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  1. I watched the 5 minute first look for Young Sheldon.... It made me want to barf.
  2. episodes

    -Previously on The Big Bang Theory....oh screw it we're not even going to be subtle, here's a clip of Sheldon worrying about Amy's long distance fidelity. I'm sure no reversal of this is about to occur. -Amy is turned on by Grammar Nazis? She probably reads a lot of YT comment sections. -Raj is hard at work with flossing tutorials. This would count as character progress if one of his exes had insulted his hygiene. -Nowitzki! What a short 8 years. Apparently you haven't settled down yet. Maybe you were cryogenic-ally frozen and that explains why next to nothing is explained to have changed for you. -Dessert before dinner is always the right choice. -So Sheldon finally cloned himself. Or Ramona just made a copy for herself. -Always Purell. Because no one knows where Ramona's been. Literally. -Penny, buy him a freaking Toblerone. -I love browsing articulating ladders. But how can you hang yourself with a ladder? -Amy finally finds out about her man's history with women before he met her. I guess it's believable why she never asked. -Sheldon has a license, why would he run into the road? -Bingo bango bongo. Haha, inside joke for me. -Amy's right, all that ketchup smacking will help the next customer. -Rude burn on Amy. But then again, I've seen this site agree on Amy somehow being inferior. :/ -"I'll do it". Way to take one for the team, Stuart. -Stuart's being given some weak ass lines here.... -Rajmona is already making Guinness records. Surely it'll return in Season 11. -"You kept walking, I think you did". Hey, he's right, Raj took the L instead of making the situation more humiliating. ;O -Raj is down from millions to hundreds. -If they just went swimming, why no wet hair? -Ramona has a valid reason to be proud, I wouldn't put my face in either. -"Hiding from a bee but it still counts". -Jesus Leonard, stop hitting on Ramona. We haven't forgotten your boat kiss which you 100 percent reciprocated. ;D -Raj was super on the money with that work excuse. She'll date him when she has free time. -Play date in Sheldon's apartment. What toys will he bring out of their package? -Sheldon should take Patrick up on that dog offer. -Ramona and Amy meet! I think they're really starting off on the right foot. -Now Ramona's even trying to help Shamy mend their issue of Leonard coming between them. What a gal! -Shaking a can of nickels would just give Sheldon the idea to do it more frequently. -"Haven't played the race card yet". Ramona's head is narrow so maybe she is narrow minded. Raj is onto something. -"Amy said I'm tired so I have to go to bed". I am getting a little sick of Amy not trusting her boyfriend so much that she isn't letting him think for himself. -This salty Raj arc will lead to Rajmona endgame when she feels bad about not giving him a chance before. -Sheldon thinks they were playing Mario Kart! ;P -Shenny must stand together against this Lamy. -Sheldon's a used toy, no one ever wants those. He'll just be donated. -I know people want to knock on Sheldon, but after S10, do you think really think he's wrong about Lenny needing a marriage counselor? -....You can put swimming on your resume as a special skill? Well, alrighty, I know how to pad mine. -Sheldon's riding the line between sucking and eating. -What part of that conversation implied he wanted you to kiss him without his consent, hun? Nice straight forward approach, might've worked on Raj. -"Excuse me a moment". Ramona's going to be waiting there a long time. Hope that food doesn't go to waste. -Oh hey, I recognize that Spongebob episode. Plankton's debut appearance, right? -Only Sheldon would travel all that way and then startle her with that knock. -OHMAHGERD IT'S THAT RING FROM THE SEASON 8 FINALE. A cliffhanger not directly answered for 2 years. -Sheldon pops the question! Will Ramona still be back for the Season 11 premiere? I totally need a scene of him telling her he's engaged. And then she'll fling herself at Raj. -Seasons 9 and 10 have been an interesting experience. As someone who hates stalling, I've been delighted that they've pinned down a clear writing effort with getting Shamy to the point where the ring feels earned. That's the right use of extra time. If they can flip the Raj coin around like they did this, I'm fine with a definitive end at Season 12.
