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  1. Hi, I;m Sania, haven't posted here in years. Got swamped by a lot of academic stuff in college, heard that it's the show's last season and started lurking around here to find episode discussions and stuff. Not to be pedantic, but they weren't dead the whole time. Everything that happened on the Island happened in the show. The last season showed a flash side-ways, purgatory-type deal, where the characters would meet up together after they died (they all died at different times), because the time they spent on the island together was the most important parts of their lives. Man, why do people always get the Lost ending so wrong????? Also, that was a beautiful last episode and I cried like a goddamn baby when everyone started regaining their memories. Also, dude, you should watch the show, it's very good.
  2. What is going on right now? I'm so confused.
  3. What is happening. I'm so confused right now.
  4. What is happening right now. I am so confused.
  5. Thanks Tenji! So many feels from the guys's storyline. Their friendship is so beautiful.
  6. The most recent works of art you've shared are really cute and adorable (and hot). :D
  7. Damn Martin! That's really amazing. Is anyone else distracted by the arms or is it just me?
  8. Wow , another great drawing Martin! I am enjoying it!
  9. Why can't they take new photos? Dear God, this is getting ridiculous. How hard is it to ask the cast to do a photo shoot?
  10. Wow Martin! Another great masterpiece! You're probably the of artists.
  11. Wow seven years ago. That was a long time ago.
  12. That was the TV Guide Magazine Photoshoot right? When they were promoting Season 4?
  13. That's really beautiful Martin! You're so good.
  14. ^it's an old video from an award show red carpet interview during/pre-Season 6 where Kaley was asked about the Alex thing or something like Leonard having a new love interest. I hope that answered your questions .
  15. Well, Leonard didn't really hook up with Mandy so I don't think they would have a baby together .
  16. He gave it to her in the Season 6 finale before he went on the trip to the North Sea :).
  17. That part in the episode was really cute
  18. That pun though. That part gave me lots of warm fuzzies .
  19. ^^does her ring look different here or is it just me?
  20. But you can't because only Dr. Hofstadter can
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