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  1. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Well we've figured out the S11 cliffhanger Stuart crashes the wedding, sweeps Amy off her feet, wedding postponed again as Sheldon is left awestruck
  2. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Happy Shamentine's Day!
  3. -The internet criticizes Big Bang Theory without watching it and most of the time it's right, so it IS an effective instinctual response a modest proportion of the time. -But to add to the above, those criticisms are usually vague and highly outdated (people still acting like bazinga is said frequently), so if you're going to make hate comments on something, don't make hate comments on it unless you hate watch it. Otherwise you are just a sheep repeating a mantra of mocking to seem cool. -The new Professor Proton theme song is a short and sweet jingle. But kids deserve extra length and more special effects, like hovering heads. -Apple juice > Alcohol. Come at me. -"WHAAAAT?". Howard's TV appearance might involve a dud pun, but maybe Howard's dad could see him on TV and try to find him? Wishful thinking? -Online petitions never get people fired. They get them promoted. Just ask Robert Kirkman. >_> -"I HEARD YOU. THE FIRST TIME". Also, I wonder if Bernadette's actress has binged something entertaining on the downtime. -Sheldon is magnanimous. Super secret enemies list. Everyone has a regular enemies list. Like me. You know who you are. ;D -These book scenes highlight how most female characters on this show are just written as having snarky one-liners. Even Amy wouldn't be too far of a stretch from Ilsa with the right tone of sarcasm and blonde hair. (The next scene even has her unnecessarily speculating she'd be on TV for a Sheldon serial killer investigation? Who the hell deadpans that to their spouse?). -"Everything you do hurts". Sexual tension that will make you cringe once final interpretation comes along.... -Now I want to know how long the games of chess would have went on if Sheldon had waited for a proper loss. All night? A week? 9 more episodes of S11? Until Sheldon's brain cells started dying in retirement? -Why did we even touch ground with Leonard's mom being proud of him if they were just going to revert that back? Yeah sorry, novel's dead. It was all just a ploy to get Penny pissed at him and more about his Freudian mom stripping away his ambitions. Everything, even a detective story, is not free from those dead-ends. Definitely the worst plot of S11 thus far. -Amy's scalp was glowing. "I'm going to go scream on the roof". The next time we see Wheaton I suspect Sheldon will be rewarded with a guest spot on the show. I doubt he'll remain snubbed. The only question is if that'll be the last of Wheaton and it'll end all heartfelt. That or Sheldon burns down the set. Either works.
  4. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Today's taped episode doesn't air until March 1st! 27 days of bliss in February Guess which one I subtracted
  5. -Raj's planetarium public speakings are a girl magnet. I'm just glad they've given him a set to call his own. -Koothrapoetry in motion. -"I can't believe that came out of me". "Aw, I thought I came up with it". Same things coming out of Sheldon. -Raj is unnerved and conflicted, even though people thought he would boast about this. Though I really wish we weren't leaning on the "he might beat me up" shit. Divorces can be mutual, go figure. -Penny studying for a job she's had how many years now? -The extra day of crying is generous. -"So who was that?". Leonard is being unreasonable. Sheldon is paying them for something that's a daily routine anyways. -How did this weirdo stalk Raj down to where he works? His ex-wife is just airing out her new business to him? To that extent of detail? Wtf, that is a huge plot-hole or Nell is not really moved on and is stirring the pot. -In other words, they don't have the budget for a laser show. : ( -Was hoping Leonard would get to three knocks to showcase his insanity. -Raj has spent more time venting to Howardette than actually being in scenes with the girl/husband. I guess the guests get paid by the scene... -Pie halfsies. Same "you're crazy" look. -Thank goodness that was a Raj vision, if the husband had actually popped up on the couch we really would be back in Two and a Half Men... -Nell didn't know they met. What did Oliver do then? Wait until Raj left her place and then follow his car? Holy moly, that is possessive. -Raj's romanticism is apparently dismissive of the facts here (of which there is so much about why they split he doesn't know) since all it took was a story of how they met to get him in an emotional puddle. This script has not been working hard enough for me to believe this situation, starting with the fact that the husband really is not sympathetic. -The universe makes sense again for Leonard. But just drink lemonade, Sheldon. Lemon water sounds abysmal. -"You said something so creepy that it made me look better by comparison". Yeah....cause that's how divorces work! Girls just settle for less after one try. Sexist, sexist, sexist. Terribly sexist. Who thought that would be a good message to send? Completely out of character from what we saw with Nell. The lame pie house ending could still happen without Oliver getting what he wanted.
  6. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    He did cheat, that's been proven back and forth even if it was off-screen. Kurt who? Some filler event doesn't really compare to a major betrayal in a relationship.
  7. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Leonard Mc-Actual Cheater is a hero but Rajesh and Sheldon are villains? Interesting standards. Beverly invading the novel plot at the end for more Leonard mother jokes is pitiful writing. Also it's too bad that even with Wil Wheaton back as a rival, they don't really let Sheldon do anything funny in retaliation. Just more screaming at clouds. Better luck at your next taping, Tensor.
  8. Season 11 Taping Night Chat Thread.

