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  1. I totally agree . Would Leonard have done the same nice things, if Penny was ugly/unattractive ? I have doubts. The main show runners are male, and so, TBBT is from male POV. The "nice" guy gets the hot girl cliche is beaten to death on millions of other shows and movies and sometimes male writers are blind to things that are more apparent to women. Like instances of Leonard treating Penny like a trophy and not valuing her beyond her looks. I think he wanted to have a rellationship with her and obviously why he did many nice things for her. It wasn't pure genorosity/selflessness. Nothing wr
  2. As a woman, I would consider it super creepy, if i heard that "babies" line IRL. It was done clearly as a punchline to comically estabalish Leonard's interest in Penny and Sheldon's "imaginary" comeback. I thought it was very obvious and predictable plot development though .
  3. I agree, the ballpit scene from Einstein Approximation is one of the best scenes of the series. It could have easily been one dimensional but Jim and Johnny played the physical comedy so well, it ended up being hysterical and memorable for me .
  4. The top 12 IMDB rated episodes are: Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, Opening Night Excitation, Bow Tie Assymetry, Staircase Implementation, Adhesive Duck Deficiency, Maternal Capacitance, Barbarian Sublimation, Thanksgiving Decoupling, Justice League Recombination, Panty Pinata Polarization, Robotic Manipulation and Scavenger Vortex. What I noticed was, while Bow Tie Assymetry has a 9.2, other shamy wedding themed episodes like Confidence Erosion and Reclusive Potential are near the botton of the list. Not all similarly themed episodes are highly rated. I think season 11 finale might also be
  5. Penny has her own identity outside of Leonard. She deserves a last name of her own to be revealed atleast . I wouldn't mind if they reveal it.
  6. I had no problem believing Shamy would get distracted by the equation. It IS the definition of Shamy for me. Their love of science and knowledge is fundamental to who they are as individuals and why they are attracted to each other first and foremost, irrespective of differing beliefs and hobbies. It is what separates them from other characters , who are also scientists, but more grounded . I actually thought it was nice that the writers decided to give the "science" aspect a sweet callback on the big day and also have Leonard join them, before Penny brought their attention back to the wedding
  7. It would have probably made more sense when they began dating but just this season, you had Sheldon make the effort to create a LHOTP themed birthday for Amy. He didn't have much interest in LHOTP either, yet he did it. So Amy wanting to know about comic books wouldn't have been that bad of an idea, even if she is secure about Sheldon's feelings. It is nice to make effort for each other and sometimes people even pick up their partner''s interests in movies/books/hobbies/food etc(though that wasn't necessarily the case here).
  8. I enjoyed this episode . It had some funny and refreshing story lines related to geek culture and science. I really liked Denise and it is nice that the writers have a female character genuinely interested in comic books, and not "faking it" for a guy . It hilarious how Sheldon kept going on and on about Denise and Amy's reaction to it. , I liked Penny wanting to be taken seriously and I think she deserves credit though Raj did set up the equipment in that particular time and space, so they should have joint credit.
  9. I have heard about the "big bang" approach to software testing . Bill Prady worked as a programmer, not a tester though.
  10. It wasn’t bad, but I agree, it was quite predictable. The whole “love saved Sheldon” sob story has been beaten to death indeed and I saw it coming a mile away with this never-ending wedding plot. I didn't see the point . I mean, the earth would not have stopped spinning had Sheldon stayed over a bit for dinner and discussed physics. Not sure why that is a bad thing anyway. If genders were reversed and Amy was giving up a science based discussion because she missed Sheldon, it would be considered sexist that her life revolves around a man, more than her work. Plenty of successful men (a
  11. So many memorable and iconic Sheldon quotes are brilliant I have some favorites: Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch !! I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested. "WHEATON......................................................................................................!" Sheldon(to Priya) : You may have gone to Cambridge, but I’m an honorary graduate of Starfleet academy. What computer do you have and .....please don’t say a white one? A "little" physics ???!!!!???!!! Well, then may I suggest you get a very long stick and play panty pinata. G
  12. Ooh yes that is a great clip ! I remember he said Jim had to audition twice, in part, because Chuck thought his audition as Sheldon was hilarious, genius and "shocking " . He wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke of some kind he said : "Can he come back and do it again coz I thought maybe it was a fluke of some kind. But it wasn't a fluke"
  13. I think they really need something for Penny to do,. I think Penny is (or used to be) probably the second most popular character after Sheldon. At the very least, the character is one of the more popular ones. So I think they are under-utilizing her. There were some Penny-centric episodes like Barbarian Sublimation and maybe some others in season 6, but I think there are few of those. The last good season they focused on Penny was in season 7 with her quitting cheesecake factory and her acting career. After season 8, they just kinda gave up IMHO. Lately there has been very little going on f
  14. have they ever said Sheldon can't or didn't have a crush on someone before season 1 of tbbt (2007) ? There is no reason to assume he didn't. I mean ...he isnt asexual or aromantic, is he ?Also he is 9 years in YS so it seemed like a platonic one sided 'crush' on an older girl who was intelligent and introduce him to geology . I think they just wanted to explain why Sheldon is so dismissive of geology. I feel they will soon run out of jokes if they start coming up with explanations for all his quirks !
