes the men feel. (it can be there, but it shouldn't be the focus)
  9. Sheldon did take his own advice. Once he realized that Ramona was interested in the romantic sense he got the heck out of there.
  10. I know there wasn't that much doubt but YES!
  11. Ship Zone

    She says it so lovingly though. like "but I just couldn't resist"
  12. Oh no, Sheldon is capable of identifying a basic piece of human anatomy that's vital in the reproduction process! Cleary the man was looking to hit that. Maybe it's just me, but I think breasts are incredibly over sexualized. Oh wow! Pockets of fat covering mammary glands! hubba hubba! My significant other noticed one of the most prominent parts of the female body? How dare he! Seriously, at the most Sheldon wanted Ramona to be an intellectual companion, someone to talk shop with. The man was oozing with love for Amy. He literally couldn't stop talking about her. He flew (something that terrifies him) across the country just to see her. He had to get his hands on his "naughty vixen" while he had the chance before she left.
  13. Ship Zone

    Sheldon and Amy could have easily turned their phones off to ensure they have a much needed deep discussion without interruptions.
  14. Ship Zone

    I said this in the discussion thread but wanted to share it here. I don't want Amy to say no and kick him back to Pasadena that's too angsty (and overblown) for me...but I don't want a sudden yes either per se. I could imagine Amy having a slight panic attack from the shock (call back to Prom) and Sheldon gets up to help her into the apartment to calm down. They both realize it's late and they go to sleep (in the same bed! ) to wake up together. And now that they've both caught their breath they can talk things out. I want her to say yes in the end (of course!) but a well thought out yes. what I NEED, is for Sheldon to make it clear that this is NOT an ultimatum (for my own silly reasons). To contrast 9x07. If one of them feels they're not ready for whatever reasons the other needs to respect that. and talk things out, come to an understanding. Marriage should not be treated as some sort of mandate.
  15. yeah, that's why I just started binge watching Scrubs (my brother convinced me), I need to fill my entertainment needs or my whole summer is going to be filled with the never ending cycle of "totally at peace" to "so scared and nervous I'm actually having panic attacks" and so on.