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  1. Yeah, I guess I got caught up by the little detail...But otherwise it was awsome! Now I wonder if there's anything they're hiding from us for the 200th...
  2. Loved the episode... The FwF was the main plot really. Sheldon has a harsh exterior but when push comes to shove he really delivers... My teeny tiny complain is that Amy could have been a bit more enthusiastic during the "catchy" part...But anyway, the confetti part at the end was lovely as was their toast!
  3. I think it gets uploaded on CBS a little after it airs.
  4. OMG I forgot there's a new episide today! I'll be watching at 3:30 in the morning! Can't wait to see how it will all play out and hear Kripke say "Girl you got milk" or wth it was that he said!
  5. Amy did force a friendship with Penny in the beginning, but it's not like Penny put up such a big fight...At least we saw her make an effort too, much later though. I hated how Amy would just go along with anything Penny said but I could understand her reasons for that. I'm talking more about in terms of what do they talk about? IMO Penny needs a middleman to hang out with Amy and Sheldon, if they're one on one I don't buy it.
  6. I just don't think all this compairing every single little thing and scene is necessary...People are paranoid and deliberately look for signs that aren't there and other people who aren't wouldn't even think twice about.
  7. I think Sheldon has let her get to know him, there are several times (from memory) where she is shown to know things about him that others don't (like his koala face - which, surprise-surprise! - Penny couldn' recognise). I have only watchef the entire eps up to season 5 so I might be missing sth, but can you tell me when did Sheldon choose to entrust Penny with a secret instead of Amy? And I'm aware of IA where he was following the rules so don't mention that. I agree. It's all about S, L and P. And it will get even more frustrating whe Amy moves in with Sheldon because she will be a secondary character living with the star of the show, so that will cause complications. Honestly, I think it' s because Sheldon and Penny have great comedic chemistry and people confuse that with romantic chemistry. Also, the show is about S L and P, where L and P are together...so you can't help by wonder what if...The minute i heard about this show and its premise one of my first thoughts was wondering how many ship wars it must have produced. We know that, but apart from creating some crazy dream situation, thd writers would have to justify this turn of events, and for my mind that's a kind of mental gymnastics it just can't process...
  8. I prefer Amy and Bernadette...To my Penny and Amy don't have any chemistry and their friendship always felt forced.
  9. I don't know if you're referencing another show or if you're just being sarcastic...I was talking about the fact that people say Lorre has done this before...I have no idea what happened in Newhart.
  10. Let me give you another angle...Leonard and Penny are married, Sheldon and Amy are heading that way too...There is NO WAY they are going to have two divorces in a sitcom while ruining the entire gang's relationships in the process... As for the whole show being just a dream...If Lorre has already done this do you honestly think he would do it again and again in every show? Eventually people will be like "LOL I know how this will end so I'm not even bothering"...
  11. Yeah, I recognize that this could happen and I have also wondered sometimes...But until there's proof, I will just ignore all the "what ifs".
  12. Theoretically anything's possible...So why torture yourselves already? At least wait until there's concrete evidence and then bail if you like. I really don't think that the Shamy and Lenny relationships are being undermined here...People are way overreacting, looking for crazy patterns where there are none. Having "what ifs" in your mind is one thing, but this is way overboard for me.
  13. It's not just you...Also, it won't let be delete while writing and before I can type I have to delete my history otherwise it shows my previous comment. If anyone knows how to avoid this it would be very appreciated. This is the third time I'm attempting to writing this cause the other two it was eaten by a black hole. Let's hope third time's the charm.
  14. Unfortunately that's what I think too...I would be fine just with a tiny mention, really, because at this point it's just weird. I guess we could fanwank it by saying that jusf because WE don't know that doesn't mean she hasn't said anything off-screen. But probably in the writers' minds it's not worth doing something about because it's too late to come up with an exllanation that would make sense and for practical reasons.
  15. LOL that would certainly give a very satisfying explanation to some people's..."opinions" of Amy. Let me clarify: by "satisfying" I mean in these people's minds, not that it explains anything on its own.
  16. Also, when Sheldon was sick and grumpy to everyone and Amy convinced him to go apologise, he was only willing to apologise to Leonard at first and not even Penny, who now lives with them and has to put up with him in the same way Leonard does.
  17. IMO, it's natural for the writers to put emphasis on different relationships at different times. Would I have preferred Amy to go talk to Sheldon in the bathroom? Sure I would, but like people here already said, I see it as a way for Sheldon to get closure on the issues he had with birthdays. The two people he's closest to were fighting about which one will comfort him and Penny who has become his unlike friend was like "Ok, let's get this over with". For me that's not a bad thing at all. At least from what I understood from reading the TR, I didn't get that they were trying to make any comparisons between relationships.
  18. Ok, I didn't know that...I still stand by the rest of what I said...
  19. I wanted to quote your previous post but it's not there...I think you're overanalyzing this. You don't like their friendship...that's fine...but come on, a Shenny-centric episode? We haven't even seen it yet... I 'm not saying this to tell you how to feel...just trying to ex ...it won't let me delete what i wrote, anyway... ...just trying to tell you that Sheldon and Penny are friends so they are bound to have their moments now and then...it's Sheldon's birthday, after all. Sheldon and Amy also had their moments in the episode and I can-not-wait to see the tie scene.
  20. I agree...I was hoping it would be more Shamy-heavy (I know it would be overkill after all the Shamy heaviness of the previous eps, but at least it would mirror 100th)...also, I'm biased
  21. If you remember, back in the Earworm ep Sheldon called Leonard his best friend and Penny his friend...They're unlikely friends...So it's nice to see how far they' ve come... When I started watching the show, I really liked their friendship...Then I got on the Internet, found all the batshit crazy and now unfortunately I have to remind myself not to be influenced by shipper goggles, and I say this as a shipper... Sometimes shippers see things in a distorted way
  22. Makes me wonder why they would give away the entire title...Maybe the experimentation is about the celebrating itself and not living arrangements? Although I can't think of a way to connect the two. Since the 100th was a Lenny ep, maybe Shamy will celebrate Sheldon's birthday with some kind of roleplay? Sometimes the title is about a small detail in the episode...
  23. It' s a fact that the show is Sheldon-centric now, to the point where I wonder if it gets awkward at table reads...and I think the Howardette sex on Sheldon's bed came out of left field...but c'mon, not everything is made to orbit around Sheldon...
  24. Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a while and decided to post now...From what I' ve gathered people feel underwhelmed by this episode...I have to say I agree for the most part. I liked parts of it, but others felt like they lacked. I think part of it is that Amy is a secondary character and perhaps the writers don't want to give viewers the impression that they intend to "elevate" her in any episode because then there will be expectations for the rest of the episodes? I think they are very careful with how they write primary vs secondary characters. Of course, that unfortunately has side-effects...
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