  15. you think it was very mature and sensitive for Penny to clean Sheldon's toilet with a toothbrush and Lenny to mock him ? It was cruel . How come you forget about that ? How come Sheldon is the only bad guy ? And Leonard shouldn't have been keeping a secret from Penny in the first place, so he was also in the wrong. Sheldon may have been insensitive but he only revealed what was true in the first place.
  16. I think you are right . Being “soulmates” and being in love doesn’t necessarily mean a "wedding" . But mainstream conventional audiences would automatically assume that marriage/wedding will happen someday whenever a new love interest is introduced. Probably that is why Holland said that. But in case of Shamy , Amy wasn’t a main character in season 4, and they were initially written as friends /intellectual companions who were somewhat attracted to each other- but their relationship was undefined and not “labelled” as anything. I think the idea of proposal-engagement-marriage was introduced
  17. Really ? I thought Sheldon was funny ! We need more geekiness and board games and less baby-talk sometimes. I liked the reference to "The Campaign For North Africa ". It is a very complex game .
  18. It is better to be with someone who loves you rather than someone who just puts up with you. otherwise , it is like saying, it is better to be with an abusive partner rather than be alone and asexual. Or that it is better to grow up with a horrible dad rather than grow up without one. It is a slippery slope that can get offensive. Between Meemaw and Mary's attitude, i actually prefer Meemaw's. Atleast Meemaw was concerned about Sheldon being with the right person, rather than be thankful that he is with just anyone. Also, while I didn't care for the casting(and the episode) Meema
  19. Absolutely. I got engaged in January and my fiance and I will start some wedding planning of our own ! dress shopping and having a bachelorette might be the only things that appeal most to me right now. The rest of the "planning" stuff, is boring, stereotypical and banal to me LOL, especially in sitcoms. Sitcoms also usually drag weddings out for the entire season between proposal and wedding ugh. I am not interested in guest stars though Beverly might be happy to attend Sheldon's wedding. They will probably bring Amy's parents. Actually there is a lot of organizing friends/family can d
  20. Are you forgetting the time when Sheldon hugged Penny when she got him a gift? there was the time Penny defended him from a bully or When he drove her to ER or when she took him shopping . All the times Penny agreed to take care of him when he was sick. I think Penny and Sheldon were friends since early and it is a big exaggeration for you to say that there was a period of time on tbbt when they exclusively hated each other and weren't friends and are now suddenly OOC. Their banter was funny , not because it was based on mutual hatred but because they looked at life very differently
  21. Thats right ! Panty Pinata Polarization is one of my favorite episodes (well , mostly the S/P plot). It has some funny iconic lines I still remember- a real classic
  22. Don't worry, you are not alone ! I agree that Sheldon - Penny have a terrific comic dynamic throughout the years. I liked the latest episode. It was less relationship focussed and more old school friendship-based and somewhat science driven episode. I really enjoyed Penny's exchange with Sheldon and later the look on Leonard and Amy's face when Penny said you can have knots in four dimensions. It Sort of like Gorilla Experiment, except Sheldon was willing and open to Penny's little inputs and Penny was actually participating and contributing . On the Leonard -Amy side I liked the high sc
  23. Average ep. I thought Lenny didn’t look good this episode. Another episode that emphasizes Leonard and Penny’s differences, implies they have little in common and how Penny is bored by most things Leonard finds interesting. Being the reverse of “Collaboration Fluctuation” is not exactly a good thing. The writers should show what Lenny connect on, other than sex and the prospect of Penny taking her clothes off. On the other hand, Shamy were ok. I actually liked that Amy said one of the things she liked about Sheldon was his need to focus on his work . Being a scientist herself, I liked tha
  24. Golden Globes are given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They are a bunch of journalists, not acting peers. Winning an Emmy and a SAG award are more prestigious. SAG voting body is made of only actors. TBBT didn't get any SAG award nominations this year.
  25. I am still surprised that 2 academics like Sheldon and Amy don't even have a proper desk in 4B !
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