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  1. 1107 - The Geology Methodology (November 9)

    -Hearing crickets while watching cricket. -"Don't have time to play rocks with you". Too busy getting your rocks off to yourself. Seriously, when's the breakthrough about his elitism going to come? They are just rehashing a standard Howard/Sheldon plot with Bert/Sheldon. -I'm sure Mime Sheldon is just waiting down in his psyche with all the other personalities from Relaxation Integration. -Sheldon did not take long to Zinc it through. The only one judging you is yourself, moron. -Complaining is the sport of the sports watcher. -Help, I have no idea what they are saying either. Also hell has frozen over because Raj found a girl he can talk to like a normal person. Well normal for someone who knows cricket terminology. -Never try to catch Sheldon in a lie. -I took Geology, but not Physics. But for once Penny and I agree, those classes aren't for us. -For someone who never cared about sex before 9 seasons in, Sheldon sure is equipped with a slut shaming radar. -Breakfast at Ruchi's. Casual. I'm just glad Stuart seems indifferent towards it. Enjoy your danishes and stfu. -"To slow the bleeding". Penny is spitting straight fire tonight. -Rocks have more value than this giant clod of Sheldonite. -Some experience with serious relationships and a ton of experience with no relationships. Middle ground makes for possible marriage partner. -First amusing Raj fantasy in years. Really hope Ruchi is able to join the group. Surely they can afford her as main cast for just one season? -"Dinner with my parents come to mind". I mean, the "Yo Momma" scenario sounds lame, but damnit if Shamy had dinner with her parents they can do that as a main episode plot. Not a throwaway gag. -Don't be soulmate guy. Biochemical reactions that fade over time and not being threatened by understanding of mechanisms. Well that was a fun philosophical debate which could be an interesting route to take Rajchi, assuming it's not what drives them apart. -Very seducing offer, Sheldon. But Leonard pulling this steal makes whatever betrayal Sheldon makes next week totally justified and the Kripke thing only an added layer of jerky Leonard. -Hopefully Raj and Ruchi move past friends with benefits.....and no it's not that weird for a guy to want an emotional intimate component. :/ -Ok show, now make Almost Paradise play over a scene of Sheldon gazing at Amy. Seems to work really well as shipper fuel.
  2. 1106 - The Proton Regeneration (November 2)

    -He could've finished that meal, it doesn't have to be exactly 12 hours. I would personally never subject myself to a vasectomy anyways. -"You've already got Doctor Who. Leave us something". Should've expected they'd acknowledge that -"If he's talking, he's talking about himself". Sheldon trying to involve himself in a Proton reboot is at least a logical next plot step, and hopefully conclusion, for these Proton installments. -"I owe it to him to try and touch as many children as possible". I've lost track of how many pedophile jokes they've done with Sheldon's wording. -Well if it was Howard's idea, why is Bernadette forcing him to stick to it? Howard should have the right to rethink it. Guess I'd hate the plot more if Bernadette proposed the idea on top of that. -Raj is finally going to get a close look at Howard's genitalia. Big moments never cease in S11. -Professor Shel-don is encouraging exclusion tactics on the playground. Goodbye-nary. -I like borderline psychotic things. And Penny's plays. -So if Sheldon ever has a kid, is he going to have contempt for it? -WHEATON!!!!! Too long that's gone un-uttered. -Double bed rest. Moist logs. -Sunday mornings at 5:30 AM is not a time slot to be ashamed of. You'd be surprised how many cult classics have been treated worse. -Sheldon always makes good on that rue promise. But if this is Sheldon's imagination, isn't he subconsciously saying these things about himself? -Raj has to work?! Biggest surprise of the episode, he finds a way to not be there when he's needed. -Penny can take care of some dumb baby (the defensiveness could be foreshadowing). But Halley is worse than raising a baby pig. -The mean snarky internet is not hard to find, Sheldon wasn't looking in the right places. -"Who cares about kids and what they like? This is about me and something I liked". At that instant, a mental image of Teen Titans Go appeared. Reboot quality cannot be measured if you go into the reboot not being open to a new vision. -Oh right, they might go through with a Penny baby storyline so they can write episodes where she goes through alcohol withdrawal. -Wil Wheaton probably should reject the role....because it seems below his experience. -"It doesn't feel very different". Alright, awesome, now we can get back to Wheaton vs. Sheldon square-offs. -"You might be more on the ball than we thought". -.....That was a baby talking? Could've sworn it was just Penny cleverly faking the first word. Howardette earned that blowback. -I'm with Proton, get rid of these forest backgrounds. -Enemies list forever. Well as the show nears it end, we circle back. Hopefully they make some classic episodes out of this. Or maybe picking this feud back up is just a desperate glory days reboot.
  3. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Actually I don't think any of the 20 million viewers would really get in a fuss if Leonard was cut out. Out of the big three he's kind of just the buffer for Sheldon and Penny's more pronounced personality quirks. Someone ding me when we get a title.
  4. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    A world where Shenny happens is a world where TBBT pulls off a compelling dynamic
  5. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Still don't know him. How about a response to the Ruchi portion of post?
  6. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    So, what? Is Ruchi going to turn out to be evil or is Bernadette worried for nothing? This smells like a reason to blow up Raj's new relationship up and limit it to a two (or three if you count the awful introduction) episode arc, but hopefully they zig zag away from writing her off. They can afford to pay a recurring character for two seasons. I guess the Colonel is an easy guest to pay, because I don't see why this military thing wasn't left where it was.
  7. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Just seems like double standards when he's been a sexist womanizer more blatantly than Stuart and Raj combined
  8. Talk about a forced plot. First Howard/Amy stuff in 4 years and they decide to make it all about their usual relationships? Are they that resistant to creativity? An excuse to have Sheldon pawned off on his past roommates, as if anyone was nostalgic for that. The condescension and babying almost has me taking Sheldon's side. But I still can't because holy fudge has his "nobody's giving me attention" stunt been beaten to death. Why can't Raj attach his parasitic self to Bert or Stuart or some new girl of the week? Glad Bernadette was having none of this insecurity which seems to filter incessantly through people who have been in the same social circle for 10 years. Howard/Amy are the only pair to dodge flanderization in all 236 episodes. Having to cram all 7 members of the cast into each episode is severely hurting the rhythm.
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Why the excitement for Kripke? Nowadays he's a thousand times creepier than Raj/Stuart. Title for 11.08 is apparently "The Tesla Recoil" by the way.
  10. 1104 - 'The Explosion Implosion' (October 16)

