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  1. Jim is not doing theatre right now. He is filming for Ryan Murphy's movie and he got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show (Special) he produced. Maybe he will focus on acting and/or production. His broadway play did win a Tony award recently so hopefully Jim will continue theatre too in future (and have some chance of winning one himself someday).
  2. I thought Lenny stories were very played out and I didn't see a deeper connection. I'm married but relationships don't have to be relatable for me to enjoy them. I recently watched Parks and Recreations, and found the couples on that show to be more interesting and funny, even if they are unrealistic , odd and eccentric. I always thought Sheldon brought something new to the table and without him, many plotlines would have devolved into the tired old plots of nerds chasing sex and girls. You may disagree and that is okay.
  3. This is true for me too. I don't find Lenny very funny or different. I don't see a deep connection . Even in the finale, Penny's entire pregnancy was reduced to drunk sex. I think, the nerd/hot girl cliche has been done to death so many times in so many sitcoms that Lenny don't add anything new to the show IMO. I used to cringe at how Howard and Raj used to be creepy and disgusting towards every female character. I still cringe how all the guys were treating Missy like a piece of meat. I just didn't think there was anything unique about Lenny and their fighting, dating other people cliche and breakup. Maybe some of it is relatable but not something I find original or can keep my interest in a sitcom. Sheldon was unique to me and maybe , the only reason I continued to watch TBBT in the early seasons before Amy was added. Sheldon's scenes with Penny were some of the funniest back then.
  4. I never read anywhere that Jim quit because the show wasn't an ensemble. Sheldon was the breakout character from the start.. I did read that Jim was tired of playing Sheldon for so long and didn't think the show had any creative ideas left . I agree, he is very humble but they all want to move on. Jim just got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show, so I think he wants to look forward to other things.
  5. I think it was fine 😃 My problem with the Sheldon plot was that it wasn't anything we haven't seen before. "Sheldon acts like an ass and everyone is annoyed and he apologizes" has been done to death many times before. They do that over and over and reset him, so why would it be any different this time ? He should have learnt that lesson in one of the many previous episodes. If this wasn't the finale, he would have learned this lesson in another episode. Jim did great with that speech but I was pretty meh about that plot.. We didn't get many nice shamy moments. More time could also be spent on Raj and Penny. I don't like that we never find out what hapenned when Penny found out she was pregnant. Was it a complicated decision ? Did Lenny have a discussion ? We mostly get jokes about Penny drinking a lot and drunk sex. It is disservice to Penny, because she is supposed to be one of the main three, but actually not treated as one.
  6. Penny was fantasizing about Idris ELba while having sex with Leonard.
  7. Abortion exists. It felt cheap and disrespectful to Penny. Sure her life turned out fine, but she really has no identity outside of being Leonard's trophy. No last name except for her husband's and having kids she didn't want initially. Why even have her say she doesn't want kids ? It was lazy and a waste of time.
  8. I think it is a terrible plot device too. Amy has turned into a career physicist . But then again, own growth and development is a plot device for Sheldon . It was the same during the shamy break up in season 9. This asymmetry plot is so badly written. There are some nice moments but the season has been devoid of enjoyable episodes. Why do we have to see again, Bernadette belittle and control Howard ? Stuart/Denise overstaying at Howardette ? These plots are all so stale and bring nothing new to the table. The last 3-4 seasons, most episodes have become interchangable and boring.
  9. But isn't it too disney and fairytale-y for Lenny to have kids to fullfil Leonard's one-sided fantasy from the pilot ? penny wasn't even aware he made that comment. I keep seeing people still wish Lenny have the perfect ending with kids. If something good happens to shamy, I keep hearing that it is too "disney" but if something good happens for Lenny , it is just a "feel good" sitcom that shouldn't deal with issues like wanting to be child-free ? I'm finding the super-assymmetry plot to be as dull and poorly written as the next person, but i'm kinda tired of this double standard.
  10. I don't think this is a competition with Sheldon. Leonard and Sheldon are two different people with different life partners. I don't think Leonard will be so petty and bitter that he is incapable of being happy for shamy if they have kids in the future. Also , I keep seeing "poor Leonard" but what about poor Penny ? Maybe the writers will ultimately have her give in and change her mind. While that may be a happy ending for Lenny, it won't be a truly happy ending for Penny , IMHO. Would Leonard love her still if Penny got fat ? If she got old ? or sick ? Leonard also mostly values Penny for her beauty too, so I can't blame Penny for being insecure about her weight/looks after having kids. There aren't many examples over 10 years where he values other qualities about her. A frank discussion where he assures her that he values her for more than just a trophy wife who would give him trophy kids would be nice, but at this point it seems too little, too late.
  11. But Penny doesn't want kids. I hope she sticks to her decision. At this point, I don't want her to have kids out of guilt or regret. Unlikely, but I hope Penny doesn't change her mind now. Not because she can't , but because it is a bit insulting to assume that every woman who wants to be childfree , ultimately changes her mind. It already hapenned with Bernadette.
  12. weather is a valid point. Episodes airing in January usually have higher ratings . There has been extremely harsh cold weather and storms in east coast and mid west USA which may cause more people to stay in and watch TV.
  13. Best episode would be a close tie between Adhesive Duck Deficiency and Einstein Approximation, mostly because they make me laugh out loud consistently and have creative plots and memorable scenes . The ballpit scene, the scene where Sheldon goes to the employment agency and Sheldon working at Cheesecake Factory were hysterical
  14. Why should Penny be ashamed of that ? More likely, Penny would have been a victim of the creepy 34 year old guy who took advantage of a teenager. That joke was horrible. I also don't think there is anything wrong with Penny sleeping with many people when she was broken up with Leonard. Leonard immediately slept with dr Plimpton , priya, had a meaningless one night stand with a woman Howard set him up with and he actually cheated on two of his serious girlfriends. I see a double standard in the show where Penny sleeping around is viewed much more negatively than Leonard doing the same.
  15. I agree with @veejay and completely disagree with you. You may disagree but Jim succeeded in giving Sheldon a wonderful personality, a very strong one actually, from the start. It may seem like a caricature to you , but not to me. IMO, very early on, he won multiple Emmys and Golden Globes because of the oddness, the emotions, the quirks, the physical comedy , the innocence, the one-of-a-kind mannerisms and brilliant dialogue. There were plenty of heart warming scenes and equally funny ones and in no way were the characters interchangable. Leonard was always more likable, grounded and able to converse with Penny more than the other guys. And on what planet was Howard's sleazy dialogue interchangable with Sheldon or Leonard ?? Penny was also not at all ditzy. She had shown plenty of street smarts, patience, kindness and tolerance towards Leonard and surprisingly intuitive towards Sheldon as well , even in the early seasons. On the contrary, I think right now, I feel all the guys (and even the girls) are interchangeable. They all come across as man children who annoy their bored wives with their "childish" interests and antics and it usually follows the same old tropes. It might seem like exaggerating and generalizing on my part, but I see plenty of exaggeration and generalization in your declarartion that "the characters had no personality".
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