  3. episodes

    -Previously....on a plot I guess the writers are scrapping. Not that I'm complaining. Actually, I am, because talk about no payoff. -Shut it Penny, I'd rather glug apple juice. A beverage non-age specific and full of vitamin C. -"To success without Raj!" That's this show's motto. -The US military is full of ingrates. Save the sarcasm for our enemies indeed. -Apartment listings, guess we're just going to ignore that Penny liked Raj's company..... -Over Bert's garage, so next season we can expect a new set and exciting plots about Raj getting girl advice from Bert. -It's a deja vu joke. Why was that door unlocked? -Howard had 3 minutes of accomplishment. -Now time for the must have summer send-off. The wheel has been spun and it landed on Amy! -"Mmm. Tasteless". -3 dollars sounds like too much for a bread loaf. -Brown sugar sounds better than raisins and banana slices. -Sheldon literally left on a train in Season 7, Penny. -Something something radon markers. -Leonard's happiness feels unearned. It's not like Raj Stuart-ed up on them. It was 4 or 5 episodes. -"My baby done left me". -Raj, don't even put that suggestion into the air. I swear to gosh...bless that door shutting. And the room does have a lock. -"So trick her". >:D -Leonard fans should be happy, this Howard clinger crap feels like episode padding. -Because losing air in that luggage is better than a plane crash. -Amy stop being a naughty vixen and fold your clothes. -Raj's speeches are more common than Shamy's 3rd round of sex. Of course he couldn't compete. -Penny is ridiculously nosy. "WHOOPIE". -Living on his own would only do Sheldon some benefit. -So Amy wakes up around noon? -Next week, will Sheldon step away and call Amy immediately? Silly of the promo to not even hype up Ramona though, cause that'd be a good selling point.
  4. episodes

    -The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers Button -Sheldon's feeling old and unable to play online multiplayer games up to par. But his style's still solid. -Check the myth anyways, Amy. -"It's a bar, so pretty good". Maybe Penny's S11 plot should be addiction counseling. -So the girl Zack's engaged to isn't actually named Sarah. -What girl teenagers are humiliating Leonard? -Sheldon mastered Hindi at 8. Poor Raj. -Gyroscope isn't a long word. -Zack didn't ask about the emergency. Doof. -"Physicist. Baker. Lover. What can't I do?". -Now we need to see a Shamy tickle fight. -"I can't do this without Me n u". -Leonard and Sheldon used to date. -I really wish Penny would quit that job, but then she'd just spend 2 seasons talking about how she hates her next job. -Unicycle Sheldon! Scratch his nose lol. -It's weird that all the characters except Sheldon and Amy are weighing in on this conversation of being around another person of the same gender considering the finale plot. -"All cycles are dumb". Yeah, especially menstrual. -Sheldon only quits talks about quitting. -I give that Lenny scene TWO THUMBS UP. -He quit being upset. -The endgame for Sheldon will definitely be him making a big discovery. -Amy shush, videogames and comic books are gr8. You're starting to sound like Ramona, when she took away his things so he'd work non-stop. -Turned on by how selfless he's being. -Zack's fiance is an enigma, but apparently the insecurity fight isn't exclusive to Lenny. -Closeted ventriloquist. Finally, the guys throw it back on their wives. Hopefully no more "throw away Howard's things" scenes. -Sheldon on stilts. Not the best closing tag but for once the rest of the episode semi-makes up for it. Good job, still more keen on the plot progressive final two episodes though.
  5. Swimming isn't cheating. You seem a little dense, hun.
  6. Maybe Rajmona is endgame. Neither care about that cheating boundary wall and it adds a layer of nostalgia to the final two seasons with her as part of the main cast ;D
  7. You people have never went swimming with a friend? There's nothing romantic about swimming. Ramona had her chance before Season 4. But this engagement seems to be emphasizing that Sheldon isn't only marrying Amy because she's his only choice. It also ties in as a humongous Nowitzki burn. Wonder if she's in Season 11 premiere too? I'm not sure with the proposal getting a yes right away because Sheldon's reasons seem linked to compensating for Amy's feelings and maybe this will finally teach Amy that Sheldon has enough loyalty for it not to matter when the ring pops up because it will happen regardless. I, Shelldon, would like to share my thanks for this report. This has been the biggest of big Sheldon seasons. It seems like it was also the last taping report night we'll have with that chat that the site is removing.
  8. Shamy's engagement happened quicker than expected. Wedding still unlikely to happen until Season 11 finale. But this means the TBBT series finale might be a flash forward thing instead of a Shamy marriage.
