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  1. Hope to see you around more from now on
  2. If Penny had made better life choices, she wouldn't look so miserable.
  3. The point of a tv show is to watch and interpret what the characters do in universe, the fact that the writers are behind everything goes without saying. So, in the show, what we see is Leonard and Penny making constant digs towards each other and their own marriage, without the sweetness and good-natured-ness that characterizes the other two couples. Especially Penny, ever since she got married, looks miserable af and like she's given up on life.
  4. Nah, it wasn't that. The writers do everything in the writers' room. In tbbt universe, there are no writers and it's Leonard and Penny who spend every second ep talking shit about their own marriage.
  5. I was talking about the whole gang, why are you singling out Penny? Anyway, Sheldon isn't degrading Leonard and Penny's marriage (they do that on their own anyway), these are digs made as jokes that all the characters throw at each other, including Lenny towards Sheldon/Shamy. That doesn't stop anyone of them hanging out with the rest and helping each other. Also, @serena_1995, about the mouthwash - either he did that off-screen or he didn't feel the need to due to him getting over his phobias little by little.
  6. The gang trying to protect Shamy was sweet and all but with people like Ramona you need to cut to the chase: stop trying to steal my friend's long-time boyfriend or I'll disembowel you and hang your remains on my den wall.
  7. I think the writers are capable of writing a bisexual Raj. They have a weakness for low denominator type jokes (*ahem* sitcom) but they've shown sensitivity in delicate situations so that doesn't worry me (if I've said so in the past, I've obviously changed my mind). I'm not sure if they'd want to risk a part of the audience living though.
  8. It was great seeing all these group scenes and the camaraderie between the gang. It's true that they throw digs at each other a lot of the time but when it counts they're there for each other. As a Shamy shipper I'll wait for 11.1 to give my final verdict but otherwise the episode had a bit of everything. Other than that I think the first Skype scene has become one of my favourites this season :D
  9. No, I'm watching the show and reach conclusions according to canon. Sheldon has been loyal to Amy for the entirety of their relationship and as we saw in this episode 1) he was oblivious to Ramona's advances and when Penny put the idea in his mind he straight up asked her about it and 2) he was so shocked by the kiss that he couldn't even stop it. He didn't enjoy the kiss (unless you think his bulging eyes mean otherwise), he didn't have any options to reflect on because there was no option other than Amy on his mind anyway and he didn't need to go back to the person he loved because he never strayed away from her. I know, I know - damn boat kiss, but what can you do?
  10. I had everything Leonard has said about the kiss in mind when I posted my opinion and I feel very confident about it. I have zero desire to talk about this with you so you'll have to make do with my previous post.
  11. Actually, we know enough from Leonard's words that he participated in the kiss and couldn't have reacted like Sheldon. I'll sit here (or not...definitely not) while you go dig up the dialogues.
  12. I don't care if it's on screen on not, I just hope that when Amy asks Sheldon "wtf?" he'll give her the full response.
  13. That's a bit difficult to happen since in Sheldon's mind his only option has always been Amy and he's never strayed away from her - he was oblivious to Ramona pursuing him and was shocked by the kiss and didn't participate. Leonard, well, that's another story.
  14. The episode was pretty much what I had expected, except for the Sheldon going to Princeton sequence. I though Sheldon would be in running mode to get there for comedic effect but he was all calm. I agree with @jenafan that this shows he knew what he was doing and it wasn't a decision made on the spot. I loved the Skype calls (especially the first) and enjoyed the rest for what it was but I'll need to see 11.1 to be able to appreciate it. I hope next season they'll talk about this and Amy will know what happened. Sheldon obviously didn't participate in the kiss - his eyes were open in shock the whole time. Btw, the moment I saw Amy's apt's hallway I knew they were reusing Amy's old apt. All in all it was a very good episode on it's own but I need to see the other half of the proposal to form a final opinion.
  15. I don't but the way the Shamy relationship is set up Sheldon will have to do it. He's the one of the two who has been the most resistant to change in the relationship that if Amy proposed first it would come across as her being fed up with waiting and trying to push pressure on Sheldon when he's potentially not ready. It would be ugly anyway you looked at it.
