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  1. A promo for 12.08 aired and we still don't have a title? Nevermind, it's "The Consummation Deviation". Would have been nice to see that posted in this thread instead of scouring the wiki, instead of these off topic discussions above. Boy they are cutting these close with premiering only 9 days after taping. There's a chance of a November 15th episode, but none on Thanksgiving. I can say for a fact one of November 29th or December 6th is a break if one airs November 15th.
  2. Other than the main plot being a filler...sure Amy's mom and dad need to be sent in a crate to Madagascar alreadyRaj relapsing around his wife sounds pretty important to his character arc....so yes it is something to write home about
  3. Bernadette having a woman cave and the last of Kripke in a main plot hopefully Is Big Bang on break Nov 8th?
  4. That's a funny post I'd like to put a Haha reaction on @ Doppler After all, the Haha reaction is a positive reaction
  5. Read it a little more carefully champ, I'm sure he kissed that boat girl more than just one time, a make-out session is made up of several dozen kisses
  6. Well at least for once Leonard gets to have the most fun thing about him for an episode, his Inspector Gadget hat is the only unique costume. Where's Denise? Do they only have the budget for either Anu or Denise? Kick Bert's rear out so all the couples are at the party. Fun topic time: Do you think Leonard's first kiss with boat girl was more consensual than his first with Penny? Perhaps Leonard/Penny will have better luck in their 2nd marriages that we'll see play out in the finale time skip
  7. So they already had 7-8 written, but it's clear they made small edits to a few of them to contextualize a final season feel (those weird Tam inclusions into famous moments from show's history) and that still fell flat. The point is, when we get to episode 9, don't expect it to magically feel epic. It will be business as usual, except now maybe the execution of Anu will suddenly be changed if she was meant to be another Raj disaster before Raj would have found the one in either Season 13/Season 14/Season 67.
  8. Leonard's line at the end of the first episode was very creepy Glad it wasn't a premonition and they are doing what's truer to the characters! No reason to live back in 2007, society is so much different now
  9. Littering the final season with references from a show I don't watch is not going to get me to watch Young Sheldon, CBS They are one of the worst networks ever at cross promotion
  10. Of course they are proud about not planning arcs No doubt in my mind that Raj would continue to have filler plots in S12, probably based around being jealous of Stuart/Denise if Jim Parsons said he was staying What happens for Raj in 12.02 was whipped up exactly one night before at best
  11. How would Raj be written on Two and a Half Men, I wonder
  12. The arranged marriage part means Raj has a chance to be married in this Fall half of the season... if they go that way they better make it a convincing ship. Stuart/Denise is how Raj's thing should have been handled, but racist show gotta racist.
  13. I'm legitimately surprised people think Sheldon can be written out. What would they do for 20 minutes without Sheldon?
  14. If we got to a Season 14, the overall story would suffer even more. They'd either add more and more invisible babies or stall on it altogether. They would start copying the scripts of reruns word for word. No full time actress added for Raj either. Jim Parsons probably saw how many wheels on the train would spin. The end of last season wrapped up his character evolution. All that's left is the shiny science award. Every character has an easy wrap-up if it's just written already. The finale will likely be a one hour flash forward fest too, like most sitcom finales do.
  15. YES YES YES, FINAL SEASON BABY!!!!!! I'm really happy the season has a chance to use its time right, because that s12 premiere sounded like a ball of nothing in terms of setting up new storylines.
  16. -8 years, 1 week of Shamy. But maybe more interesting is how episode 255 is the end of a 100 EPISODE LONG ARC. That's right, in episode 156 "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence", the idea of Sheldon needing to commit to Amy in order to have success in his career is predicted by a psychic. It shows a level of planning I can applaud. Fundamentally, I only have one problem with this circumstance. Super Asymmetry doesn't sound like real science at all, it just sounds like a snappy name they forcibly try to make into a metaphor for Sheldon's life. Weirdly, a little too perfect in how that presents i
  17. I really don't see the cast signing for a 13th. They already have swimming pools full of money. There's no reason for them to bore themselves to 300 tapings. So the scripting better work on a finale-ish feeling season even if the decision is made at mid-season.
  18. -Why does the cake have to be so plain? At least make it flag shaped. -Bernadette/Penny sure like family tension. They deserve that kind of wedding gift bag. -I guess we find out next episode that Amy's great aunt would've been available. -Raj has the best pets. We get it with the reproduction jokes though, the show makes it seem like Raj has more siblings than the Duggars. -I'll get it out of the way here, I don't care about Georgie or any of his tiresome (yes Sheldon that is great, don't listen to Leonard) talk about his profession. The biggest failing of Young Sheldon f
  19. I predict the CBS upfront today will inform that the upcoming season is the last season, and the marketing for that will begin Two and a Half Men announced in May 2014 itself
  20. -What is this? Sheldon's first time playing Grand Theft Auto? I can't tell if that's believable or not. -The taste of the pie was cherrific. -Foreshadowing of Penny vs. Amy's mother. 8 years before a marriage is actually practical by the way. Counter that divorce rate. -Even 20 million sounds like too much for a University to deliver. But whatever, I'm all for a black hole being made if the cast all get sucked into it in the series finale. 😛 -"I can see why you'd think that, but no". -A dress showing no skin. The flag design is worth it. -Cookie Monster tattoo
  21. -Amy would make a good bodyguard. -Raj has a very small telescope, if you know what I mean. -So Stuart's status quo is bursting in an upward trend instead of combusting this time. Unless the writers are lying. -I used to get a new pack of Pokemon Cards every Sunday as a kid. I also got a pack just as I was receiving bad news. Sheldon's funeral home venue could work. I was also in my comic shop for free comic day and know how discombobulating a crowd can be while selecting. -While this comet catastrophe is more important for Raj's field, I have to side with furious feminist
  22. People who want a 13th season are the world's most baffling scientific mystery. There is nowhere to go past a Season 12, them actually letting Stuart flourish is another sign that the last thing on the agenda is Raj. Unless 12.01 immediately introduces Raj's beau we are not going to get time to know her (one of his exes will wind up more memorable for his dating life if they keep stalling). That is not me advocating for 3 more seasons focusing on Raj, they've treated him way too minor to justify another Sheldon growth arc at this rate. Enjoy this break between taping seasons, it
  23. StuartxDenise? Raj is going to lose the happiness race to Stuart?
  24. But answer the important question... What of Raj's love life occurs during the proceedings?
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