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  1. 11 hours ago, Mario D. said:


    I think Kaley is doing the best out of all of them. She certainly seems in demand after BBT ended and her production company is taking off and she has done many photoshoots, endorsements, and commercials. Johnny and now Mayim have production companies as well but I have not heard of anything on the horizon for them. Jim is doing well in  NY theater, however Melissa, Simon and Kunal have not heard any news on them as yet.

    Jim is not doing theatre right now. He is filming for Ryan Murphy's movie and he  got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show (Special) he produced. Maybe he will focus on acting and/or production. His broadway play did win a Tony award recently so hopefully Jim will continue theatre too in future (and have some chance of winning one himself someday). 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Tensor said:

    See. I think this is the key word.  Lenny is very relatable to me, in my personal life.  Sheldon isn’t and I saw him as the “odd” one, which has been done a lot on TV(Niles Crane is perhaps the best and closest example)

    Gotta agree with the funny scenes early in the show, with Penny and Sheldon.   That’s lost a lot of the edge in latter seasons. 

    I thought Lenny stories were very played out and I didn't see a deeper connection. I'm married  but relationships don't have to be relatable for me to enjoy them. I recently watched Parks and Recreations, and found the couples on that show to be  more interesting and funny, even if they are unrealistic , odd and eccentric. I always thought Sheldon brought something new to the table and without him, many plotlines would have devolved into the tired old plots of nerds chasing sex and girls. You may disagree and that is okay. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, shell said:


    I have watched BBT all the way through and have rewatched episodes many times. I just get bored with their scenes. I'm just not feelin' it. And am not into lists...

    Just sayin'...


    This is true for me too. I don't find Lenny very funny or different.  I don't see a deep connection . Even in the finale, Penny's entire pregnancy was reduced to drunk sex. I think, the nerd/hot girl cliche has been done to death so many times in so many sitcoms that Lenny don't add anything new to the show IMO. I used to cringe at how Howard and Raj used to be creepy and disgusting towards every female character. I still cringe how  all the guys were treating Missy like a piece of meat. I just didn't think there was anything unique about Lenny and their fighting, dating other people cliche and breakup.  Maybe some of it is relatable but not something I  find original or  can keep my interest in a sitcom.  Sheldon was unique to me and maybe , the only reason I continued to watch TBBT in the early seasons before Amy was added. Sheldon's scenes with Penny were some of the funniest back then. 

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  4. 15 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    There was some speculation that Jim made this decision without consulting any of his castmates.  But, I got the impression that Jim Parsons is a very humble individual and I believe he was thinking about his castmates and the direction of the show when he made that decision to not sign a new contract. I think he believed the show was becoming more about his Sheldon character than the ensemble it was originally meant to be.  Which these past last seasons bear that out. So, Jim decided to pull the plug. I give him much credit for that.  This is JMO and me thinking out loud.

    I never read anywhere that Jim quit because the show wasn't an ensemble. Sheldon was the breakout character from the start.. I did read that Jim was tired of playing Sheldon for so long and didn't think the show had any creative ideas left . I agree, he is very humble but they all want to move on.

    Jim just got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show, so I think he wants to look forward to other things.  

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  5. On 5/17/2019 at 7:58 AM, Sah said:

    Liked it much better after forcing myself to rewatch it.


    I think it was fine 😃 My problem with the Sheldon plot was that it wasn't anything we haven't seen before. "Sheldon acts like an ass and everyone is annoyed and he apologizes" has been done to death many times before. They do that over and over and reset him, so why would it be any different this time ? He should have learnt that lesson in one of the many previous episodes. If this wasn't the finale, he would have learned this lesson in another episode. Jim did great with that speech but I was pretty meh about that plot.. We didn't get many nice shamy moments. More time could also be spent on Raj and Penny. I don't like that we never find out what hapenned when Penny found out she was pregnant. Was it a complicated decision ? Did Lenny have a discussion ? We mostly get jokes about Penny drinking a lot and drunk sex. It is disservice to Penny, because she is supposed to be one of the main three, but actually not treated as one. 

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  6. 18 hours ago, Capt. Hilts said:


    Penny's character was like plankton - it just got caught up in the flow of other people's dreams and plans.  I would have liked for her to date a professional athlete or big time author during her break-up with Leonard.  We only saw her with complete duds.  She's smart and funny - she could have done better.  And it would have been good to see her in a job she actually likes.  Everyone else loves their work, except for her.  Working for a local TV station, advertising firm, whatever.  Something she would like to do.  


