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  1. I would love if Sheldon would be skyping Amy and sees her wearing the shirt, and says "you little thief!" and Amy just smiles mischievously until Sheldon concedes, "you do look cute in it."
  2. This is how I feel basically, I get why some people are worried, but good God people, you almost made me burst out crying in school before I read what we actually know. And now we have @Judith saying that 10x23 will make Shamy fans VERY happy. Again I get it, it's hard to trust the writers sometimes, but please DON'T ever scare me like that again!
  3. I'm so sick of these jokes, and I think what confuses is, it's mixed in with good (small mind you) but still good moments WITHIN the same episode : The combined awkward acting in FWF The proud look they gave each other when it was called "the longest". they are proud of their baby. ->which brings me to this point, BOTH of them missed the cue that it was intended as an insult. Because as the resurrection of the Pamy painting shows, Amy is socially blind too. She's a little more grounded than he is, but she can miss the mark too. (Again it's small, but I live for small details like that) So writers, you can establish them as both a little naive in social situations, them against the world. You proved your ability (in the same episode).
  4. "Longest fwf yet" Amy and Sheldon both looked so proud with themselves. It really is their baby. I wish it focused more on FWF, and of course I'm done with "Amy is Sheldon's mother" jokes especially when they've been shown to be more than that...THIS SEASON. I get it writers, it's tempting but we know you can do better. I can let it go, the FWF stuff was quirkyly adorable enough to hold me over but...we know it's not your best, so let's just move on.
  5. Exactly, we all want better stories for Lenny.
  6. Remember how Sheldon had to track down Amy when she was upset Penny and Bernadette for going dress shopping without her? Or how it seemed she was really keeping her feelings about her breakup with Sheldon and what she was going through to herself? and yet she always seems ready to offer comfort for her friends (letting Raj hijack their valentine's day FWF for example). "It's easier to help than be helped" sort of thing. I think a good plot for Amy's growth is one that brings this to attention. She tends to be the one to keep a strong resolve when Sheldon is having issues, and always having to be the strong one makes it harder to allow yourself to admit vulnerability. Have Sheldon be the calm one, let him reassure her that it's okay for her to not be okay. IDK, I think there's a story there.
  7. Absolutely loved this episode! From Sheldon's hip wiggle, to the shots fired at each other. (Sheldon looked ready to take her in that tag) I think this was a perfect example in balancing the newer couple dynamic, but also the older, friend/intellectual sparring partner dynamic. With the gyroscope and now this new project, there is definitely a stronger science theme here than in some previous seasons. (which makes it infuriating that when there's even a bit of a relationship theme, "the show is dead its never about science anymore") Also today I just re-watched the scene from the emotion detector when Amy comforts Sheldon, and some people in the comments were all "Amy is so annoying to watch" Yes, how dare she support the man she loves in emotional need! What is wrong with her?! (I really should stop reading youtube comments) This season has had a few duds (and judging by recent TRs more not-as-strong episodes are coming) but episodes like the one this week have been really strong. At least from a Shamy and humor standpoint. I'm happy. and I really needed this after the week of school I've had.
  8. I saw this on tumblr today—and now I'm just thinking about Amy singing this in her lab with Sheldon having a WTF face. We've talked about Amy being the "weird one" while Sheldon plays the "straight man" to shake things up, and now I want this to happen.
  9. The lack of science plots have been a problem for me lately, which is why this latest taping makes me so excited (Though I understand the anger of others) Less relationship stuff (though I've enjoyed that), and more Shamy being scientists! And now that they're allowing it to be a competition, there may be opportunity for witty banter. IDK, this seems to be a creative plot IMO. More balance between the characters would be nice, but at least it's science related and full of potential.
  10. I'm looking forward to the costumes we may get. Sheldon as a cowboy, (I'm from Texas, so I love me a sexy cowboy) and not to mention that time period has some gorgeous and conservative looks for Mayim/Amy. It sounds weird, but fun!
