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  1. Yeah. High five all around! I enjoyed the episode so much that I laughed my a** off! All the jokes worked for me. I'm still at a loss for words. This episode is just superb!
  2. Yeah. I like the Shamy piggyback, too!
  3. Oh My Gosh these are really good! Please post some more. I'm one of those people, too!
  4. This is not a bad storyline. Season 9 is almost over and Raj has no definite direction yet as to a love line. Looks like the tptb doesn't know what to do with him just yet.
  5. Thanks for your warm welcome! TBBT is <3
  6. Hi Everyone! My name is Anne and I'm new in the forum. I decided to go spoiler free all the way and I'm excited to talk about the show with you. <3
  7. Wow! Another one from the Philippines. I'm so happy!
  8. Hi Nala. I'm from the Philippines, too! I'm Anne. I started watching the show in January. It's good to know there are more people from our country who are co-enthusiasts of TBBT. Yay!
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Anne. I started watching the show in January and finally caught up to the latest episode. Though I rarely saw my family on weekends of the past month 'cause I lock myself up watching TBBT, it was totally worth it. And I'm ready to re-enter society. I love the gang so much! ...especially the Shamy. I'm really glad that there is a forum where I can share all my thoughts about the show. -Anne from the Philippines
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