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  1. @Jonny Agreed, I think it's my favourite too.
  2. You're right, I just had in mind some posts I read here when the promo clips came out about Amy not talking about her own feelings. No offence to the posters, it just made me think. I was about to mention that but you beat me to it! Btw I wasn't trying to imply that Amy won't miss Sheldon in my previous post. My point was that with Sheldon being a main character whilecAmy isca supporting, the writers' priorities will be different in many ways.
  3. It would be great for Beverly to return in the premiere. Maybe we'll be able to see Sheldon with Amy in NJ for a little while and they'll meet up with Beverly at some point. Pretty please writers? Or someone write it in a fanfic, that seems to work.
  4. @mirs1 I loved Sheldon offering to carry Amy's luggage. Also the exchange - "This is important"/"You're important". Every single line they had with each other was perfect.
  5. Shamy were the definition of perfect in this ep! Like if you open the dictionary next to the word perfect there will be Shamy. Amy making him that oatmeal and telling him she'll love him anyway even if he turns eccentric while she's away (lol). And every time Sheldon opened his mouth to talk about/to Amy my inner fangirl scream got shriller and shriller! Amy is a supporting character in a relationship with one of the main ones and the effects of that were very obvious in this ep - it was all about how Sheldon will miss Amy and Amy's worry about him (I think I remember someone saying this is a theme that ties 10.23 and 10.24 together). Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm completely OK with that and IMO this was one of the best eps of the season!
  6. I'm bored right now so what the hell...Yes, most people wouldn't do that when sober, because even if they'd want to take a dump, their inhibitions would stop them from actually doing that on the floor or in the middle of a street. When drunk though...They'll just do whatever they feel like doing. Which in this case would be publicly emptying their bowels.
  7. I consider what Leonard did cheating and here's why: the writers made sure to have him be drunk on the boat. Why would that be? Because they needed a mitigating factor for the fact that he didn't stop it immediately. Alcohol doesn't make you do things you otherwise wouldn't want to do. It lowers your inhibitions to the point where you won't be able to stop yourself from doing things you already wanted when sober. Not immediately, anyway. So, we know that Leonard likes to feel desirable by other women even if he won't do anything about it because he's with Penny. He probably already thought that Mandy was attractive and/or while they were both drunk, she kissed him, he liked it and of course didn't stop it immediately because of the alcohol so when he did stop it, he'd already done enough to feel guilty about. The way he talked to Penny about it also points to consenting participation. The fact that we didn't see it, the booz, Mandy doing the rounds, are mitigating factors to take some of the blame away from Leonard, which means there's a reason to blame him in the first place.
  8. I agree that Amy's hand-me-down comment was made in the heat of the moment. It was obvious later when Sheldon's meemaw gave her - half-hearted - approval that she wanted the ring. Well, she wanted to get married to Sheldon. If she doesn't like the ring itself, she can keep it somewhere safe (it's a heirloom, after all) and buy another one she would choose with Sheldon (I find it a waste of money but something tells me Amy wouldn't :D). If she doesn't want to tell him she doesn't like the ring she can just say she wants the family heirloom to be safe. Sheldon would buy it since he h i mself put it in a safe.
  9. I fully expect all various digs to continue. I really don't mind them and I even find them funny - including the ones targeting Shamy (and especially when they come from Howard because Award is my favourite friendship on the show -> Amy/Howard for the uninitiated). My only problem is the drugging gag and the slut-shaming. Sheldon has made a lot of conscious effort to become a better human being - with flaws - and throwing it back in his face by saying someone must have drugged him is uncalled for. Of course I want the slut-shaming to disappear too. I'm tired of the writers using Penny's past as a legit way to insult her, whether that comes from Sheldon just stating a fact (doesn't change the writers' intention) or Howard straight out slut-shaming her. I also have to wonder if upping the edge of Leonard's insults towards Sheldon now that he doesn't live with him anymore is the writers' way of showing that their relationship is more equal now. If it is, I think they can do that while staying away from certain insults that are going too far. I know that all characters have said bad things. I don't see anything wrong with comparing two insults and saying that one is worse than the other. Why shouldn't I go there? I wasn't saying that Leonard is the big bad guy who tortures Sheldon for no reason. All I was saying was that everyone has thrown insults in the show, not just Sheldon, and it just so happens that Leonard can sometimes be worse than him in that department. So no, Sheldon isn't the big bad guy either. Don't twist my words. Eta: combined two paragraphs.