  11. "what's weird is that Penny almost got a science fact right." Oh Amy, your sass (and using it to cheer him up) brightened up that clip for me. Leonard is really getting on my nerves with those jokes. Also...I know we're lucky to know anything from the latest taping but I keep checking back here for more details, any details! In regards to the latest taping *rolls up sleeves* I challenge anyone who tries to say those two are no longer the quirky, unique couple they are.Or that they are no longer a relationship of the mind. This possible breakthrough from both may give us so many things we've been asking for: More Amy in her lab The return of Sheldon and Amy as intellectual sparring partners Those two getting randy from each other's brain. Quirky Amy I'm loving everything about this. Still want more details though, (I'm stuck here at school till 9 so please! Give me something)
  12. Sorry for interjecting a change of topic—but it's something thats been present in my mind all day: While I'm happy (very much) with this season, on my wishlist would be more stories that show Amy more as her own character. And i've already written an idea for an episode in my head on how I want it to go. (ironically I have writer's block for a script as a class assignment): The gang would find out that Amy will be spending an evening alone in 4B. They track down Sheldon and demand to know what he did to make her upset. They would rant on how he's clearly leaving her to do his own selfish thing. Leading to Sheldon calmly stating that Amy will be alone that night because she wanted to. That Amy (on some level) misses her freedom to have a little "Amy Time" and just be in her own company. Sheldon would then state that he fully understands that need, and that he supports her. Penny still has a hard time believing it—Amy "I never had any friends" Fowler wants to be alone?! She finds Amy, who in kind reassures her that, yes, she just wants to do her own thing that night. Cut to Penny in the other apartment, clearly looking fidgety, and glancing at the door, she eventually gets fed up and bursts through the door of 4B...only to find Amy on the couch doing her own Amy things. (Having an EEG on her head and/or watching a jane austen film while reading the corresponding book to compare) Maybe sitting under her afghan and knitting, eating junk food etc. Penny would be...well Penny "Really? This is how you want to spend your Saturday night?" (side note: I love the PAMY friendship, but I think some friction is long overdue for them, if anything for variety) Amy could then make a comment that maybe Penny's just having a hard time comprehending that "wall flower Amy" can exist outside of Penny's world now. That she's grown from being afraid to be alone. Penny would ask her how can be happy living like an old lady (or something to that affect), wouldn't she rather go out and have some real fun. Amy would start to explain—but then stop herself. "No, I don't have to defend myself. I am having fun, even it doesn't make sense to you" this could then lead to them discussing how Penny (and the rest of the gang) patronize her life (her fashion choices, her hobbies, her relationship) This part could be really heartfelt, with the two reaching equal ground and a better understanding. We've seen those two start to be on more equal ground —which is fantastic, but I would love for Amy to defend herself, and her way of life. She is her own character with her own interests and she should be allowed to express that. I'm glad this season they seem to be weaning themselves off from the "Amy is normal/poor Amy" trope, but to let her be quirky (and proud of it) I feel would be the icing on the cake. Or maybe I'm just rambling, I don't know. Ignore me.
  13. I honestly have no idea, if I'm on the spectrum or not (an inside joke I have with my brothers is "well who knows what wrong with us, we've never been tested") however I do relate A LOT with Sheldon. Reading a room and sensing tension? Can't tell. One time I was in the room when my friend was having a discussion with her college roommate, and then the next thing I know, my friend is in tears and running out of the room. There was no yelling, no insults, no fight, I was looking to everyone of my friend group like "seriously?! what happened?" and my brother had to explain to me that our friend's roommate was being passive aggressively cruel and making hurtful jabs at our friend. Nope. Was in the room...completely oblivious. Or when two friends are having a falling out. Whenever someone mentions there's tension between two peers, I just nod like "Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm not lost at all" I can read books at a high level, people? Forget it, I'm that same boat with Sheldon. And I'm with him on eye contact. Last year in my public speaking class, the first speech I made I looked up from my paper and caught eye with a classmate, almost had a panic attack on the spot. Had to take a few minutes to regain my composure. I know it's considered rude, but if I'm not comfortable with you, don't expect that much eye contact. It freaks me out. I think that's why I'm so involved with this show (or more specifically Shamy) I relate with Sheldon and Amy on a deep emotional level.
  14. Happy birthday @Soopysue, you make this thread, (and forum) so much brighter! Always be the bright, warm presence you are.
  15. I noticed this the first time I watched the episode, There's a little monkey statute (who appears to be reading a book) on the windowsill, I'd say that's a nice little Amy detail. I'm loving how the apartment is becoming theirs.
