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  1. Mayim Bialik

    Yeah, as someone who has been a victim of groping , roofying and assault myself just a few yrs ago, i found the whole thing a bit self congratulatory . great if her personal experience has not been like that and i dont think she was outright victim blaming or that she even meant to obviously. but at the same time i found it weirdly passive aggressive and condescending towards actresses who were victims, especially the generalizations about them being more attractive/their diet/ behavior/dress code etc . Glad to hear the FB live cleared it all up tho.
  2. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Although , I stopped watching TBBT in season 11 , I always liked Jim as Sheldon too. He was a major reason I watched TBBT , since 2009 . I didn't view Sheldon as a total villain , who needs to be "fixed" and learn a lesson 24x7 like some do, nor did I view him as a perfect flawless character to be put on a pedestal. To me, he was just a character who was.....who he was. He hasn't been as funny or interesting now to me, but I have my classics I will always re-watch.
  3. Mayim Bialik

    I don't agree with some parts of what she said about attractive women/dressing a certain way etc . The wording of it, rubbed me the wrong way too.
  4. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I agree. Creative integrity is important too and can actually go hand in hand with commercial success. After all, when TBBT started , commercial success and high ratings weren't handed over to them . They earned it , to some extent. Back in season 2, when the show was taking off and TV critics started praising it , it also received a lot of Emmy and other awards buzz , especially for Jim and Johnny. So artistic reasons and critical praise can also attract audiences to discover shows and check out what all the fuss is about. Not to mention, TBBT was (one of) the top rated sitcoms in season 6 or 7 too . But back then, I just felt the plots and dialogues were better, more intricate and the jokes were actually funny IMO. Nowadays, even if the premise is new and different on paper, the execution turns out to be really broad, non-subtle unfunny and uninspired. The current seasons are built on the previous ones. I can also argue that coasting on the stories, gags, humor, characterization, audience base and awards recognition established by previous seasons is also not very long as they don't cross over the line from safe mediocrity to actively horrible stories. I'm not saying they specifically do it, but there is always a possibility. JMO.
  5. Season 11 Ratings Thread.

    thanks @Tensor. I have not yet watched YS but I wonder if it is a wise move to put YS on hiatus for 5 weeks until November ? Could it hurt the show in terms of building momentum after TBBT ? There will be no new episode for a while.
  6. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I have had my fill of Sheldon learns to deal with xxxx . Enough of Sheldon’s issues ! I hope they don’t drag it out over 24 episodes how Sheldon must deal with Amy’s career. Needy, whiny or jealous Sheldon is not a great thing. Also why not have some accomplishment for Sheldon too ? I want Sheldon to be self sufficient, secure, competent at something and independent. I want him to be of some value to Amy . What does she get out of being with him ? I want to see situations where Amy is upset and Sheldon comforts her(which hasn’t happened since season 4/5). or a plot about how Sheldon solves a problem for Amy ? Amy is struggling and Sheldon gives her some insightful advice ? That would be a real sign of maturity and growth. They keep telling us how Sheldon is brilliant and insightful, but I would like them to show us that more. I sound like a broken record but still hopeful. I agree, I hope they don't drag it out and Sheldon comes to terms with it soon or else I won't like it. After all, we never had any plots about Amy having issues with Sheldon's accomplishments(thankfully) . I don’t want that much conflict based plots no matter how heartfelt the resolution is. It gets tiring after a while. What I want is for them to act as a team . More of Fun with Flags, more of cosplay, I wouldn’t even mind them being in the background at the kitchen island discussing stuff, like they were in season 4, more of playing games or maybe some follow up on their collaboration and I think if they get separate work based plots, it shouldn’t be about how it affects the other negatively ( atleast not too much). I just don't want it to become a theme.
  7. Cast, Crew, And Bbt News

    Jim Parsons is presenting at the Primetime Emmy Awards on sunday. No idea about the rest of the cast.
  8. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Not really, because there is more to Penny than her looks ? She is a person , not just an ego boost trophy/lust object? Otherwise that would just give me an impression that Leonard only values her because she is hot and the only thing they have is sex. People grow old and dont always look the same. What will they have then ? I would like more examples of what else Leonard values about her as a person, other than the fact that she is hot. Why not.
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Shipping Lanes

