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  1. Yeah of course it turns out to be the worst possible synopsis That's what we're doing with the penultimate week of the series? I am so sick of the Wolowitz house, give us wherever Raj/Anu crash at or let Stuart/Denise go to an entirely new set Beverly is back to do the same thing every time she guest stars instead of HOWARD'S FATHER Airing a complete filler, they better hope they have a big hook at the end or this is going to be one of the lower rated series finales
  2. I can do something constructive on Thursdays, or people can recommend me a new Thursday series Either is a great alternative, in Fall 2019, to the Small Yawn Theory
  3. Let's just be thankful Leonard will never spank Penny
  4. I straight up forgot Denise existed, but I'm inclined to fault the show instead of the mandatory hiatus. A Lenny sitcom would not have enough content to fill even one episode, they were your classic "will they/won't they" but even these dumber than rock writers knew that they couldn't fly that all the way up to double digit seasons. Without some 3rd party to be jealous of, Leonard and Penny are just straight up tapped out.....and that might be a problem with how simple of characters they are. They have to be stuck in the same roles and they have to live in this permanent happy ending
  5. Too bad that Howard couldn't show some character development by the end of Laureate Accumulation The beginning of the episode was very "wink wink, we were just on Ellen" Amy's blow-up being a triumphant moment might have worked better
  6. 5/16/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM CBS Episode 23/24 5/9/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM CBS Episode 22 5/2/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM CBS Episode 21 4/25/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM CBS Episode 20 4/18/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM CBS Episode 19 For some reason CBS has decided to make April 11th a repeat....right after we get back from a month gone on April 4th All 4 taped in April will
  7. The likely reason for the May 16th finale is that they want Young Sheldon's season to finish on May 9th first So now one week in April or May will be empty The writers are very much writing things like the only episode of the season viewers will see is the May 16th episode, and they are probably right... Sitcoms operate on the idea that watchers have the memory of a goldfish
  8. Beverly was forced in very unnaturally, and no real new light was shined on her dynamic with Leonard, I have to hope she isn't in next 7 just so there was a point to that that can still be scrimmaged Experimenting with babies plot would've been a good time to show the actual babies, even if only once, still the dumbest sitcom rule and since they couldn't show any real experiments the plot had to turn to Sheldon being implied as Amy's baby-minded husband again....because???? Her concoction made no sense with how Sheldon currently feels about children Cheering for that rival company gu
  9. I am tremendously disappointed that Raj/Anu have not gotten a plot in forever, if there was a Season 13/14 maybe they'd actually give Raj's climax some more weight How many random Howardette plots is this now that doesn't change anything about their life? Just such obvious favoritism
  10. Didn't recognize any of the celebrities, scenes focused on the actual Dungeons and Dragons games themselves could've been extended but as expected celebrity worship was the main topic instead However one man made it all work.... From villain to a more likeable hero than our 4 male leads Here's a toast to you Wil, if anyone has the chops to spin off it's you and your adventures
  11. Another Big Bang Theory news bulletin! The Conference Valuation will be the only new episode in March, futon now lists March 14th as a repeat http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/big-bang-theory/listings/ This means when the Big Bang Theory returns April 4th, it will have to be new 5 weeks in a row before the 2-taped finale No more hiatuses after March 28th then! But wow at just 3 newbies in February/March combined
  12. How does Wil make room for 3 girls in the game if he only had one seat? I know real life Wil thinks this was his final time on set, but surely he'll have a spot in the finale. Not only does it seem like he's an afterthought against the other shiny names, but you're telling me his final plot also ignores his iconic history with Sheldon in place of being mad at Leonard? The only spinoff I'd watch is a Raj spinoff (with different writers that actually know how to write someone of color into the framework)
  13. Episode feels a little like thumb twiddling. Penny still where she is with continued telling instead of showing how she's good at this job, and Shamy's want for children not being a new concept or one that the episode promises they'll take action on right now However we have the final April taping dates for Big Bang Theory! April 2nd: 12x21 April 9th: 12x22 April 23rd: 12x23 April 30th: 12x24 May 9th, 2019 is likely when 23/24 air together, so one break (probably May 2nd so they have 2 weeks to get all eyes on it)
  14. Leonard doesn't get smart and beautiful babies, and Sheldon's retort that they'll be imaginary is ironic considering his own lacking down there The joke will be on both of them and lead to very obvious ways for Sheldon to get jealous and worked up, and Leonard will be like an uncle father
  15. Donation Oscillation: -It took all episode to get to the vomit comet, and the story should've at least split half the focus with Raj/Anu since it was his bachelor party -In already short episodes, we don't need minute long scenes of Sheldon fixing himself cereal -Good, Leonard/Penny shared a sad hug and came to terms with reality, Wyatt just there to make it seem like more happened For Conference Valuation Speculation: -Maybe someone will notice Penny at the convention? -We're totally headed towards Leonard donating his sperm to Amy, Sheldon is going to be inferti
  16. Season 8 is still the biggest dumpster fire they've ever made The worst of the Howard/Bernadette/Stuart situation/relying on mothering wife jokes 24 episodes of pure actual filler because they had a 2 season renewal for after locked in place Emily, who yes, is worse than Anu in blandness (hard feat) and it seemed like they were going to make a new lead girl but then didn't. Replacing Lucy, someone that could actually have stories written for them, for this red-headed bore who was given an interest in spooky things at the last minute because??? I don't care if Lenny got scre
  17. That he was done after 11.24 as in S12 would be the final so that they'd have a whole summer to plan out final storyline scripts Not Jim announcing in August after the first episode (which was a terrible season premiere)
  18. Know what I find funny? The last non-wedding related milestones for characters were 4 or 5 years ago If Season 8, Season 9, Season 10, or Season 11 were called the final season a lot of the bad episodes in those seasons would not have been so overlooked Season 12 is really no lamer by comparison, but if there's one thing I wish Jim had done it was say back in April 2018 that he was done after the 11.24 taping. He must've been on a high from how fun that was and didn't want to spoil the mood. (My personal theory is also that Hawking's passing acted to Jim as a sign from the universe
  19. New taping dates 12.19: March 12th 12.20: March 19th What does this mean? 12.19 can't possibly air March 14th, but it looks like 19-22 will air every Thursday in April So with us having 2 known Feb eps....and 2 past that instead of 3 February 28th or March 7th is a break week
  20. Denise being a paranoid dork was cute, though they haven't stuck to one characterization with her Howard/Bernadette continue to think they are above others Leonard's dream part was just corny
  21. "It's the funniest show known to science" Which doesn't really consult scientists as much as it said it did "GAIZ u can't cut open a rock beCAUSE comix books!!11!!" This is exactly how comic book shop owners talk in real life, right? Guess they consulted one of those too
  22. Bad news, futon claims February 14th is a repeat Likely episodes on Feb 21st and 28th but they definitely chose the bummer break week
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