  16. Hey I'm all for Amy getting a chance to be her quirky self. To have the roles switched, have Sheldon be the one to comfort her when she's upset. Have Sheldon be weirded out because Amy is performing brain experiments on herself, (he could walk in and she has the portable brain scan thing she showed Penny in 5x01 on herself) Have Amy want to fill their apartment with her own quirky stuff. And yes to Amy giving him a gift. I've been very happy with Shamy this season, so I guess it was inevitable for things to go back to "old ways" but surely the writers will see that the new dynamic works with them. Fans and critics were singing its praises, so hopefully they start to wean themselves off the old tired dynamic and let Amy and Sheldon, be their equally quirky selves, but more importantly act as a unit.
  17. I was bothered at first, but after some reflection, I think it comes down to Amy's insecurities. When she first heard it, no doubt the little goblins in her head were shouting "he's gonna wanna leave you, he's not committed to the relationship" hence the panic. However, once Amy had had some time for her own reflection and to analyze it more clearly without those darn goblins, she realized that Beverly was wrong and was able to explain it in a clear way. IMO. I love Amy, but while she may be shown as more emotionally stable than Sheldon, she's not exactly the most stable person herself.
  18. I have to stay at school late tomorrow and knowing I'll have spoilers the next morning (my time zone) may very well in fact, be the only thing that will keep me sane.
  19. One True Pairing...I think I'm not that good with these things
  20. Okay...so yesterday my brothers were back on the Shamy are an emotionally abusive relationship train, and my oldest brother thinks Amy's Harry Potter costume surprise was underhanded "because she knew Sheldon wanted to go with her and she went without him—just so she could have that little ace in the hole" Right?! because clearly Amy is just that kind of monster nymphomaniac who only does anything to get something from him. (I am so done with this!) However, unlike last time, I didn't let myself get too emotional, I only calmly said I'm happy with the way Shamy are written this season. Also I didn't let this conversation ruin my birthday. I just thought to myself, "I know I have my Sisters (and some brothers) in Shamy here" and on tumblr. We ended having a good time bowling once that topic of conversation dropped. There's no point explaining your OTP to outsiders and that's why I wanted to say to you guys, that I'm happy to have joined this forum. Back to business, Tuesday is my actual day of birth and so I'm hoping to get a good present from the taping. (Any Shamy goodness would be good for me)
  21. well I'm sure once we see the episode in its entirety and how Amy's reaction doesn't scream desperate to me as it does some viewers, it will be a rather enjoyable moment.
  22. I wouldn't say I'm unhappy with her screen time with Sheldon (per se) but you bet I would be over the moon if she had some more individual moments too. IMO, her not wanting to go to CC was more her asserting herself as an individual character with different interests, rather than just being his straight man, (though I can now understand why you would want her to go with him) just not what I would do as a writer I guess. Though as I've stated before, the one thing I am unhappy about is how some fans seem to think the worst of her, no matter what she does. I'm sure on that we can agree. The writers have two more seasons (plus the rest of this one) to work with. They've promised us insight into Amy's family without delivering for too long. They now have the space to develop her further. You have no further excuses writers! She's part of the main two sets now, make it happen. Maybe have the next episode show how she spends time alone (make it as quirky and funny as you can imagine) while Sheldon's away at CC.
  23. Which sounds great...in theory, except as we've said Amy's never been interested in this sort of things before and (in all honesty) knowing Amy doesn't care for things like CC but going anyway (and probably driving him when we know she doesn't have to) would only lead to complaints of "the writers changing who she is" "She's just being a doormat again" "why can't Amy seem to exist without Sheldon" "Why must she always cater to him?" (BTW I'm not talking about you or serena1995) by harsh critics who bring up their pitchforks yet again. Our posts (at least mine) were more of frustration that there are some days where it feels like Amy is never going to win. If she goes (for any reason) she's a doormat, if she doesn't she's a a horrible person for not trying to indulge in his interests (when they've already spent so much time together) This is why I would of loved if they went through with the flag convention idea, now that's something I can believe them both being excited about. Their show is their thing. That's why I loved they both seemed excited to go to Harry Potter WW together. It was cute and in character. Not wanting to go to CC makes sense to me. Rolling her eyes at it makes sense. I want them to be on common ground but with something that makes sense for them to be excited about (and there are plenty of things writers! *hint hint*) Side note: I'm so sick of "Amy wants it but can't get it" jokes, please writers don't fall into that temptation, you've been so good this season.
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