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  1. Sheldon's relationship to Missy and George Sr. carry this show, along with a far too infrequent Paige Meemaw seems to be where all the junk plotlines come from(are they ever going to circle back to her and Sturgis?), and what they've chosen to do with Georgie was just to get some eye candy on the series (does that even work out according to TBBT canon?) Show was at its best the first two seasons judging from my binge, the family drama is what keeps me invested for 2024's season and that's still written fairly well (no telling what fights Mary will pick when she gets back) Weird to see characters like Linkletter be such miserable jerks that they make Sheldon sympathetic
  2. A show where Stuart/Denise + Raj/Lucy get to be the other 4 outside of Penny/Leonard/Sheldon/Amy would have been something pretty classic
  3. Howard never showed any signs of character development, it's sad that Raj is being remembered as all the awful things he was Definitely some misattribution and people could benefit from watching s1-s6 again with these lousy takes about Raj
  4. Someone as worthless and small as Howard got married first, but Raj never gets married Truly this show does not have a sense of justice in terms of who deserved to have a loving relationship by the end
  5. Here's the most satisfying finale possible in my mind: Sheldon and Penny wind up having sex in the elevator, that's how Penny gets pregnant On-stage during the Nobel speech, Sheldon doubles down instead of apologizing, and reveals the truth behind the child's conception while taunting Leonard jumps on stage and tries to kill him, Amy lands a good few kicks, it becomes quite a televised spectacle Long story story, Penny/Leonard and Amy/Sheldon both have ugly and lengthy divorce battles We have a time skip to a few years later, it looks like Nobel winner Sheldon has accepted he's back to being alone forever He hears 3 knocks at his door coming from Penny, she wants him to help raise their smart and beautiful child, they then duet sing Soft Kitty to him/her (and you thought the HIMYM finale TedxRobin blue french horn scene was sweet) Shenny is born and it all started with a Big Bang Subplot: Raj has a polyamorous marriage with all of his ex-girlfriends, and yes it takes place in India with the show finally expending a big budget Raj turns to the camera and says "Winning" as a piano falls on Howard/Bernadette for their years of being unsupportive friends
  6. I think what I've come to understand is that not having the taping report really hurt this finale, it made "unraveling the mystery" a downer for expectations. So many articles made it sound like Big Bang Theory was done slacking around and was about to use its time well for a bunch of curveballs. What we got were several moments of padding/bickering, certain moments of fanservice they should not have pandered to (Amy conforming to the audience beauty standards), and something that felt like it didn't have the time to be ambitious. I think more went into marketing the event than the script. I liked the elevator like everyone else but you'd think they could write a lot more jokes with that then the luggage scene (that many bags made zilch sense). Penny seeming like she teleported down was better. I know time skips are a common series finale technique now, but 2 months later was just lame and not subversive. Imagine a finale where Sheldon's speech is the end of 1223 or halfway through 1224 and then we launch 5-10 years forward. It fixes the question of if Raj died alone, the smart and beautiful babies are actually seen (not even showing them makes the entire Penny flip even harder to swallow as necessary), and the possibilities for showing even more changed habits of Sheldon's were endless. Howard's father is all I can give them a pass on (though that could've been the parent conflict at the heart of 1222...) Just a montage set to some music strengthens the landing(like Young Sheldon rectified with), and THEN end on them sitting around eating. If Search Party doesn't end too the live action finale rankings of 2019 are: 1. You're The Worst 2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3. Big Bang Theory
  7. Raj was probably over half the reason I even followed the show's 12th season, let alone the past 3 years The arranged marriage should have gone through, even if it ended in divorce I hate that they chickened out of it because there were ways to explore Raj through it that went unrealized Raj being Amy's makeover pal and gushing over a celebrity is all he did in the finale, just enforcing my family member's belief they are gay What a low blow
  8. One of the worst TV finales I have ever seen. Whoa, Penny and Leonard with an accident, what are abortions again? (Rhetorical question, let's hope Penny remembered to get one when they got back from Stockholm). Also talk about lazy jokes about her appetite changing. Sheldon and Amy's chemistry was all off, partially due to the forced drama (the jerk then grand gesture thing is really what they staked the entire climax on). I felt nothing. I was actually beginning to cheer for the unconventional Lorre ending where everyone actually kicks Sheldon out of their life and he ends up alone with just his Nobel. That would deconstruct things always working out for Sheldon and be bold/daring. Wow they finally pay an arm and a leg for kid actors. What a Howard/Bernadette tribute. Give it up for the non-invisible children. No Howard father but we have visible children. God they pulled out all the stops, so many sleepless nights of writing. But BY FAR the most disgustingly racist botch of the era. Not giving Raj one plot thread in the finale. Nothing, no throwaway line achievement. He shares a scene with Bert and his doggy. They break him off with Anu a week before the end, while Stuart moved along fine. 4 happy white couples and Raj. If you really need him at Stockholm and didn't have time for a plot for him, say he flew in from London and keep Rajnu. The description for the finale stated "Raj meets a new friend", take away 2 minutes of Howard/Bernadette worrying about their children to have Raj actually meet a new girl. A teaser. Everyone else gets their fairytale but even just hinting Raj found some compatibility will make their little writer wrists hurt. You also think "hey, this extra scene not taped in front of the audience could actually be some sort of last minute swerve they didn't want spoiled". No, it's just the theme song playing over them all sitting eating. Goodbye Big Barf Theory.
  9. Perhaps 2 PM-6PM of that TBS marathon is worth the memory jog
  10. So the Anu storyline really was just there to keep things occupied (which is better than Raj doing no relationships but yeah that brings Season 12 down another notch) Raj will meet a new friend in the finale however, possibly someone who likes everything he likes, doesn't specify girl or guy though Mitch was a fun obstacle for Stuart/Denise, glad the move-in thing from Paintball got resolution
  11. We will need the tissue box for Raj Raj will make the first real bold choice of the group
  12. https://whatculture.com/tv/11-reasons-the-big-bang-theory-is-the-worst-thing-on-tv "The Big Bang Theory is a really remarkable thing. You might think you like it, but you're wrong. You've just been afflicted with a very particular strain of comedy Stockholm Syndrome, because it's on constantly."
  13. There's a cynical way to look at the last title, in fact it is very meta As I'm pretty sure everyone here has Stockholm Syndrome with the series by now
  14. Everyone breaking the hold Sheldon had on their souls and spreading their wings like butterflies Big Bang Theory was a story about surviving victims of an unhealthy clique all along
  15. It is my pleasure to announce the two last Big Bang Theory titles 1223: The Change Constant 1224: The Stockholm Syndrome
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