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  1. Sheldon was in the pilot, I think he should be there with the gang too. I think Sheldon should come back to California and it would be nice if they all went out for Indian food at the end of the episode , like they did in the pilot, after helping Penny. Raj would hate it though.
  2. thank you for the in-depth analysis @Tensor. I see that Howard/Raj (11 min), Sheldon/Leonard(10.05 min) , Sheldon/Penny(9.25 min) and Penny / Amy(7.20 min) pairings still have relatively higher screen time among non romantic pairings . and WOW, Raj/Cinnamon received more time than Leonard/Amy and Amy/Bernadette
  3. my problem is with how Leonard is written. The writers more often than not, treated Leonard as just a vehicle to get the " hot girl " from the beginning. They don't seem to explore more, atleast not nearly as much as they have with Sheldon and Howard. Now that Leonard's romantic life/will they -wont - they drama (which imo was the major focus of Leonard centric plots in the previous seasons) has resolved and he got Penny, they don't know what to do with him.That is what is boring to me. And Fyi, ofcourse, a character can lack strange quirks and still be interesting. I find Penny to be a much more interesting and full fledged character, than Leonard. All this is how I view the show and my interpretation .
  4. Why are you blaming Sheldon for everything ? They still write Howard ,Bernadette and even Penny with the girls and/or Sheldon/Raj (outside of Lenny) relatively well imo. I know it is very easy to blame Sheldon, but I felt Sheldon always had a prominent focus in TBBT as early as season 2. Why is this news ? I can point you many many Sheldon centric episodes in season 2-4. Sheldon was the breakout character, and also an award winning character back then. Not saying that is good or bad, but to me, tbbt didnt feel like a true ensemble in the early seasons . If you read the review for The Cooper Nowitzki Theorem on AV Club from November 3, 2008. it was almost 9 years ago and the reviewer, Noel Murray , felt that tbbt was becoming very Sheldon driven, even back then too. While I agree, they tend to overuse shamy screentime(especially post season 7 ) and i agree that the overall quality has gone down, I still think Howard and Bernadette have gotten nice focus and I actually think they got funnier this year. IMO, Sheldon and Howard have had a lot of depth and character growth. They have changed a lot since the pilot. Penny has changed a lot too. I guess they allow for more writing possibilities. Whether it was his friendship/fights with Penny, his career ups and downs , his relationship with Amy and his quirks -that has given many creative plot possibilities for Sheldon over the years. Howard too, to a lesser extent. I guess my problem lies with Leonard. This is just my opinion, but Leonard as a character, has gotten pretty boring in the last 3 seasons . He has not changed as much from the begining except now he has got the hot girl and has more "confidence" to cheat (?). Imo, Lenny suffers because they don't wanna explore Leonard and consequently Lenny beyond the nerd / hot girl dynamic. That was fine in season 6, with commitment issues, proposal issues, jealousy issues with Alex and Cole, ILY etc etc....but many of those plots won't make sense now.I guess I have the same problem with Raj.
  5. I read that Mayim has denied that the original cast took a pay cut. Not exactly denied per sey, but she said we shouldnt believe everything. So are the original 5 still getting the same pay as last year ?
  6. Ship Zone

    Ofcourse, they both could have not dated anyone. I just don't understand this "god forbid Sheldon be interested in another girl " attitude, at a point when Amy herself was actively looking and interested in other guy. I was responding to the original post that said, Sheldon must have backed out if the same situation occurred in season 9. if things get serious with another girl , we expect Sheldon to back out. If things get serious with Amy and another guy, we expect Sheldon to do something, not Amy. So in both cases, we require Sheldon to do all the work. I just didn't quite see even a whiff of logic and sense in the Shamy reconciliation. Anyway, you are correct, I don't wanna drag this either, but I wasn't the one who brought up the season 9 stuff.
  7. Ship Zone

    But The writers clearly have it in themselves to have Amy be tempted by other guys and have her be interested in dating other guys, why shouldn't have Sheldon done the same during the break up ? I mean , why is it do abhorrent to have Sheldon look at others , given that Amy was doing exactly the same ? He was single and didn't have to answer to anyone , so why does "tempted" even come into question ? I don't quite see the logic why he couldn't have also been interested, in some one who fit his likes ? Why must it always be downplayed that he latched on to a friend or dismiss someone for a flimsy reason by the writers, even if he was single? Even in Earworm, I wonder how the reaction here would be , if the situation was reversed - Sheldon was on a date and about to sleep with another girl, unless Amy interrupted ? I mean you say.....when things get serious with another girl, Sheldon must back out ? And if things get serious with Amy and another guy, even then Sheldon must take action? . In other words Sheldon must do all the work either way ? If it wasnt for Sheldon interrupting, Shamy wouldn't even be together today coz Amy may have long moved on to Dave.
  8. amazing writing , cinematography and music in this show ! Claire danes was hilarious. I felt Rachel and Denise were great characters too. season 1 was nice. I particularly liked the "Nashville" and "Mornings" episodes. The second episode where they introduce his parents was amazing too. Aziz's dad cracks me up ! I know Aziz cast many of his real life relatives in the show , so i guess you can argue it adds to the authenticity even if the acting can be a bit uneven. I am watching season 2 right now . curious what people think about it.
  9. one TAG related dream sequence I felt was quiet funny was the one with the Morlocks eating Sheldon and Sheldon screams "Leonarddddddddd !!!!". It was not just a dream. It was a dream inside a dream !
  10. Ship Zone

    I agree with you but if it wasnt for Sheldon , Amy would still be friendless and alone today. I think that Sheldon is also the best thing for Amy . If it wasn't for Sheldon accepting Amy into his social circle( and we know how difficult it was for him to accept people into his social circle) and if it wasn't for Sheldon accepting Amy for who she was in season 4- Leonard, Penny , Bernie and others would have nothing to do with her. In the beginning when all his friends thought she was obnoxious, he still maintained his friendship with her. He accepted the change in Amy . He accepted Amy for who she was in season 4 and he accepted her when she became more socialized. He does accept her looks and personality, to a large extent . He also worked on his issues with intimacy and sex-thats not an easy thing to do for someone like him. I also feel like Penny should get credit for how much she accepts Leonard for his looks and personality and how she never asked him to give up his friends for her and fits in nicely with everyone in his life . despite the show making an issue out of her commitment phobia- she has actually always been loyal to Leonard. I know the overall narrative is usually how Amy and Leonard are special, admirable and just too good and how Sheldon and Penny need to appreciate their impact in their life , but i think Sheldon and Penny deserve atleast some credit too.
  11. Debate Zone

    For season 2 and 3 , I wanted to know maybe just Lenny vs Shenny vs Shelnard time ? Just the big 3 relationships. Or if that is also too vague, maybe just total screen times for individual character ? For season 4 - Lenny alone time vs Shamy alone time ?
  12. Debate Zone

    I was curious, what was the relative screen time of Sheldon vs Lenny in season 2, 3 and 4 ? That was before Shamy was a big component of the show.
  13. Actor

    I just realized Jim is wearing a burgundy velvet jacket for the first dance . Beautifull pictures !! They are a dashing and elegant couple and so generous to share pics on social media . I wish them all the best !!
  14. So you agree, that having sex with a drunk, judgement impaired woman, while being totally sober was not a "nice" move by Leonard ? And btw, Sheldon did not cheat on Amy.
  15. Penny was also completely drunk and judgement impaired. Imo Leonard should have refused her and not gone further with her.