     Penny was fantasizing about Idris ELba while having sex with Leonard. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Kathy2611 said:

    They were adorable!

    Yeah but thanks to Young Sheldon we KNOW they have children!  But I’m glad Lenny got the pregnancy and it’s very believable and very realistic.  I myself am an “oops” baby.  And besides, the only way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (if you have the right parts and fertile) is to simply not have sex.  And I don’t see Lenny doing that so.... No form of birth control is 100% affective.  

    Abortion exists. It felt cheap and disrespectful to Penny. Sure her life turned out fine, but she really has no identity outside of being Leonard's trophy. No last name except for her husband's and having kids she didn't want  initially. Why even have her say she doesn't want kids ? It was lazy and a waste of time.

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  8. 10 hours ago, bfm said:

    IMO the way they wrote those other physicists, as kind of dull opportunist villains, fits with the overall childishness of the story. Oohh look at those villains! They so not deserve this! They are the bad guys! Hate them audience, and root for Shamy! Again, it all feels like a Nickelodeon/Disney show.

    But isn't it too disney and fairytale-y for Lenny to have  kids to fullfil Leonard's one-sided fantasy from the pilot ? penny wasn't even aware he made that comment. I keep seeing people still wish Lenny have the perfect ending with kids. If something good happens to shamy, I keep hearing that it is too "disney" but if something good happens for Lenny , it is just a "feel good" sitcom that shouldn't deal with issues like wanting to be child-free ? I'm finding the super-assymmetry plot to be as dull and poorly written as the next person, but i'm  kinda tired of this double standard. 

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    On 2/18/2019 at 12:13 PM, bfm said:

    That's an optomistic scenario. Not good, optimistic compared to what may actually be, which is no kids. The writers like this idea, you can see it in their interviews. No kids is a very likely scenario, and we will be left to imagine Leonard's misery at watching his friends, including SHELDON COOPER, raise their children, while Penny will live with guilt for her decision (again, she should definitely not have kids out of guilt but she will live with guilt). On the show they will probably have Leonard say he is as happy as can be as long as he has her, cue the Awwws. Another possibility is they make Leonard suddenly not want kids, which as I said will just not be believable to me. 


    I don't think this is a competition with Sheldon.  Leonard and Sheldon are two different people with different life partners. I don't think Leonard will be so petty and bitter that he is incapable of being happy for shamy if they have kids in the future. Also , I keep seeing "poor Leonard" but what about poor Penny ? Maybe the writers will ultimately have her give in and change her mind. While that may be a happy ending for Lenny, it won't be a truly happy ending for Penny , IMHO. 


    On 2/18/2019 at 1:44 PM, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    I keep having thoughts that Penny sees a therapist to talk about the reasons why she doesn't want to have children. Maybe one reason is she's afraid she'll get fat, not be able to lose the weight and fears Leonard won't find her attractive any more. Much of her identity is tied into her beauty and sexiness.  Maybe she knows someone who had terrible postpartum depression.

    Would Leonard love her still if Penny got fat ? If she got old ? or sick ?  Leonard also mostly values Penny for her beauty too, so I can't blame Penny for being insecure about her weight/looks after having kids. There aren't many examples over 10 years where he values other qualities about her. A frank discussion where he assures her that he values her for more than just a trophy wife who would give him trophy kids would be nice, but at this point it seems too little, too late.  


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  10. On 2/13/2019 at 12:08 PM, Mario D. said:

    I am kind of leaning this way myself.  I just cannot believe that after 12 yrs. and with Penny & Leonard being the core couple of this show they will end it without Penny getting pregnant. And you are right with all these manipulations in the storyline they seem to be heading that way. Why else would they have this Zack/Marissa  storyline?  I looked at that hug scene over again and Penny's heartwarming side of it with her facial image of concern when Leonard says he would be heartbroken knowing a child is out there and he was not the father convinced me that she will change her mind somewhere along the way. The only issue I can see is how tptb write this change in. It would have to be something that would satisfy many fans.  Additionally, Kaley herself said that she hopes they change their minds on Penny getting pregnant.......so if she has any influence it may happen.

    But Penny doesn't want kids. I hope she sticks to her decision. At this point, I don't want her to have kids out of guilt or regret. 


