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  1. Just wow...do u have videos for these drawings?
  2. This is amaaaaaazing!! This is awesome!! And I want to give it a try someday:)) I went to LA last week. I attended the taping and I had so much fun there. I didn't have much time to draw though. Here is my new Mayim portrait. We loooove Blossom!!
  3. I was trying to find you in the parking lot too but I couldn't!! Never mind!! It was nice to meet you and enjoy your trip in LA!! Thank you so much! I hope you had fun too.
  4. Sorry guys I talked too much tonight. But because I talked and I was wearing 'Im with Mayim" t-shirt Mayim waived to me twice and I got a signed picture of the whole casts. Best experience ever. And I got to meet @brilliantfool . You look pretty:)))
  5. Love the coloring!!! You did improve a lot!!! So far I haven't found any artist who only do TBBT drawings better than Regina. So well, I think it is obvious that this drawing is drawn by our queen of TBBT fan artist right? Hahaha.
  6. I will be wearing my "I'm with Mayim" T-shirt. It's red so it's obvious! Hope to see you there!
  7. Hello guys! I don't usually check the forum but I found this very helpful! Thanks for sharing the information. I am going to see the taping on Mar.22. I will be very happy if I can meet some of you.
  8. Jim Parsons has sparkling eyes!! So I colored him:)
  9. Did you see pictures of MaJim from last night at The Bronze premier? They were so cute right? I drew an animated MaJim! And I was glad that Mayim liked my drawing again! I was so happy, but the happiest thing for me today was that @rgbcn did a congrats drawing for me!! That was so cute. Loved it so much!! My last week was packed but this week I have more time, so I did some shamy drawings. One is fluffy and one is dirty hahaha. Besides I started a new portrait! I only finished Claire(Well I still have to add some details later), and I was glad that she liked it and even left a comment! I'll post my whole drawing here when I finished. Have a good night!
  10. It's weekend and I finally have some time to draw!! I finished Jim's part and I colored the whole drawing. Hope you have a great weekend!!
  11. So I did a small drawing of Majim selfie. I finished Mayim's part on Wednesday, and I was trying to color her. And she liked it!!!!!!!! I was so happy about that!!!!!!!! Cuz she doesn't often like fans' posts. I am finishing Jim's part. I will post my final drawing here
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