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  1. Shelldon

    1124 'The Bow Tie Asymmetry' (May 10)

    -8 years, 1 week of Shamy. But maybe more interesting is how episode 255 is the end of a 100 EPISODE LONG ARC. That's right, in episode 156 "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence", the idea of Sheldon needing to commit to Amy in order to have success in his career is predicted by a psychic. It shows a level of planning I can applaud. Fundamentally, I only have one problem with this circumstance. Super Asymmetry doesn't sound like real science at all, it just sounds like a snappy name they forcibly try to make into a metaphor for Sheldon's life. Weirdly, a little too perfect in how that presents itself. -They used the S10 Lenny wedding as a sex punchline with the parents, so I can see Season 12 opening with Raj and Missy in bed together. -Wil Wheaton getting that hit in his pride was Sheldon's best wedding present, even if he didn't witness the full extent of it. -I do like that one miracle begot another @ Stuart just needing the one date to lock down Denise' admiration. -Damn, Amy's mom was such a relentlessly bitter villain. The religious hijacking attempt was still the worse mother move, though. -Like Mark, I was to surprised by how all out the vows went with sweetness. One of the most intimate and serious few minutes in show's run. ;( -Imperfection, quirks, etc. will always catch my heartfelt attention in a person. I like what this sitcom espouses sometimes, Imperfection takes on a different meaning for TV though. Wrap things up in a little neat bowtie next year before the bow falls on the ground instead of just being crooked.
  2. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I really don't see the cast signing for a 13th. They already have swimming pools full of money. There's no reason for them to bore themselves to 300 tapings. So the scripting better work on a finale-ish feeling season even if the decision is made at mid-season.
  3. Shelldon

    1123 'The Sibling Realignment' (May 3)

    -Why does the cake have to be so plain? At least make it flag shaped. -Bernadette/Penny sure like family tension. They deserve that kind of wedding gift bag. -I guess we find out next episode that Amy's great aunt would've been available. -Raj has the best pets. We get it with the reproduction jokes though, the show makes it seem like Raj has more siblings than the Duggars. -I'll get it out of the way here, I don't care about Georgie or any of his tiresome (yes Sheldon that is great, don't listen to Leonard) talk about his profession. The biggest failing of Young Sheldon for me is that it completely ruins the context of Sheldon's childhood. Instead of actually having gone through a tough period in his life, now it's rewritten as everybody protecting him so that they can get away with making a bunch of closed-minded Texans seem like good people. Throwing out all realism. I also would have minded this less if it was a plot earlier in the season, but to have it be the penultimate chapter kind of hurts the flow. They could've made the wedding a two parter instead and gave more time to every family member, not just Georgie. -Walking Dead theme. Still less ugly than that dress. -I used to play with those beads in waiting rooms. *high fives Penny for having a naturally sanitary defense against bacteria like me despite what I touch* -Fruity Gratooty. -Now for the next rant, spoilers for finale. THAT'S how they end Raj for Season 11? We don't see an answer, we don't see him with anyone at the wedding, and oh yeah....WHAT HAPPENED TO USING THE PLANETARIUM? Why was that line even said? The end of 1117 makes it sound like that was the new plan to avoid Kripke's terms. Did the writers chicken out of a new milestone for Raj that would've happened there? I'll talk more about Stuart in my next post, but damn, Raj might take longer than Stuart to get married.
  4. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I predict the CBS upfront today will inform that the upcoming season is the last season, and the marketing for that will begin Two and a Half Men announced in May 2014 itself
  5. Shelldon

    1122 'The Monetary Insufficiency' (April 26)

    -What is this? Sheldon's first time playing Grand Theft Auto? I can't tell if that's believable or not. -The taste of the pie was cherrific. -Foreshadowing of Penny vs. Amy's mother. 8 years before a marriage is actually practical by the way. Counter that divorce rate. -Even 20 million sounds like too much for a University to deliver. But whatever, I'm all for a black hole being made if the cast all get sucked into it in the series finale. 😛 -"I can see why you'd think that, but no". -A dress showing no skin. The flag design is worth it. -Cookie Monster tattoo is the least of her mistakes. -If comic shops are anything like videogame stores, Sheldon might get 10 bucks for that entire box. -Being boldly honest is what makes you a girl, Bernadude. -65 grand in less than a week. If Sheldon set realistic goals he'd be ahead of realism right now. -Come on Penny, the guys outdress you on certain occasions. -I'm not much of a gambler, but Sheldon's method of play should be doable. -A pile of swans > Pelicans
  6. Shelldon

    1121 'The Comet Polarization' (April 19)

