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  1. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to just say what we wanted or look what has already been mentioned first. You should mail this to the writers btw 😄 (jk) 1. To be fair there were two in s10. 3. Yeah, while on one hand I like that the new development in 11.24 could lead to something big for them in s12 the thought that their old project could be ignored bothers me. This is one of the few things on this show where I want closure. 4. Iirc the last time they mentioned it they were talking about a funds proposal. I hope they don't forget it but it doesn't involve Sheldon and it's a rare pair so god knows what will happen to it. Maybe we'll have to fanwank it.
  2. 1. Amy's parents interacting with her and Sheldon. 2. Closure for their old project. 3. That cuddle they cut from 9.11 though I'm starting to lose hope for that.
  3. I hope they find a way to include the asymmetry thing in their project. They referenced it in 11.5 (and maybe once more?) and it started in s10 so I can't imagine they'll just drop it. Or if they can't be combined at least give some closure. They could just say they published or make a small storyline out of it for just one episode.
  4. That's different, Stephen Hawking wasn't a fictional character and especially in the case of death, if they want to reference it they'll have to act quickly. Season 12 would be too late for that.
  5. That was a lovely tribute to Stephen Hawking! Btw they couldn't have included this in 12.1 because by then it would be too late for a tribute. It was already a bit late-ish since he died two months ago.
  6. I can't believe how perfect this episode was. I've never shipped canon before except for one time where there was a lot of drama involved with the couple and the show was so not a sitcom so there was a lot of other...stuff going on so I'm not used to all this good stuff for the couple I ship (not the wedding itself because I don't care about that but the emotional side of things). I'm happy they managed to strike a good balance between Shamy and the huge cast and there was no scene that felt like it didn't have a purpose (saying this because of the size of the script). I adored the vows - they were emotionally charged and they were beautiful words, and very Shamy since they were intertwined with science. Mark Hamill (sp?) crying over them was the icing on the cake! It was all so great and for once they used Kripke appropriately - very sparingly and in an actually funny way. I loved Teller as Amy's dad (I might have mentioned one or ten times that I want to see him in an episode), especially in that moment when Amy asked him how he is or something like that and he made that movement, he was hilarious and it was obvious they have dad-daughter chemistry. I just wish he would have actually talked to Amy but I remember reading somewhere that Amy's parents will be in Sheldon's life from now on and I think it was hinted that we might see them again? I hope so! Anyway, I really liked Bates too, it was obvious that Amy's mom (do we know her name?) loves her through all her strictness. Now I'll just wait patiently until a kind soul uploads the Stephen Hawking scene. ETA: OMG the YS scene! Children confirmed! 😄 ETA2: She wore the tiara! (I'll stop now)
  7. I loved them so much in this episode! Their interactions in 4b are exactly how I want them to be in their marriage for the rest of the show. Also Mayim was hilarious!
  8. Great episode! I thought Wolcott would be played by a much older guy to show a fast forward of what Sheldon's life would be if he had chosen another path in life but I guess tptb didn't want to make it corny. The actor who played him was very good, especially when he had to be suspicious. Usually when there's a boys/girls episode I find one of the two a bit boring but in this episode I enjoyed both. I'm also glad I didn't have to see Raj spit anything, anywhere, anytime.
  9. Shamy were so great in this episode! I think my favourite part is the way Sheldon said he misses Amy...I thought it would be more of a Moment but I guess it goes to show that it's just how things are now - he misses Amy so he has to go back home, no big deal. My other favourite part is in Jonny's gif. A very intimate gesture.
  10. "It's funny because it's true."
  11. You're not wrong, just ignore them. They're doing it on purpose
  12. @RJ1013 Thank you for taking the time to share. Looking forward to whatever you'll add tomorrow! The Sheldon plot sounds very interesting but tbh I expected the bachelor party in 11.22 or 11.23.
  13. Omg Shamy were so cute! I don't like Kripke but he wasn't in the episode a lot and I loved everything about their storyline! I'm glad we know for sure the wedding will happen at the end of this season because I don't think I can wait much longer!
  14. This was a great episode. Sheldon and Amy were adorable and I really like the Planetarium as a wedding location. I didn't expect so much Howardette but they were great and I'm relieved Bernie didn't give up her job, though I was hoping Howard would. Anyway, it was one of the best episodes of the season, even with Kripke in it.
  15. I think it makes sense that they approach each couple in a different way. In a book about five people going to college, the writer will naturally want to write a different story about each person. One might be a bookworm, another might end up taking drugs and failing, another might get pregnant halfway and will have to struggle with that, etc. Each experience will be different, otherwise it will be boring, the writer will be artistically bored as well as the readers and the book will make no money. It doesn't make sense for a writer involved with a show generating millions or even billions to keep some silly score between the couples when they could choose to do what writers generally like to do, which is to build characters and develop different storylines depending on each character. All that while also keeping in mind money, of course.
  16. I'm happy for the bachelor party but mostly because I expect lots of cute Shamy!
  17. I love that name! It reminds me of Billy Elliott.
  18. Coming by to say I really enjoyed Shamy in this episode. Though tbh Pamy stole the show and I think we all agree on that . I'd love for us to see Halley as a flower girl though that will most likely not happen...Anyway, I hope the wedding will happen in this season and they won't make us wait until the next though they'd better have Amy's dad in the show somehow, even if we don't get to see the entire circus.
  19. His wife must have done something weird when editing them cause they look like cut outs.
  20. People can have more than one best friend.
  21. That was a great episode! Shamy were adorable - the writers decided to approach Amy's birthday from a different angle and focus more on the festivities instead of the uhm main event. It was a good call to not make it a big deal since it's just another one of their traditions now. I know it's already been mentioned but Amy was TOTALLY wearing Sheldon's pyjama pants And Sheldon spent nine hours churning butter for her! How cute :D The end though...it gave me Scavenger flashbacks with Amy and Howard. Something tells me I will be seeing that gif a lot in the future.
  22. It's always been like this. Sheldon sells and even the people who don't like him spend more time talking about him and his relationship than their favourite characters. So if you look at how the people who are supposed to be shippers behave, it's no surprise that the writers don't give a shit about Lenny and it's all Sheldon/Shamy. They will go where there's material to mine and money to be made.
  23. If they can't then there's the risk of someone being disappointed or just confused if a certain moment isn't in the episode because it's just the cast fooling around.
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