  16. I'm looking forward to watching the episode and discussing it but even more to start making my top ten (it will be s10 only to make it headache-free) Shamy scenes and discussing those!
  17. Of course they'll say these things, I wouldn't expect them to say anything less. Also these guys that you agree with have put her and Johnny in the background and boosted Jim and Mayim so you must agree with what they're doing in that area too, since you use their words as proof of Kaley's acting ability. That isn't an excuse for Kaley not getting any nominations since people have been nominated and even won awards in the past for playing bland characters. It's even happened with the Oscars. Also the quirkiness/lack of of Amy or Penny doesn't invalidate Mayim's nominations cause then they might as well stop handing out awards. Or it's that she did her best acting with Amy's role. You're assuming that her lack of Emmy nominations in other roles means that she got this one because of the quirkiness of the character which is just your claim. It's the most major role she's had since Blossom and she's been great in it, so there's no reason to make up any other reasons for her noms. Kaley has had even more time than Mayim on the show and especially for her many scenes with Sheldon in the first seasons she could have been nominated (comedy duo and all that) and yet she wasn't. Also, I can use a similar logic for Kaley's lack of nominations and reach the conclusion that she must suck as an actress (eta: or that she wasn't good enough). And like I said above, the fact that Mayim or Kelsey got nominated only for one role doesn't invalidate the value of their acting in that particular role and neither does it mean that it was the role that gave them the noms. Playing a quirky character doesn't mean you'll be good at it. I've already compared Kaley's acting, not her role, to the other women's acting (that wasn't a freudian slip I just got confused repeating the same words constantly) and Mayim comes on top. I'll say it again: playing a quirky character doesn't automatically mean you'll be good at it. You need talent to act well, the role won't do that for you and playing a straight type of character doesn't mean you can't excel at it or that you won't get nominations/awards if you deserve it. You can respond but I won't answer.
  18. That's because that is all she can bring to the table. She's had ten years and everything going for her for a long time (especially season six which you Lennies consider to be the best season for them) to prove otherwise but yet she hasn't. If she had such brilliant comedic skills as you guys like to claim the fact that she has been the lone female protagonist of such a successful show for so many years would have won her some critical acclaim by now. Basically it's her acting that hasn't won her anything not that her character's writing has been limiting her, for what, ten years? Please. I also couldn't care less who Kelsey Grammar is, she could have very well been good only in that role and I'm certainly not going to take your word for anything that you have to sa y about her. Sure, also the history of Emmy awards is full of people who were nominated and/or won because they had talent and deserved to be, and Mayim is one of them while Kaley isn't.
  19. Keep telling yourself that if it comforts you
  20. Mayim has been getting Emmy nominations for YEARS. She's also a supporting character while Kaley has been the lone female protagonist for ten years with all the opportunity in the world to get nominated, and yet she didn't. She has no excuses for her lack of Emmy nominations. It's not an accident that Parsons is the only one from the guys who has been nominated and /or won an Emmy. There's no way around it, Mayim's just a better actress. Also, a repeat from the original point maker (aka: me): All Kaley can do is make funny faces at a camera. You kinda need more than that for an Emmy.
  21. Some favourite scenes from s10: Shamy argument tag from 10.4, Shamy+Lenny talking Klingon/Ubi something, ventriloquist doll, Lenny Christmas tree, Howard/Raj talk after Raj's exes left his apt in 10.16, Shamy/Raj croissants scene, Shamy hallway scene+scenes from 10.23. Oh and the eye scan tag...All these off the top of my head.
  22. I just read Alex Ayers wrote for this episode. OMG - this is her first time right? Someone please tell her she needs to write more for the show!
  23. If you notice there's a black rectangular shaped thing behind her. That's what makes it look off.
  24. It's funny how Kaley's sticking out in these photos. It looks like someone photoshopped her for a meme.
  25. I loved the Neil Diamond reference Bernie made. It means the Amy/Howard team-up passed through the writers' minds, even if momentarily. I just wish the memory would sit firmly right in there and manifest into a revival of their friendship. Maybe in s11... Also loved Howard's movie comments, especially the second one when he was in bed with Bernie. I'm forever charmed by him.
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