  9. Raj and Bert? Bert's really getting promoted isn't he.....I guess it's an upgrade from Stuart but now shoving Raj with Lenny feels like it was just stalling. Amy going to Princeton, Raj moving out. Not a coincidence. Sheldon's moving back to 4A, even if temporary. 2 seasons left after all. But Ramona alone in an apartment with Sheldon.....maybe he'll start a new once a year tradition if you know what I mean. Don't mind if that whole military project gets dropped. Hope the finale has some payoff for Penny's career so we can stop moving in circles there.
  10. -The winner gets Shellder. -"Two dates to the nerd prom". HAR HAR HORF. -Of course it's the number right inbetween 4 and 7. -Sheldon initially had platypus skepticism. -Stuart is an expert on health. If he even has health insurance. -Good, Penny was trained to improve her usage of language. "God bless you" is a rude thing to say to someone. -Sheldon/Penny flirting and Penny caring about Sheldon's delicate conditions. Two more seasons to make Shenny happen. -Meatloaf is disgusting. -Picture of Stuart on file....I don't even want to know what that implies. -Sneeze Toast. You can't believe it's not butter. -Am I forgetting something about Sheldon and cold medicine? -Penny's pants were missing? -How'd they get in the microwave? Highly doubt anyone will care about that "classified info" even if they find it. -The breast milk scene from how many episodes ago gets a callback? Although I'm pretty sure Stuart wanted to use that before. -So he can remember to send her fake Christmas cards but not tell her that her aunt died. Seems legit! -What happens to people like Sheldon in prison? -"How do you turn that thing off?". You're trapped, Penny. -"I don't know a lot about women, but I know I upset them". -It's impossible that the baby won't at least remember how much it wailed. There's going to be some underlying issues there. -These Cowboy Bar scenes are so cringy. Sad state for humanity. -Soft Kitty: Shamy Edition. The extra language versions sold it for me I spose. Still just fanservice disconnected to the rest of the episode. Hopefully next week is less of a filler. This was pretty bare bones....
  11. Why did the taping report disappear?
  12. -The episode begins with Penny's butt pointed upwards. Your fanservice won't work on me! -"Well she's done". Oh so Leonard's the only actual butt in the room. -Is the car honk so they don't have to write actual science dialogue? -Sheldon talks about spoons instead of spooning Amy. -10 years of "Sheldon waits for his friends to Google" moments and Sheldon still doesn't wait for them to respond first despite them always throwing their understanding back in his face. -Don't worry Leonard, we don't remember the names of these irrelevants either. Because they didn't exist before tonight. -For someone only having sex once a year, Sheldon seems to like inserting it into every conversation and making exaggerated foreplay. Can Season 10 at least end with them finally working out a new sexual agreement? Then Season 11's finale can be the engagement. -Board game would be way better than shopping for shit Penny and Raj don't need. -Why would they end up picking out the same shirt? -"I'd write that down but I can't now, can I?". Checkmate, Amy. One day maybe Shamy can just share the power in their relationship. -"At least someone had the courage to say it". You mean spray it. -Sheldon chokes on MnM. Fade to black. -But seriously, this licensed music again? -174 diapers. We get it, the baby is a supernatural poop monster. -Amy's nose is subtler than you, Sheldon. -How were they so engrossed in talking that they didn't notice Leonard leave the apartment in such an open space? Quite a stretch. -Who in the writer's room thought that making Leonard the third wheel instead of Stuart/Raj was a profound shake-up? -Oh so many lulz, see, Bernadette pretends to tolerate a collection of things Howard likes attending, but then they reveal she didn't have any fun at those things at all! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. They've never set up a zinger similar to that before! -2 more seasons of Shamy personally attacking each other before they stumble into the biggest scientific breakthrough in mankind. -Is Raj knowing how to meet Penny's set of stereotypical needs supposed to be his relationship skills development? -I guess this is the show's way of saying Shamy can be as terrible to each other as necessary for the comedy, because of the mutual ground rules they wrote down. -In three days, a Sheldon step retracing since he apparently got blackout drunk......WTF TBBT. Enough of your OOC filler.
  13. From March 30th onwards, Big Bang Theory will be new every Thursday except 4/20. They sure are blazing through it though.
  14. Unless Mayim/Melissa go on a drug rampage like Sheen, they're signed in. Show could not rationally write out Bernadette/Amy at all without really ruining the mood and years of development. That would be the most massive writing hurdle in sitcom history, because they can't just replace those two with a random billionaire.
  15. No, it really wouldn't.