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  1. Yippee, Penny will be pregnant in the Valentine episode, because jealousy is the right reason to have a baby >_> Raj having his non-bachelor bachelor party, Raj probably got snubbed out of his India wedding so that they could keep Lenny in kitchen island for the pregnancy test reveal
  2. Hopefully Leonard doesn't donate AND Penny doesn't change her mind Gravity sideplot sounds fun since it's science related fun for once Doesn't entirely sound like a Valentine's episode, we'll see if February 5th's taping is one
  3. Possibly Penny's last upgrade, and it comes off as mooching off Bernadette However bringing her acting back in now with sudden recognition for her would be even more fairytale than any of the Nobel stuff
  4. Ah, so they decided it was time for a Bert filler I wonder if next week's taping is a Valentine episode Futoncritic has also revealed episodes will not air March 21st or March 28th http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/big-bang-theory/listings/
  5. Zack and Marissa were so lame to sit through, Leonard should donate to some better crafted characters I also should've felt more from Raj/Anu hitting the refresh button, but Raj holding cards up was not really endearing or a sign of chemistry 12 episodes left, when do the surprises start?
  6. That wasn't even a little bit a part in Penny's decision Also I don't know what Bernadette getting promoted would have to do with a Lenny baby
  7. Remember when Penny had career advancement plots? Now Bernadette is taking them? Already onto a nobel nomination 5 seconds after being published.....and I'm sure there's more peer review to do than just that 😕
  8. The January 17th episode is titled "The Confirmation Polarization".
  9. The Sheldon/Amy fight retread that they've had 1 billion times was such a grossly incompetent way to handle a paintball episode, we were lucky if we got 5 minutes of action...probably less Should've just been a competitive episode without the shmoopy stuff (Raj/Anu/Stuart/Denise plot advancement can stay in since it did not hurt the flow, though the way to make Raj/Anu fight was incredibly lazy)
  10. All 10 characters together, such a simple thing can elevate an episode By now the schoolyard pick jokes are a little forced though, this is a 10 year long clique you've been in, yes you're getting picked
  11. Smart and beautiful Shenny babies is exactly the kind of audience enraging note to do for time jumping finale Extra points if it comes with a bazinga trolling of making it seem like the babies are Lenny's
  12. Hopefully Leonard did it But wow....no February 14th wedding? Did they just cancel it because India's (even just a new set) expensive?
  13. Big Bang Theory is destined to play it too safe I bet some of us will fall asleep trying to watch the finale We need some fourth wall breaking shenanigans
  14. This sounds like the first classic unless it's being embellished Raj might just learn from this experience that he doesn't actually want to hop to marriages right away, and this way the next girl he dates he won't scare her away by planning their wedding since he learnt his lesson there (at least if they make up it looks like he'll have an arc with her before V-Day instead of the next plot we see of him being their wedding) Stuart finally not living with Howardette might be a bigger turning point than Sheldon moving out of Lenny's
  15. Shamy basically sitting down like they are watching the Young Sheldon sitcom >_> Why is the video practically in HD? At least film something that actually looks like a VHS tape from 30 years ago
  16. Really? This is what they want to hook viewers with into 2019? VCR Illumination sounds like a stale note to leave 2018 on, neither plot seems like it will progress anything Did they only get rid of Super Asymmetry so they could have some filler plots about Sheldon moping and then strengthening his resolve? Howardette magic is fine for a mid-season subplot....but as the only episode in a 7 week period uhhhh Happy Holidays?
  17. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/big-bang-theory/listings/ The episode that taped last night is the last episode of 2018, so it's probably Xmas related It will air December 6th, so only 10 eps in the Fall for once Poor empty December 13th
  18. Priya will make Lenny question their marriage, there's no way the writers aren't going to have her as one final little stir-up. Callbacks ya know? Raj and Anu will move into Howard and Bernadette's house because a 3rd set is too expensive for TV's number one comedy
  19. I will be very unsatisfied if the show chickens out or is too lazy to think of a story for Howard's father, it may be cliche but it's the only thing that can really end Howard's arc on the show He has to see his father again and it'll be a way for them to bring up Howard's mom again at the same time 1. The core cast by itself has not been doing anything special this season 2. The Fowlers keep endlessly recurring Pay a new guest star that isn't YS crossovers
  20. Well the writers smashing the Asymmetry plotline like that whiteboard means they'll have to start from scratch with something else in the 2nd half of s12 (which means, you guessed it, even more supporting roles for Lenny and a very rushed Rajnu settling). The way Denise talked about Stuart this episode was unrealistic, reminder to the show that she would not be familiar with how Bernadette/Howard talk about him @funeral home crap Also the episode reconfirms that girls can be good at videogames if they put some effort into it instead of giving up after one dunce moment.
  21. The Ranu plot was the A plot and it was the best written one of the year. Plus now we know the wedding episode will be in February 2019 instead of a series finale wedding P.S. Anu needs to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and tell me she still hates music...
  22. At least Denise is available for this one. Why is super asymmetry suddenly cast aside? That takes away from the s11 finale unless they have a good rationale. This will be the November 15th episode, and the last episode to air until December 6th.
  23. Season 12 would improve if it scrapped all the scenes not related to Raj The only way to do right by Raj would be to make him the main character for the first 22 episodes Then the series finale can be about the other 3 couples divorcing and Raj being the only one that found happiness
  24. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/big-bang-theory/listings/ Yep, which is why after November 8th with the taping dates known from the wiki, only 3 more new episodes can air in 2018. It's always 11 in the Fall I guess, but expect an extra break this Winter/Spring since the finale has to be an hour.
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