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  1. Aww...they're matching that disgustimg mustardy brown, how cute! I don't know why they feel the need to include a photo of the cast laughing while ooc in every bunch of promo photos. It's confusing.
  2. Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys
  3. I gave it an excellent. It's probably my favourite of the season. Both storylines were great, of course I preferred the Shamy one.
  4. That was wonderful! (Btw I just read the comments and I'll be repeating things) Loved Shamy with their quirky planning system and the fighting was light hearted. That moment when they came up close to each other was kinda hot. Then Amy threw in the City Hall possibility which showed that she just wants to be married to him in the end. I though it was cute how Sheldon mentioned the destination thing, don't remember it now but anyway. The best scene was the last one - Sheldon's comparison of Amy and dark matter, Amy's happiness to be there with him about to get married (I appreciate the writers paying attention to these details, they're important imo), DR COOPER AND DR FOWLER. I am SO happy Amy will be keeping her name as it is. The ending was perfect - the two of them together, planning their next scheme (you know what I mean). I just loved how they acted as a couple. It was perfection
  5. Yeah, ΛΛΛ maybe they'll really go for it? Who knows...
  6. Guys, go take a look at @luminous post in the discussion thread! 11.12 will have lots of wedding planning!
  7. What I think makes Sheldon and Amy very usable and versatile characters is that they can be put in unusual situations and pull it off or in mundane situations and do the same, because they're quirky enough to make a contrast with the mundane-ness (sorry, too lazy to look it up) of the situation.
  8. @nusspot I too will care more about the promo lol. At least there'll be some wedding talk (we know about that though) and I'm still curious about the rest of their interactions. The flashback looks cool and I hope there's more of that.
  9. I'm still waiting for that post-coital SIC but putting that aside, it's nice that this time the focus is on the festivities and not the sex itself. Now it's something they just do for fun while there's a ton of other stuff Sheldon has prepared.
  10. Guys I'm so happy! You know we should declare Christmas as the official Shamy holiday :D Can't wait for December!
  11. Babar thank you for sharing, that's very generous of you!
  12. Maybe they argue about the wedding and decide last minute to elope to stop the fighting but then decide not to go with it after all. Idk, these spoilers are very vague. Btw, @nusspot thank you for the info!
  13. At least we can be surprised when 11.10 airs.
  14. That and also what Mirs1 said. Also what Sheldon said was bad (her reputation tarnished because of her sexuality?) but he's made sexist comments before. He's changed but he hasn't gotten a lobotomy (yet...maybe it's in his future...who knows?) I think that they have people who comb the internet and give them feedback on what's the general vibe but no more than that.
  15. Sheldon's bed was so small he couldn't fit in properly. It would have looked ridiculous if he and Amy slept on that bed. As for Penny's bed it's not difficult to buy a mattress so I imagine they did that.
  16. Happy Episode Day! Hope tonight's episode will be entertaining and there'll be some cute Shamy on the side!
  17. I watched it yesterday and liked it a lot. The actor who played Sheldon was very good but for me his parents stole the show. Zoe Perry was great as Mary (it must help that her mom plays Mary in TBBT) and I actually liked George Sr, really liked him in fact which I found surprising. The only character I didn't like was George Jr.
  18. Hey guys! I haven't posted here in a while...I loved last week's episode! I liked the premiere too but I found the third episode more entertaining. Shamy were adorable as always. I think my favourite part was Sheldon asking Amy to take control of the wedding planning...Think about it: Sheldon giving control over to somebody else and about something that involved him directly! He tried to make things work but it was too stressful for him so he trusts Amy with the organising. Of course he still wants his Star Trek suit :D. I'm very curious about when the wedding will take place. June is a lucky month for weddings/marriages but now that Amy has said this I can't help but think it won't happen then. I see Sheldon's flip flop story is quite popular but I was so thoroughly disgusted that I couldn't bother with laughing. I'm looking forward to Howard and Amy in 11.5 and of course Sheldon in Amy's lab! It looks like it's going to be an awesome episode! Can't wait
  19. Or you can ask me My favourite HP character is Bellatrix and a good character, she was not.
  20. Only that is not what I said. In real life a child abuser shouldn't be likeable to anyone but in television, which is fantasy, anything goes. In fantasy, a character can be evil and yet liked by a lot of people. Just ask Harry Potter fans. You might not care to see Randall again but obviously not everyone feels the same way since there is no right or wrong or any rules when it comes to liking a character in a tv show. Same goes for Amy's mom and Beverly, another character I really like. Beverly has abused Leonard but I couldn't care less about that so I can ignore it (or even enjoy it at times) and like her for her other traits. She's delightfully evil. Amy's mom locked her in that closet but apart from that Skype call we haven't seen her in the flesh again so she could turn out to be funny in her own way. It's just not as cut and dry as "she's evil because of this and this so she's unlikable". It just doesn't work that way in fiction.
  21. A character doesn't have to be on the "good side" to be likeable. I liked Penny's brother and would love to see him back. His "cops, cops be cool!" in the tag scene was hilarious.
  22. Why should I pay attention to the little stuff when I have you to do the dirty work for me?
  23. Oops I forgot about Newhart. I guess that's him. I also like Wheaton, especially evil!Wheaton.
  24. So now we know that Sheldon made a stop by Hawking on his way to Amy...and her dad, I assume. We won't be seeing him so maybe later in the season? Pretty please TPTB? Maybe fanfic writers should get to work just in case XD.
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