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  1. Non-Show Discussion

    ^Exactly. ................... Please. Just accept that Mayim has these Emmy nominations, and not a certain someone else, for a reason.
  2. Ship Zone

    I had to exclude so many too, it's nuts. One of them was Sheldon describing what attracted him to Amy in 10.21 because it was just a moment, not a scene and I had to set some boundaries otherwise I'd go crazy. I also had to remove the scene from 10.8 where they look through the microscope because I couldn't decide between two from 10.23. The struggles of fandom life... Lol After my June exams are over the hiatus will be slow for me too. But I've just gotten into the Wicked and the Divine so I'll have something to preoccupy myself with. It won't be enough though and I hate summer so...
  3. Non-Show Discussion

    1) Of course you can. 2) The Shamy love storyline has been in the show for seven seasons now which is more than enough time for it to have depth and a history, which it does. Mayim has also made Amy a very believable and relatable character - more relatable than Penny, for sure - which makes the audience want to root for her. It's easier to root for the bullied underdog than the unattainable trophy. It goes without saying though that acting ability takes part in that too. 3) Shamy have always been a very believable couple and especially in this last season, the love and domestic intimacy in their scenes is outshining even Howardette - not by much though. The couple who isn't believable at this stage is Lenny - even in 10.22 there was no love or warmth. Kaley was just saying her lines which made the Penny character feel empty and like her life had been sucked out of her. I would even go as far as to say that Penny is the writers' (Leonard's) reward which is why the Lenny relationship hasn't been developed as it should have been. In general, Mayim has done a much better job with Amy than Kaley has with Penny which is something that is reflected not only on the show but also on the Enmy nominations that Mayim has acquired, something that Kaley hasn't managed to do in ten years as the sole female protagonist. 4) Of course Mayim has earned the right to care for her character. She has worked hard for Amy's portrayal and has made her a character more complex and life-like than Penny could ever hope to be (goes back to acting ability).
  4. Ship Zone

    I agree on top ten.
  5. Ship Zone

    I'll start making my own top ten today! Warning: mine will be just scenes from s10.
  6. Ship Zone

    IM IN!!! We could also do top ten scenes if everyone agrees (I love those) and say why we love them, discuss them a bit etc. Or do episode rewatches (s10 and favourite episodes before that) to have something to discuss all the months we have ahead!
  7. You're the one who started this back and forth with me by stating the obvious - that the writers make Lenny do stuff in the show, so I responded in kind. Anyway, I have things to do outside this forum so I'm not going to recycle my arguments. I've said what I wanted to say and I'm done on this matter.
  8. But my original point wasn't about Sheldon. It was that every time Lenny do something questionable, people will say it's the writers' fault. There's never any attempt to interpret these actions in the show, unless the characters do something nice. Which yes, I find highly suspicious.
  9. This is only half the equation. The other half is, they decided it was time and executed it in a way that makes sense in the show. Which is the same for everything Lenny are going through.
  10. I think they're writing them in the way that they want to while at the same time doing it in a way that fits in the show. One thing doesn't exclude the other. Sheldon was on his knee proposing because the writers decided it was time for that but that goes for everything else in the show. The in universe reason is he wanted to propose and Ramona was the trigger that made it happen.
  11. I don't understand why the writers would want to write something bad for Lenny to make Shamy look better so I don't agree with that. I agree that the writers don't care to give Lenny major plots these days but I also think that the execution of what they've been given fits with how I think of them in my mind. I know you don't agree but I see the Lenny relationship very differently. The writers can have a million different reasons for anything they write in the show but at the end of the day they will always have to find a way to make things fit in.
  12. The point of a show is to entertain people with what the characters do and say. If you've got the mentality of "the writers make them do/say everything anyway" then you might as well stop watching cause then the characters lose their meaning. Also, if you really believed that since everything comes from the writers there's no point in examining why the characters do these things, there wouldn't be all these posts in the forum about how Lenny used to be good to each other but now they're not. By that logic, they used to be good to each other because of the writers, so whatever, who cares? Then you must be swallowing everything you see in the show without processing it. Of course there's a need to interpret it in universe. Lorre might have told the writers to break up Lenny but the writers had to find a way to go about it that would make sense. Leonard blurting I love you in bed made sense, otherwise they woukd just have the characters say "we broke up" and get it over with. They're professional writers who know what they're doing. Everything they've shown with the Lenny story so far points to something wrong going on. Saying it's the writers' fault not Penny won't change anything.
  13. It is when you refuse to examine why the characters did so and so and immediately use the writers did it excuse.
  14. Dude I've been telling you from the very beginning that everything starts in the writers' minds. Eta: Lorre might have told the writers to break Lenny up but in universe it made sense which is all that matters. The writers make the characters do everything, the other part of the equation is to interpret what the characters do in universe. In the writers room the writers decided to have Penny make bad life choices for certain reasons. In tbbt universe it translates to "she's made bad life choices because she was lost and now she's unhappy with her life because of these choices". In tbbt universe there are no writers so Penny can't be miserable in her marriage because of them.
  15. I'm not saying you're not allowed to complain. It's hypocritical though to yell "it's the writers not the characters" whenever Lenny do sth undesirable. It's still the characters who did it so saying that it's the writers makes you come across as not wanting to accept certain behaviours and waving them away with the writers excuse.