  10. No matter who? All I see is Sheldon this, Sheldon that, but OK. Where did I make this a competition? I simply said that everyone has insulted everyone at some point, so it's not like Sheldon is this big bad person who insults poor, innocent Leonard. Also, me saying that Leonard's drugging digs are worse than Sheldon's education digs isn't me making it a competition. It's stating an opinion. Saying a university must be bad because a certain someone got their Phd there isn't near as bad as saying that someone is acting polite only because they were drugged. Comparison is not the same as competition. Also, if I were to use your logic, then you're the one making it a competition, by mentioning that Sheldon has been insulting Leonard for years as if it has anything to do with me comparing Leonard's drugging dig and Sheldon's phd one.
  11. Everyone and their relationships in the show receive digs from other characters. Leonard has been throwing digs at Sheldon about Amy drugging him cause that would be the only explanation for him trying to make an effort and be kind to Raj moving in his old room, right? Cruel dig and much worse than Sheldon's. The Shamy relationship has also received digs from the other guys in this season - not even gonna bother mentioning previous ones. So, everyone gets their fair share of insulting each other. I think Sheldon's digs would be received better if the Lenny relationship/representation in the show were in a better state. That's why I, for example, don't get upset when characters say things like Amy is ruining her life by being in a relationship with Sheldon. I watch Shamy and know that it's not true.
  12. This time I'll only use s10 moments to avoid the headache.
  13. @wowbagger agreed with your grievances about the Penny/Lenny plot. I think it's always been this way with her. From the very beginning of the show, she might have been one of the big 3 along with Leonard but her experiences have always been about Leonard and her relationship with him. (I'm sure there are exceptions too). It's the same thing with Amy but she's a supporting character tied to a main character (more like the main character) so with her it's expected. I think that what I hated the most about the Lenny storyline was Howard and Bernie taking Leonard's side (especially Bernie). It gave me boat kiss justification parade flashbacks. Even worse, Raj taking Penny's side was treated as a joke since at the end he changed his tune and agreed with Leonard. Why does it always have to be about backing up Leonard's crap?
  14. I'm going to refrain from speculating about the proposal at least until I've seen 10.24. I'll try to wait for 11.1 too because it'll most likely be just as important (or even more)...unless I crack under the long hiatus. It'll just drive me crazy otherwise.
  15. This thread has turned into a circus.
  16. It would be much more realistic than Leonard dating/attracting all these smart and beautiful women. Priya...Joyce...Stephanie...Alex was attracted to him...Penny beautiful and smart, just not genious.
  17. Bernadette the Ventriloquist will always be in my heart. I just want to spend the next two seasons watching her freak Howard out with that doll (well that abd some other things). Kudos to the writers for choosing a dummy whose dress looked like the one Bernie was wearing on that beauty pageant! And that line about her juggling her love and embarrassment for her husband was perfect married couple snark.
  18. YAY for Mayim and Melissa! My contribution:
  19. I was looking at the 10.23 pics and I noticed that while everyone, even Leonard and Penny, sit in different spots from time to time, Sheldon and Amy's spots never change...They're always in the middle, Sheldon in his spot and Amy in hers. I just love that. About 10.22 - Shamy were cute as always. One of my favourite parts was Amy "lamenting" about people warning her about Sheldon. Sheldon included lol. Oh the nose scratching was amusing too! Another thing that I liked was Amy entering the apt and already knowing about what Sheldon was trying to do. It's something small but it's another indication that they now live together and are there to witness each other's daily life. I also really liked their bedroom scene. The writers love having them in there, don't they? Initially I thought they were going to make a big deal out of Amy calling Sheldon a quitter and the bedroom scene would be all about Amy apologising to him but it turned out that it was just a very minor argument and the apology was handled as something on the side. I'm glad that they didn't make a big deal out of it. Amy was very right in what she told Sheldon - he still has time for the Nobel (he really does...aren't most people who've won one in their 70's or older?) but if he doesn't win one (it's a possibility), solid research and people who love him and he loves are enough. I remember people saying she should have mentioned his other awards but that IMO would have been beside the point. I guess Sheldon's answer was meant to be an agreement...OK but dude, we get it, she's cute. Let's move on to other adjectives now, like amazing for example. Anyway... I didn't realise from the promo the tag would be a dream. Maybe I should have :D Sheldon waking up with Amy next to him was a nice little surprise, even without dialogue.
  20. 10.23 sounds amazing, goodbye scene included.
  21. This is literally perfect. Thank you so much!
  22. Thanks to everyone who provided spoilers!
  23. I was talking about it being a scene outside.
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