    -Being a father isn't about brainwashing your kid into sports. But I don't think we're ever going to get past the "I'm not this apparent norm, how do I function in life?" stage. Show won't last long enough for us to see Howard raising the boy at an age where they can interact, unless we get a flash forward. Hope they can still find a way to tell this story in its full scope. -TMI Beverly. -Yes, we're all lucky ducks when we get perks in spite of a father's abandonment. -Sad Childhood Club. No Rajesh's welcome. I guess being independent for almost a year doesn't erase 30 years of delusion-ally thinking your social status was already a trial. -Ah, the worst way to bond. Gossip. At least Penny doesn't have to listen to tales of Beverly's father. -Precious memorabilia shattered. -"What do you know about raising a girl?". Sheldon with the right response. Why hasn't Howard freaked about that? He's applying strange standards to one gender but not the other. -Does anyone check their e-mail more than once a week? Anyhow, OOC for Leonard to act like a life choice he made could hurt his mom. -An amazing trigonometry riddle. -It's not much, but Bernadette gets to say what sibling dynamic she preferred. And it has a reason intertwined with her character history. Low expectations make for pleasant surprises. -Yeah, I used to think you could only have one best friend too, Amy. Definitely a very dishonest term. If everyone's the best there is no meaning to the ranking. -Would YOU trust Sheldon behind the wheel? But hey, this is good experience for Howard to get a grasp of how to teach his son a life skill. -Ok, I do NOT believe the Penny this show usually presents us would not slip and complain about Leonard. Being proud that he married well is also still like calling your son 2nd best. -I understand that terrified feeling. It completely matters who you are in the car with when driving. -"Don't tell me what to do, you're not my father". 10 years for a Sheldon driving scene but it's a sweet bucket list marker. -Aw, damnit. There goes the license. One step of development is always another 500 steps back. Classic TBBT. But whatever, it just sped 112 miles past the rest of S11 quality. Next week: We go back to pretending Penny is Sheldon's maternal figure.
  11. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Missing out, but yeah I'm watching Season 2 tonight.
  12. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    45 right now to be precise. A large portion animated. But there are 19 live action I'm invested in. I guess BBT makes top 20 by default in that category. Big Bang Theory Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Degrassi: Next Class The Walking Dead/Talking Dead Survivor The Amazing Race Better Call Saul/Talking Saul The Last Man On Earth Big Brother You're The Worst Angie Tribeca Doctor Who Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Search Party Raven's Home I Am Frankie Catfish: TV Show
  13. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    TV is not in such a slump that Big Bang Theory can be considered golden programming. TBBT does not even crack top 30 shows currently airing. Having said that, I'm glad Ruchi is recurring. Maybe Raj can slowly learn about a girl while she's off the market, and then they can get together by end of Season 11.
  14. 1103 - The Relaxation Integration (October 9)

    This sums up the toxic pit of Raj/Stuart. Without shippings (and lol what a weird show to look for romance from with so little love between the cast) most of this forum would've peace'd out from Two and a Half Men 2.0
  15. 1103 - The Relaxation Integration (October 9)

    -Hope Sheldon can get his dinosaur dessert through. Typical girls judging without trying. -Why is Raj repeating biggest loser contest plotlines with the guy WHO HAD A DATE IN THE PREMIERE?! I mean seriously, they have to stalk down Bernadette in the middle of a private conversation even though Raj's relationship experience and Stuart's date scoring clearly show a capability past this stage. 5 seasons late with when this sitcom idea would've been understandably meshed in. -Sheldon has repressed indifference to apple jacks. Groundbreaking. -"Buy anything, get taken out for a reasonably priced dinner". Ok, as long as you make good on that promise with every customer. -Making friends with a seagull. You're one to talk Leonard, your wife seems like she wanted to say object from that dream conversation earlier. -Indian. Pale. HAHAHAHA SKIN TONES. Seriously, that newest video about Geek Masculinity describes it well. Why do these people bully and make fun of each other for not being something conventional? There is no self-worth to be had here. No group of real nerd friends really places this much stock in what "a real man should be". Maybe the series finale should be an actual big bang that knocks all life out of this show's universe. -Self is an illusion. Multiple centers of consciousness communicating with one another. Penny should be a psychology-philosophy major. -"He's allowed to live near them now". >_> No one's hitting it off because every conversation you've had with Richie (spelling?) has been about belittling someone she's been nice to. There is no way this girl can believably remain naive about what has not been a subtle conflict at all. Too many cues even before Stuart broke the news about Raj's plan. Will never understand why TBBT has such passive females. -The toupee licked his hand. Puddle of apple juice. -OK, so June wedding. End of Season 11? If it's the premiere of Season 12 after a ratings-grabbing cliffhanger, I know what I'll be using the cliff for too. -Council of Sheldon's. ....I think it needs new management.