    -Amy would make a good bodyguard. -Raj has a very small telescope, if you know what I mean. -So Stuart's status quo is bursting in an upward trend instead of combusting this time. Unless the writers are lying. -I used to get a new pack of Pokemon Cards every Sunday as a kid. I also got a pack just as I was receiving bad news. Sheldon's funeral home venue could work. I was also in my comic shop for free comic day and know how discombobulating a crowd can be while selecting. -While this comet catastrophe is more important for Raj's field, I have to side with furious feminist Penny and hope he gets hit by one. -Well Denise being on the comic staff hopefully makes her less disposable than Ruchi. Both fresh exciting people that should be added to regular cast to make five couples. -"Think of her as a friend you haven't berated, lectured, or condescended to yet." The first time is always the most fun. -One day and she's already better for the business than Stuart. And better for Sheldon to be betrothed to. Why did Amy assume there was no passion behind her expertise? -Is Raj still at Bert's or is this a new homestead? More interesting of a question than the resolution of trained liar Raj just needing to make an excuse for a form change. -You should've tried studying before Denise entered the picture, Ames. Sheldon's too exhausted for transparency.
  7. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    The main couple got married ❤️ Raj better nail Missy Excited for the bonus Hawking content The show's one and only shift already happened, let's not go back to Season 8 darlings
  8. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    People who want a 13th season are the world's most baffling scientific mystery. There is nowhere to go past a Season 12, them actually letting Stuart flourish is another sign that the last thing on the agenda is Raj. Unless 12.01 immediately introduces Raj's beau we are not going to get time to know her (one of his exes will wind up more memorable for his dating life if they keep stalling). That is not me advocating for 3 more seasons focusing on Raj, they've treated him way too minor to justify another Sheldon growth arc at this rate. Enjoy this break between taping seasons, it will be the last before next April's series finale taping.
  9. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    StuartxDenise? Raj is going to lose the happiness race to Stuart?
  10. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    But answer the important question... What of Raj's love life occurs during the proceedings?
  11. Shelldon

    1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    -We only saw that diligent mailman to set up Amy's line later on. -I know Sheldon's not the bachelor party type, but they still could've made a better guy quest and saved this cabin journey for elsewhere. Did Sheldon even leave from that with any String Theory progress? At least let some of Wolcott's work affect Sheldon's career? Edit: Actually judging by 11.24 developments this was intentional but still is a little ham-fisted with the message of "everything will become clear scientifically as long as you're glued to Amy". -Couldn't even book a place for the quilting/tea? Amy seemed really dumb for believing them at the end. This version of Amy still desperate to be something she's not feels like a regression. At least don't have her character arc for the episode end in delusion while her husband gets enlightenment. -Raj is the last symbol of their old lives. -The recluse was a very predictable stereotype, and as such you could predict just about every line from him. Sheldon's realization would've had more depth if the character instigating it had a moment to show some of his own. -"I'm the only man you do that for". Damn right. -Not sure why the bachelor stuff would be a full month ahead of the event.
  12. Shelldon

    1119 'The Tenant Disassociation' (April 5)

    -What country has crow as a dish? Maybe it'll go well on a chinese sandwich. -"Been there, doing it now". Me when I watch this same Sheldon vs Leonard/Penny dilemma play out for the 250th time. -Petition to make chest shaving a new social norm. -I would not take a non-spell checked complaint seriously either. I'll pound my gavel in favor of spelling nazis. -Love the man, not the office. Welcome to attend his shower meetings. -Amy's plan to steal their groceries worked. Plus she's still an ungrateful battery recipient. -Successful zoom-in. I never care about production continuity errors, just plot continuity. -Roof locking psycho. Stick with the smiles you know. -Sheldocracy. Minimal power comes minimal responsibility. -Cynthia plot could've been a winner if it had been the set-up for her to be a recurring character....that extra shot of footage she found on the drone feels like an ass-pull since in the sequence of events it's kind of shoehorned. "I wanna get all up on that and start making babies!" is especially forced, even for a Raj quote. No underwear to their first date.....just an absolute fail of a resolution. At least make what she discovers that changes her mind more subtle than that >_>
  13. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Amy's parents, finally! My guess is Raj's date goes bad but then he meets Denise and Rajnise begins going into our final season
  14. Shelldon

    1118 'The Gates Excitation' (March 29)

    -Stuart's back to doing what he always did for Howardette, making last week's fight over who goes back to work needless and this a cop-out. What's worse is they figured this solution out off-screen, making the continuity of it all not well thought. His park tag scene was mucho estupido. Hopefully those ladies get arrested for misuse of police time. -Bob the Builder Classic > taller uglier Bob that removes all charm out of designs. That's all I have to say about mom brain plot, I feel bad for Amy. -Why even get Bill Gates if all you're going to do with him is having the guys act like fanboys? He didn't get one funny line, he was a bland prop for their "been there, done that" antics. They did nothing to make his presence unique. -"Hold the door, get robbed some more". I honestly can't tell if hold the door part was a Game of Thrones reference, so props to them if they managed to be subtle about that. -Sheldon thinking everyone is celebrating April Fools Day when he's the only one with it on his mind is a good subplot use, and they don't oversaturate it like if he was the main plot. Having said that....I think I would've preferred an April Fools Day main plot over what we got. :/ -The tag should've been Leonard/Sheldon enjoying a romantic dinner. Hopefully the 250th episode can give me some excitation.
  15. Shelldon

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Does this May 3rd episode have a title btw? We'll see if I'm even caught up by May 3rd

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