    Really ? I confess, I loved Jim Parsons’ older work (esp s1-4). ! I was happy when Jim got nominated for his first Emmy and won (his first and only) Golden Globe - in s2 and s4 respectively. Also, i don't agree that Jim failed to make Sheldon lovable and enjoyable on his own. I think he largely succeeded and I felt Sheldon was always human and never a robot! This was also said(and shown) in an old pre-season 4 episode that he was caring and had emotions. In many ways he was more endearing back then , than now. A TV critic said in 2008, something I agreed with: Sheldon has become a character to love, and Jim Parsons is doing something rare on network TV: making intellectualism admirable, even heroic . But my liking of Sheldon was never really dependent and conditional only on Amy. I liked Sheldon for who he was- for himself. I find Sheldon less interesting now post s6 and the overuse of Sheldon just magnifies it. Another thing : I think there are many times when Sheldon comes across to me as intentionally mean-spirited, unfunny, petty, unhappy, regressed, childish , washed up and failing in his career in later seasons. Like wise there were many times Sheldon came across to me as innocent, sharp, funny, insightful, well meaning, intelligent and perfectly content in the earlier seasons. That doesn't mean he doesn't have deeper issues but I don't view it as black and white at all.
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Shipping Lanes

    In general, I don't think longevity and ratings necessarily mean high quality and creativity. Just because a show is 12 seasons long doesn't mean quality is good. That is subjective. There are some, IMO, awful long running TV shows ( for instance, i didn't really like 2.5 Men) so I don't see the point . Likewise, many critically acclaimed award-winning shows get cancelled early on too. For tbbt, IMO, there was a period of time, where I felt they did have quality and the writing was (IMO) funny and sharp, especially Sheldon-centric humor(season 2-6) but I am not that sold on TBBT post season 7. Season 10 had some good episodes in the first half, but other than that ...not really.
  11. Big Little Lies

    Anyone watched and liked Big Little Lies ?
  12. Friends

    Rachel and Chandler were my favorite characters. Phoebe too. I loved the one where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler. Thats my favorite
  13. The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-10 Episode Tournament

    Well, Adhesive Duck Deficiency won . While Bath Item has one of Jim Parsons' the most iconic performances in the show in the saturnalia miracle hug, EVERY scene in the A plot of TADD will always be a comic masterpiece for me . When Sheldon tried to be "there " for Penny it was(and still is) a timeless awards worthy moment lol.
  14. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Yeah, conflict does drive the work vs relationship story, but it can sometimes be constructive too. Like how they have handled Amy as a character. While 10.24 was a challenge for Shamy, both relationship and work are going great for Amy now and they can still derive comedy from that. So they can do the same for Sheldon too. Maybe not right now given the circumstances , but maybe sometime later. On the other extreme, the writers have made long running jokes of Penny making bad dating choices and also failing at work - acting, waitressing, college and the misery of her current i can see the point in things going hay wire at both work and private life and getting comedy from that too. But I agree, i wont go further than that, since that would be a topic for another thread.
  15. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Ymmv but Imo, Sheldon was never a complete "careless ass". Thats not how Jim Parsons played him imo. He always cared and thats why became a beloved character early on. I think there are examples of him being likable in older years and many of him being an ass in later seasons. Its not so much then vs now, but about the plot for me i guess. Also, I never said the bold part. And i dont see how Sheldon was in any way egoistic in 10.23. He was supportive of Amy from the get go. But that doesnt change what hapenned to him in his professional life was kinda shitty and he had a complete right to be upset about it too. Personally, unless a character is fulfilled in their career , i cant feel happy for them and their (fictional life). So it shouldnt have to be one or another. It can be something rewarding for Sheldon and other characters at the same time. Its a bit ghoulish(and unromantic) for me, to have one character repeatedly have a near-breakdown and always see it as positive.