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  1. I wonder who's the unofficial guest star. My first thought was Stephen Merchant but maybe it'll be Sheldon's brother or Amy's dad.
  2. Thanks for posting! I'm happy that he thinks the Shamy wedding will bring new storyline possibilities.
  3. My vote goes to the 250th ep for the wedding and a mixed theme!
  4. FINALLY a Howard/Amy plot!!!! They're rekindling their friendship!!!!!!! OMG and they'll sing too???? YAS. Reading the tr I didn't get any work jealousy, I think S/B/R will just miss A/H and will probably be a bit taken aback with A/H hanging out and collaborating. Maybe Sheldon will be like - why are you collaborating with another man, and Howard of all people - but he'll get over it. As for Lenny and the book, I guess Sheldon is annoying them with his whining and they're trying to deal with him the only way they know how. I'll have ro see how it plays out.
  5. It's 8:40 am where I am and no spoilers. Not a good start to my morning I hope something will trickle (?) soon.
  6. Yes, that was the most talked about wedding in the show. Least talked was Lenny and Shamy will probably fall somewhere in the middle.
  7. Shamy talked about their wedding in ep 2 or 3. There was discussion about the location.
  8. @NotWonderland Thanks for the taping report and all the info! It's very much appreciated! :)
  9. Happy Birthday @mirs1 I hope you're having a great celebration spent with your loved ones!
  10. Thanks for the quotes! That's very interesting. It's also making me even more curious about how the guys' professional lives will be at the end of the show.
  11. I'll definitely go with option 2 but I don't agree with the labels. If you take for example one episode from s1 and one episode from s10 and compare them, Sheldon will look like two different people but that's a false comparison because that's ignoring all the episodes in between. If you look at the whole series, Sheldon's changes are gradual and make sense because they're the result of his experiences. IMO he's changed for the better cause now he can express his feelings to his loved ones and seek their company more easily.
  12. I prefer rock and metal but won't say no to pop either. Some of the bands I like are the Doors, Metallica, Scorpions, U2, Whitesnake, Wasp, Wintersun (the almost alphabetical order is accidental). As for solo artists, Bjork, Peaches, Amy Winehouse, Tove Lo, Alice Cooper, George Michael, Christina Aguilera. ***Please ignore the links! I can't remove them and don't know why they're there.
  13. From Shamybabboos's Tumblr: https://shamybabboos.tumblr.com/post/164514015514/spoilers-for-1102-entire-synopsismore
  14. Happy taping day! Looking forward to any and all spoilers we manage to get! :)))
  15. The only thing I'm sure of about the wedding is that at some point Bernie will go into labour. For the rest I just hope there will be no ugly bridesmaids dresses. Or even better, no bridesmaids at all. Where I come from we have a best man and a maid of honour and that's it (I don't know if that's connected to the continent or the religion). We also have a saying that the best man and the maid of honour are gonna hook up at some point (like the couple that chose these two) so it will be amusing if they choose Leonard and Bernie.
  16. I hope it's the Shamy project. The guys lost theirs three episodes ago and if I were a writer I would want to wait a bit before I put them in front of boards again for the sake of variety. The last time we saw Shamy work on their project was in 10.20 so it's high time we saw them work on it again. If the guest star is about the project getting attention, even better.
  17. I guess there are different options for Shamy's wedding. If there's a ceremony that is cause maybe they'll organize something but things will go terribly wrong so they'll decide to just sign the papers and that will be it. Anyway, I don't know why but I doubt the wedding will take place at the end of the season. The 250th is a possibility...If Melissa is due this fall then she will most likely stay at home for a while after so the writers could put pregnant Bernie on bed rest until the 250th, when she gives birth and Shamy get married. I don't know if it will be weird, in 10.11. they had Bernie give birth with the Shamy storyline and IMO it turned out great. Whatever happens I just want as a viewer and Shamy fan to see something I'll like.
  18. My guess is Sheldon will be fussier about the details than Amy, like the place, the clothes, etc. I can definitely imagine her putting her foot down on certain things though. So basically I think when it comes to the ceremony she's gonna humour him. Unless she wants to put on a medieval dress herself. Maybe they'll compromise. Though I have to wonder if the writers will combine Bernie giving birth with their wedding, like they did with Amy's birthday.
  19. I see these moments as parts of his character/progression so they don't annoy me. I don't think they'll ever be completely gone cause Sheldon wouldn't be Sheldon without them but he's also getting better at handling them (Amy too). I'm sure there will come a point where they'll be fewer. If it turns out that Amy has a good relationship with her dad it will be the best thing ever! I hope we finally see him this season.
  20. Personally I don't see a miscarriage for them, that's way too heavy for this show IMO. I've only watched a couple of episodes from Mom but it striked me as a darker show than TBBT. I also don't think they would make Melissa act out a miscarriage storyline.
  21. The cold open with Sheldon talking to Lenny on the phone reminded me a bit of the s9 premiere when he was on the phone telling Leonard Amy broke up with him. I wonder how it will play out this time.
  22. I just love the tag! Amy hugging Ramona
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