    On 2/12/2019 at 6:48 AM, Jonny said:


    I'm thinking actually I would prefer that the pregnancy reveal/they did had kids comes in say a time jump scene, for one it adds more of a surprise factor and two I think the chances of an 'in this time period Penny is pregnant' is likely going to be a shock pregnancy and with Penny pretty confident in her views on children and her desire for not wanting them I think a surprise is really not the way to go here.


    Unlikely, but I hope Penny doesn't change her mind now. Not because she can't , but because it is a bit insulting to assume that every woman who wants to be childfree , ultimately changes her mind. It already hapenned with Bernadette. 

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  11. Best episode would be a close tie between Adhesive Duck Deficiency and Einstein Approximation, mostly because they make me laugh out loud consistently and have creative plots and memorable scenes .  The ballpit scene, the scene where Sheldon goes to the employment agency and Sheldon working at Cheesecake Factory were hysterical :)

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  12. 6 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    One thing she should have been ashamed of is that line in one episode where Raj is asking the girls  advice on dating Lucy.  She says "Being in a motel with a 34 yr old guy named Luther" which I thought was just deplorable as she was supposed to have been only 16-17 yrs old.  The writers just go overboard in depicting Penny as a promiscuous sleep around.  Never thought this was a funny line.

    Think this is true. They showed her only being with Zack during that period without Leonard

    Why should Penny be ashamed of that ? More likely, Penny would have been a victim of the creepy 34 year old guy who took advantage of a teenager. That joke was horrible.  I also don't think there is anything wrong with Penny sleeping with many people when she was broken up with Leonard. Leonard immediately slept with dr Plimpton , priya, had a meaningless one night stand with a woman Howard set him up with and he actually cheated on two of his serious girlfriends.  I see a double standard in the show where Penny sleeping around is viewed much more negatively than Leonard doing the same. 

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  13. I laughed at the montage of some of the  most popular scenes of the show where they inserted Tam (Bath item, Staircase Implementation and Ballpit scene from Einstein Approximation) . That was unexpected 🤣. Casting for adult Tam was good.  The rest of the episode was below average and cliche. Much like the rest of the season so far.    

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  14. 2 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    I agree. I think more people will be pissed if they don’t have children than have. I’m sorry I laughed at shes a spokesperson for childless couples. How many pregnancy tests has Penny taken?

    and she was happy when the pregnancy tests were false. Why can't Penny be a poster girl for childfree women ? Penny has  put other priorities ahead of having kids. She had her reasons -  like not gaining weight, not putting herself through pregnancy, focus on her career , making money or something else. "Smart and beautiful" babies was Leonard's dream, not Penny's. It seems people are forcing Leonard's dream onto Penny without any regards to her own opinions and choice. It is the writers' fault. They  had Leonard and Penny talk beforehand about kids, and even then, Penny was like  "sure, but I'd like to stay thin and make money  first". That doesn't seem very eager to me.  Maybe she will change her mind, maybe she won't. But I have a hard time seeing Penny as the  bad guy. Leonard was an asshole for calling her father and Amy and Bernadette were totally horrid and unsupportive to her. 

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  15. 1 minute ago, Tensor said:

     Look, I believe that Lenny signaled they wanted a house and kids, just as I believe that Amy, for a period of time, was written like she was obsessed with sex (just like some could be forgiven if they thought she was being written as a Lesbian for a period of time).  If Die wants to point out they believe that Leonard and Penny were written to not want kids and a house, and Amy wasn't obsessed with sex, that's fine, that's their opinion.  But if it's ok for Die to say the signal for Lenny kids and a house didn't reached the writers room, because they don't see Lenny written that way,  why is is so wrong for me to point out I don't feel the signal that Amy wasn't obsessed with sex didn't reach the writers room, because I see Amy written that way?

    There are examples of Amy being passive aggressively putting pressure for sex. Like When she got jealous that Sheldon putlled his pants down in front of emily (and said that out loud ) and how she got the Tardis so he would have sex with her. But these are all in season 8, before they actually had sex. Since 9x11, there have been no examples of her being sex obsessed.

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  16. 6 hours ago, Nogravitasatall said:

    You may be right. I don’t know/care enough about the show runners to assign blame. But they are no longer loved. They moved on from the “stereotypes”. However, as I see it, TPTB dropped the progressive star-crossed lovers story  and shifted into a reactionary,  prolonged, and almost Disney-esque (not Shakespearean), conversion scenario.  Forget how different Sheldon is, he is now totally conformist. His mother is relieved. It worked better commercially too. No stereotypes? Hmmm.