    This situation is tenser than usual
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I'm glad Beth Behr isn't staying because Raj's spouse shouldn't be bland as dirt Lucy still would've made a fun permanent addition to the cast since she had a unique set of traits and her own hurdles to overcome Emily is still no prize, and it was a mistake to not use Claire longer
  10. 1113 'The Solo Oscillation' (January 11)

    -In Season 12 they need to try an episode where married Shamy and married Lenny try out swinging Only fitting sequel to this episode. -Is this band plot continuing the "Raj can function well without Howard" storyline? At least they remembered his planetarium show if they're going to skirt around the part where Howard insulted Raj in another language last week. -Leonard and Amy had the same science project and both won spelling bees. Maybe Sheldon should calculate the odds there. Just don't forget to factor in the variable of the writers using lazy coincidence shortcuts to avoid writing real scenes of them getting to know each other. Then the odds shoot up exponentially. -Newspapers really are so irritating to open. Pizza crust SHOULD ALWAYS have cheese in it. -Would've preferred to hear "Let's Get Astrophysical". Let's hope this was their last cute idea for Bert in S11. -Not the worst use of Mary. She didn't intrude on anything and was quickly cut in and out of. Show should go back to using guest cameos like that. -Penny's facial expression while motioning around her stomach was funny. Sheldon really blacking out was a little out there though. -Is Bernadette's actress getting her usual salary for all these single scene bed rests? -I'm with Penny. She definitely solved String Theory and it's time for science to find some new knots to untangle.
  11. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    1. Beth Behr has already gone back to dating before her divorce has even gone through. 2. Raj of all people defends Oliver, meaning Oliver must have gotten hit pretty hard. 3. She doesn't inform Raj of the big change happening in her life, leaving him to unexpectedly deal with drama from Oliver.
  12. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    So this Beth Behr is the villain of the episode. Raj sidesteps all those foaming at the mouth for him to screw up. (I'm sure someone will still try to say he should've known the info that was kept from him ahead of time). Sheldon working on String Theory again means nothing unless it produces a plot altering event. Nothing monumental has happened with anyone's job. Expeditiously is not a word I'd think a spelling bee champion would boast about knowing.
  13. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    A press release before a taping happens? When has that ever happened? At least there's something interesting left in January, since this Thursday's one is skippable
  14. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    There is not going to be a 13th season. The last season will be a full season. What reason would there be for a shortened season? They have no plot lines after the Shamy wedding so if anything I'd say Season 12 should be shortened. Sheldon's wedding is like a climax of the show in-present. Perhaps the Season 12 finale can try a flash forward technique. Young Sheldon will make all the dough TBBT does and then some. CBS is probably anxious to end TBBT and get back to earning cash instead of losing it to overpriced actors.
  15. 1112 'The Matrimonial Metric' (January 4)

    -How is Halley going to be flower girl if they refuse to pay for a child actress? -Kind of want to see what the brain teaser was. -Mac and Nothing. Good diet food. -If Stuart's as poor as they try to make him seem, why not have him drink the left behind beverage? -Howard deserved that push into the fridge. -Wish they had actually done a Best Woman/Gentleman of Honor. Pointless sidetrack. -I don't like gossip either, Raj. -Is Leonard actually going to have a writing a book storyline or are we never going to hear a peep on that? -Still don't know why Sheldon was talking about rhinos. -This is Big Bang Theory, any choice Sheldon makes is going to get a 20 minute plot. It was also essential to open 2018 with something resembling marriage progress, even if that progress could've been a passing line of dialogue.