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  1. TBBT has not been nominated at the Golden Globes since season 7 or 8. It seems the Golden Globes go for newer and more up and coming TV shows. This year is nothing different. TBBT has never won for best television series. But I actually LOVE the clip of Kaley presenting Jim with the globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series at the GGs in 2011. It is a memorable moment and her reaction was amazing (but I think that one is the only golden globe award tbbt has ever won )
  2. Actually Amy was the one who used the word "slut" when she asked Penny if she was a slut and sheldon then proceeded to do some calculations. I loathe that episode and hated it to this day !
  3. The titles for "Mom" always feature 2 things , usually mentioned in the episode in an obscure manner. It annoys me because I literally can't always remember the episode story from the title. YS has 3 things in the title. I wonder if that has to do with Sheldon's triple knock .
  4. I guess, I also don’t watch exclusively for couples comedy comes first for me and then “shipping” comes later ! I didn’t even know S/P scenes were such a sore spot until I visited this forum (that was almost 2 years ago). I quite liked "Intimacy Acceleration" not because I was relieved that the writers were "fan trolling" but because Sheldon praised Penny's life smarts over the years. I always enjoy a funny scene. Many of TBBT’s popular and memorable scenes also involve S/P - from all the triple knocks, the "chair from the street", the “Panty Pinata”, the Soft Kitty and the laundry room
  5. Maybe Amy finally succeeded in "wearing down" Penny. Amy did implicitly admit she wore down Penny by hanging around her apartment , eating her food etc. in season 8, episode 4 (The Hookup Reverberation) . I don't remember the exact quote. Also perhaps scenting and licking Penny's apartment worked . Not to mention Amy unhealthily latching on to the idea of being "best friends" when she hardly knew Penny and Bernadette initially and the general creepy behavior like filming her in her underwear and some of the physical pushiness during the sleepover. Their relationship has significantly improved
  6. I thought Bernadette could have been Amy's MoH, sort of to "return the favor" . Amy was quite unreasonable and selfish to Bernadette about being the maid of honor at her wedding, despite not knowing Bernie at that time very well (and vice versa) and Bernadette was very kind enough to let Amy be, even though she was not obligated to do that. Looking back, I don’t think Amy wanted to be a MoH because she specifically cared about Bernadette as a friend. Amy wanted to be a MoH because she wanted attention, she never got in the past. It could have been anyone’s wedding, it would not have made that
  7. I don't agree with you. Penny has always guided Sheldon so I don't see a problem with her helping "Shamy" or find it ooc when she helps him out. Even in the beginning, there are plenty of times, she tried to help him. Like when Penny took care of Sheldon when he was sick, she comforted him when he came back from arctic, she took him suit shopping , she got him the autographed napkin for christmas, she gave him acting lessons and also defended Sheldon from a bully. Likewise, Sheldon drove Penny to the ER, helped her with rent money, advised her to go out with Leonard using Schrodinger's ca
  8. article says "recently separated" woman. So he can date her, but technically ..would be still "married" and not yet divorced. actually I meant, that Sheldon's advert date would not be a good addition to the group because the actress has already played two different roles on TBBT. In Panty Pinata Polarization, she played herself, and Raj was being a major creep. But then again, I doubt most of the audience would even notice or remember .
  9. I'm not sure about any of these ideas ( but Yvette seems like a viable possibility still) Raj made a lame joke about "Yvette" and "Vet" in the end, when he was calling her. It is possibly implied that she was put off by that joke and never called him again. The girl from Sheldon's scavenger hunt was when he was looking to date someone during the break up. It was ironically, Raj and Howard who found her . But the actress has already played another role on Panty Pinata Polarization when Howard and Raj were busy being major creeps to the model contestants on ANTM. It would be totally u
  10. Penny joked something along the lines that Leonard is short and once stood on top of her to get a good view the parade.
  11. Penny has always supported Leonard and called him smart. It is not the end of the world, if she ends up helping someone else too (we also have no further info about the plot- It could be a negative plot for all we know). But regardless, doing a nice thing for one person, doesn't take anything away from another. the earth is not going to stop spinning if they have a Sheldon/Penny B plot in 1 episode out of 24 . Season 11 appears to have more mix ups, than season 10. A single episode of Sheldon and Penny somehow interacting will not magically undo all the past and erase any fut
  12. And why shouldn’t the "actresses" have scenes with him? It is healthy to mix up pairings and show us that they are all friends. When Sheldon is mean, he is considered some sort of an evil malignant force . When he bonds with someone and is nice, he is "deliberately made to look wonderful". Either way, it appears Sheldon can't win and an excuse is needed to direct dislike towards him. Do the female characters need someone’s permission to hang out with whoever they want to and how much? Penny helping Sheldon would probably be no different to a Penny/Raj or Penny/Amy or a Howard/Amy or Leon
  13. It depends on how it plays , maybe Sheldon is just working on a solo problem, and needs alone-time to focus with zero distractions. sometimes people just need their own space to concentrate. It would be understandable for him to want to be alone and a valid request, that Amy chose to respect and spent time in 4A with Leonard, while he worked. And jokingly said, "sheldon kicked me out" to Leonard.
