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  1. Well Sheldon shows hubris every episode and he's the only stand-out voice in the show that we hear. The Big Bang Theory is all about giving Sheldon accolades and authority.
  2. There's truth to every joke hun. Also post and like numbers are not accurate credentials????
  3. It's really not worth the denial. Without a character like Sheldon this would be dead right now. There isn't "strong writing", there's just a mascot and he's Mr. Cooper.
  4. It made sense to celebrate the only reason this show got to 200 episodes. Which is Sheldon. A lot of routes to take with this one, but focusing on the Penny/Sheldon dynamic when that is the nostalgic core was probably an intelligent move. Adam West did his best with the lines he got, but he was mostly forgettable in the half hour. Guess we've seen the gang run into too many celebs.
  5. Ok so the writing of this Claire/Raj/Emily thing is beyond a mess and I really doubt Claire was introduced just for this. The break-up seems like its only purpose was to keep Emily out of the 200th episode. Claire said she wasn't interested before, so why is she (someone the show has made out to be the rational opposite of Raj) suggesting Emily is manipulating Raj? What information does Claire have about the situation to make that assessment? How much has Raj even told her about Emily? Emily wanting Raj back does sound suspicious though, if anything she should be wanting Raj to grov
  6. This episode had some passable humor (I would never use a period instead of a question mark in a text) and a somewhat coherent Howardette arc that they haven't shared in awhile. It was a simple and basic premise but sometimes relying on an easy concept can give the show more time to focus on aspects it usually lacks. I really thought they handled most of the conversations in this episode well. The karaoke "baby" singing was a chore to sit through though. It could have just been normal karaoke instead of attempting the lame punchline of Bernadette having a baby meaning they had to sing son
  7. Can Penny really not get past confetti and fries being thrown on her? That 21 year old was right, her age is showing in the fun department. Despite some gender stereotypes still, Bernadette and Howard were at their most tolerable in awhile. Maybe the rabbit helped, plus that huge bomb for next week. Howard's line about vegetables in the promo had me cringing though. Kripke's just a plain pervert, but I'm glad they found another way to use Fun With Flags. Sheldon acknowledging his break up's value was progress. What wasn't progress was Raj moping and self loathing for the thousan
  8. I predict a Shamy engagement will happen while Sheldon is surrounded by all these people at his surprise party. That or as a birthday present to Sheldon, Amy agrees to move into HIS apartment. Leonard is off the hook and the status quo is still in check. Since the previous episodes deal with the big Howardette thing and Raj being alone again, this episode can just brush upon these plots lightly for continuation while focusing on the main four and guest stars.
  9. That fruit looks better than the cupcakes
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