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  1. Raj's plot sounds like nothing more than a jealous ex plot that will end with him being made a fool without doing anything wrong. Yvette, the coffee girl from a few episodes ago, even that janitor girl, etc. Everything gets dropped in favor of more dead-ends like this. This news convinces me nothing is happening the rest of the season until the wedding. Better luck in Season 12, Raj.
  2. Not as good as prior episode, as the Howard/Raj conflict became more about pettiness than about character growth. Stuart, shut up and let Howard ditch the habit altogether. He doesn't need a proxy. Shamy being on their sickly death bed was one way to twist around the annual coitus episode. Maybe they should've done it in the bouncy castle while the others were distracted, but I do think the freeze frame jump was a good note to leave 2017.
  3. We're never finding out where that coffee date went, are we? Still, change is in the air, or should I say hair? Spunky Raj is getting a career advancement, hopefully we'll spend a lot of time at this new setting in the future. Howard is not the comedian he thinks he is and I somewhat can buy that some of Raj's womanizer traits were picked up from Howard. My one worry is that they are only fleshing Raj out until Bernadette's actress comes back from her leave. Penny treating Leonard nicer felt like them addressing other fan complaints and the Shamy plot felt like the writers tryi
  4. Just an example of the writers taking a recent news craze vaguely related to nerd culture and then crapping it into an episode. With only a season and a half left, they've probably been dying to do an episode where every character is in their old school stage. Nostalgia-rama and only the people on this forum are likely to recognize timeline errors. Know what would've been funnier with the ending? Stuart actually benefiting from the drive. Maybe finding it in present day after his begging earlier in the episode. Instead we get a tag that is basically just spreading the loss around fur
  5. I really don't get these city hall plots, it's not romantic or spur of the moment. Sounds very boring. Especially in a 20 million viewers TV show. If Raj ever gets married, they'll find a way to write it as a city hall wedding even though it would make tons of sense for his rich family to put something extravagant together. Very insulting....
  6. No big changes for a midseason finale but the winter hiatus will only be 3 weeks Lenny thing doesn't sound like a plot
  7. Oh sorry, I was looking at it through a real life lens. I should've known that verbal abuse in TBBT just means in jest.
  8. Actually, Howard has been a huge problem there. I mean, watch any Season 11 episode (and I'm sure before that) and you'll see Howard continuously give Raj a bunch of backhanded insults or make fun of his ethnicity. As long as they don't make up by the end of the episode, it could be a great step in getting Raj to a more independent place....
  9. This episode isn't worth a wall. It made me recoil. 1. It's not believable at all that Sheldon would be hired back to the military. In fact, it was contrived that they all got fired last season just for the mean-spirited humor of it. Sheldon is a scumbag who has the reset button pressed on his morals every week. Caring too much about other's feelings? No. He's just mad he got caught and people were angry at him. Kripke winning in the end is lame. 2. They finally took my idea to have Raj be forced to choose between his friends and a girl. The problem is I liked Ruchi. Now it just see
  10. -Hearing crickets while watching cricket. -"Don't have time to play rocks with you". Too busy getting your rocks off to yourself. Seriously, when's the breakthrough about his elitism going to come? They are just rehashing a standard Howard/Sheldon plot with Bert/Sheldon. -I'm sure Mime Sheldon is just waiting down in his psyche with all the other personalities from Relaxation Integration. -Sheldon did not take long to Zinc it through. The only one judging you is yourself, moron. -Complaining is the sport of the sports watcher. -Help, I have no idea what they are sayin
  11. -He could've finished that meal, it doesn't have to be exactly 12 hours. I would personally never subject myself to a vasectomy anyways. -"You've already got Doctor Who. Leave us something". Should've expected they'd acknowledge that -"If he's talking, he's talking about himself". Sheldon trying to involve himself in a Proton reboot is at least a logical next plot step, and hopefully conclusion, for these Proton installments. -"I owe it to him to try and touch as many children as possible". I've lost track of how many pedophile jokes they've done with Sheldon's wording. -We
  12. Actually I don't think any of the 20 million viewers would really get in a fuss if Leonard was cut out. Out of the big three he's kind of just the buffer for Sheldon and Penny's more pronounced personality quirks. Someone ding me when we get a title.
  13. A world where Shenny happens is a world where TBBT pulls off a compelling dynamic
  14. Still don't know him. How about a response to the Ruchi portion of post?
  15. So, what? Is Ruchi going to turn out to be evil or is Bernadette worried for nothing? This smells like a reason to blow up Raj's new relationship up and limit it to a two (or three if you count the awful introduction) episode arc, but hopefully they zig zag away from writing her off. They can afford to pay a recurring character for two seasons. I guess the Colonel is an easy guest to pay, because I don't see why this military thing wasn't left where it was.
  16. Just seems like double standards when he's been a sexist womanizer more blatantly than Stuart and Raj combined
  17. Talk about a forced plot. First Howard/Amy stuff in 4 years and they decide to make it all about their usual relationships? Are they that resistant to creativity? An excuse to have Sheldon pawned off on his past roommates, as if anyone was nostalgic for that. The condescension and babying almost has me taking Sheldon's side. But I still can't because holy fudge has his "nobody's giving me attention" stunt been beaten to death. Why can't Raj attach his parasitic self to Bert or Stuart or some new girl of the week? Glad Bernadette was having none of this insecurity which seems to filte
  18. Why the excitement for Kripke? Nowadays he's a thousand times creepier than Raj/Stuart. Title for 11.08 is apparently "The Tesla Recoil" by the way.
  19. -Being a father isn't about brainwashing your kid into sports. But I don't think we're ever going to get past the "I'm not this apparent norm, how do I function in life?" stage. Show won't last long enough for us to see Howard raising the boy at an age where they can interact, unless we get a flash forward. Hope they can still find a way to tell this story in its full scope. -TMI Beverly. -Yes, we're all lucky ducks when we get perks in spite of a father's abandonment. -Sad Childhood Club. No Rajesh's welcome. I guess being independent for almost a year doesn't erase 30 years of
  20. Missing out, but yeah I'm watching Season 2 tonight.
  21. 45 right now to be precise. A large portion animated. But there are 19 live action I'm invested in. I guess BBT makes top 20 by default in that category. Big Bang Theory Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Degrassi: Next Class The Walking Dead/Talking Dead Survivor The Amazing Race Better Call Saul/Talking Saul The Last Man On Earth Big Brother You're The Worst Angie Tribeca Doctor Who Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Search Party Raven's Home I Am Frankie Catfish: TV Show
  22. TV is not in such a slump that Big Bang Theory can be considered golden programming. TBBT does not even crack top 30 shows currently airing. Having said that, I'm glad Ruchi is recurring. Maybe Raj can slowly learn about a girl while she's off the market, and then they can get together by end of Season 11.
  23. This sums up the toxic pit of Raj/Stuart. Without shippings (and lol what a weird show to look for romance from with so little love between the cast) most of this forum would've peace'd out from Two and a Half Men 2.0
  24. -Hope Sheldon can get his dinosaur dessert through. Typical girls judging without trying. -Why is Raj repeating biggest loser contest plotlines with the guy WHO HAD A DATE IN THE PREMIERE?! I mean seriously, they have to stalk down Bernadette in the middle of a private conversation even though Raj's relationship experience and Stuart's date scoring clearly show a capability past this stage. 5 seasons late with when this sitcom idea would've been understandably meshed in. -Sheldon has repressed indifference to apple jacks. Groundbreaking. -"Buy anything, get taken out for a reas
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