    (I’m not bitter, lol 😁)

    You are right. Sheldon is now a conformist with marriage,  future babies and inlaw problems. I'm very thankful to Jim Parsons for walking away before the show turned into "Everybody Loves Raymond" 😎 But then again, I think the whole show is conventional. We have  three heterosexual monogamous couples. Everything repeated three times: break ups, make ups , engagement, weddings and  maybe babies. All very safe, predictable and "Disney". I used to disagree with people who said shamy lost their uniqueness but now ...i'm not so sure. Infact, ironically,  the shamy break up was , in many ways, even more cliche and soap opera-ish than the other couples' break ups 😂

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  17. 5 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    They will have kids, I'm pretty sure about it.

    But it's clearly going to be an 'i'm pregnant' shock reveal just like the other two pregnancies on the show.

    Ugh.. NO. As far as pregnancy stories go, nothing is worse than an unwilling /reluctant woman getting pregnant and going through with it (and resenting it a bit) because this isn't the 1950s. Women(and couples) have a choice. I hope when they do have kids, Penny decides herself and is enthusiastic about it. The alternative has already been done with Bernadette. I just think there is so much pressure on Penny(from fans)  to be pregnant irrespective of whether the character herself wants it or not.   That said, I'm surprised Penny doesn't think she wants kids. I think the writers are repeating themselves. 

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  18. On 9/2/2018 at 9:09 AM, Die Zimtzicke said:

    You are not alone. It has always confused  me as well. It's a fun ep but not the greatest ep ever.

    It is pretty obvious to me why it wins (or almost wins). People probably still remember the scene where Sheldon reacts to the gift. It is  one of (IMO), Jim Parsons' most iconic and brilliant performances. Kaley is great too. It is a unique scene I can't find on any other sitcom.  I see Bath Item as a "far from perfect" episode with a "near perfect" scene. 

    On 9/1/2018 at 3:58 AM, KripkeRules said:

    Don't kid yourself, I personally know that lots of (if not all) S&P shippers are believing both Bath Item and adhesive ducks are "their" episodes, because they showed the undying love between S&P (LMAO) .


    I think most votes come from outside voters. I am not sure why be so bothered  by the so called "shenny" ? I am against S/P as a romantic pairing but I voted for some episodes like Adhesive Duck and Panty Pinata , because I think the S/P plots in them are unique, funny and creative.  These episodes are liked by many fans, and thats true for any episode that enters the tournament. 

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  19. 9 hours ago, Jonny said:

    We don't know anything, but if a cast member has killed off the show my money is not on Jim not with YS running and getting a ratings boost from this show.

    Based on the news articles I have come across, looks like it ended because  Jim  doesn't want to continue .  

    13 hours ago, NotWonderland said:

    This is the feeling i got, leonard actually makes the comment opposites attract to penny at one point too.

    I found the Leonard and Penny plot funny i cant remember it as well as the sheldon and amy one just because they filmed some scenes quite a few times it was hard to follow whereas sheldon and amys was pretaped.


    Thanks for the taping info.

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  20. 4 hours ago, Jonny said:

    Everyone deserves/wants a shot at finding happiness, finding that special person and settling down to a lifetime with them.  Sheldon, Howard and even Raj are no different.

    Why do you assume happiness is finding that "special someone"  and settling down ?  You say S, R and H are no different. But the thing is, people are different. There are people who may be asexual or aromantic or otherwise do not want to fall in love . There are plenty of successful people who didn't settle down or had other life goals.   I am not saying , Sheldon finding someone is bad, but I can see why people are questioning it. I just don't see any reason  why he HAD to find someone or why he HAD to be like Leonard. . 

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  21. 14 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    The writers have already forgotten the Gates episode. Do you really believe their going to discuss Penny’s job? Shamy is suppose to have a honeymoon and Amy’s parents are suppose to visit the rest of the gang. Sheldon’s childhood friend from YS is suppose to be on this season. What have they mentioned for Lenny? Nothing I’ve heard

    I think the original point was that Penny's career is just a plot device. Gates Excitation was a terrible episode for Penny IMO.  Leonard knew full well she hates her job and wanted the PR job, yet he went behind her back and his behavior could have potentially ruin  her chances. He might not have done that intentionally but it didn't do her any favors either. It was for comedy and the writers don't take her career as seriously. 

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