  14. It is a bit of a racist sentiment to "ship off" Raj. JMO. Unless he has broken any immigration law, there is no need.
  15. I thought it was quite low and immature of Leonard. It made me cringe when I saw Penny’s sincere and regretful disclosure to Sheldon about the topless shower scene contrasted with Leonard’s bragging of the same scene to his co-workers. It looked tacky and insensitive, not romantic . It was meant for crude laughs from my pov.
  16. I wouldn't say it would be considered "progressive" in america...but non-traditional, unconventional and not Hetero-normative would be better words to describe a scenario if Sheldon's best man is a woman and Amy's maid of honor is one of the guys. Traditionally MoH( and bridesmaids) are females and best man is a male chosen by the groom. These are duties based on traditional gender roles. Since science doesn't necessarily have to differentiate based on gender , so they could potentially get the best person for the job if they had applied whatever experiment they have on all characters, n
  17. Pls Don't leave the forum . Welcome . I like reading different opinions and some of the stuff you said i agree with
  18. The shamy wedding planning does sound cliche and dull. 11.12 seems like a typical run of the mill sitcom couple plot where they secretly or openly give "tasks" to their friends to see who performs them the best and it ends with a standard sitcom ~heartwarming~ moment. Just re-watch season 7 of FRIENDS or many other sitcoms to get similar variations. The one thing somewhat different that they can do is add some gender non-conformity or gender bending stuff where it turns out(from the experiment) that Sheldon's best man is a woman ( Penny or Bernadette ) and Amy's perfect made of hono
  19. Good point. I think Sheldon is sometimes judged harshly on every little thing he does- whether he is s6! Sheldon or not, whether he is saying all the right things or not; whether he is ruining things or not, whether he is making the right gestures or not…but Amy’s growth, is often forgotten. I liked that Amy wasn’t s6! Amy either. It shows how Amy has grown and changed . The elopement suggestion seemed like a practical solution to something causing them stress. Amy’s overall sentiment, that a big wedding is not as important as marrying Sheldon and spending the rest of her life with him was ref
  20. Huh ? Now i am confused. Can you point out where in my post did i say that Leonard should put up with Sheldon's terrible antics ? I was merely agreeing with the Op stating that Sheldon did save his life and at the very least saved him from physical harm and injuries and did not blab about it to the authorities. I didn't see anything incorrect in what the OP posted ( the bold part i quoted) . That is all. Anything else is just your interpretation of my words. But maybe i needed a reminder why i hate visiting this thread in the first place .
  21. No idea if/why others were snarky towards you but i agree with the bold part . Sheldon saved Leonard's life since he knew exactly how much time was left before the rocket exploded . Without Sheldon , Leonard would likely have been dead or would have blown up in the elevator. He was seconds away .
  22. Haha . i admit, i thought it was amusing to see them back at the Cheesecake factory with Jim and Kunal doing old style mannerisms lol. Sheldon being picky about his burger/club and speechless Raj- it was kinda funny. They have aged though , so naturally it won't feel the same, but they tried.
  23. But if they showed Leonard trying and failing at kayaking or Leonard feeling tired during a hike, while Penny is enjoying it, that would only highlight jokes about their differences. Leonard was feeling miserable in the football episode too. He tried to learn the rules , but it ultimately left him bored and he got out of there before half time. He admitted he was only doing it to keep having sex with Penny('mating privileges') . There was also an episode where Leonard admitted he did everything Penny likes- her choice of movies , her hobbies and even letting her eat curly fries- to get sex. T
  24. If it had been Stuart being pissed and angry at some of them, it would have made more sense to me, since they all bully him and are IMO , mean to him. He is more of a punching bag, than Raj is. Btw thanks for the TR. Hope you had a nice time .
  25. It doesn't have to be Sheldon's birthday, it could be at anytime. Sheldon's romantic "milestone" gifts in the last few years have been based on Amy's likes and dislikes (or gestures symbolic of something) for instance, the brain scan gift, , him giving up Star Wars or him ( trying to do ) something LHOTP related. So i'd like to see more of Amy's equivalent of that to Sheldon. I thought those R2D2 and calligraphy suggestions were cool . And maybe i am the only one, but i liked that they initially tried to apply a math algorithm ( i wonder which one) to wedding planning. Usuall
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