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  1. In Opening Night, Sheldon gave up star wars for Amy. Now he is taking interest in doing something Little House on the Prairie- related. Next time, Amy should make a romantic gesture on Sheldon’s birthday that is about something Sheldon is obsessed with, to make him happy(It doesn’t necessarily have to be only to seduce him …) . It could be a fun role reversal.
  2. It does feel OOC, because when the show started Raj, couldn't even speak to the female population. So...in some ways, he is actually more confident and functional now But I would cut Raj some slack. I feel Raj is at an unfair disadvantage here because,, he did not grow up in the US. He is educated and wealthy, but there has to be some culture difference he had to get used to, and maybe some unpleasant experiences that he is an "outsider", including casual racism . So maybe this is down to his specific immigrant experience ? Having a friend like Howard who makes fun of his culture and moc
  3. Thanks @brilliantfool it is very much appreciated.
  4. that i agree, the emmy winning days are long gone.
  5. Amy had more backbone in season 4 than season 6 and 7 combined lol.
  6. Yes ! I enjoy Sheldon too(perhaps less now compared to earlier). Jim Parsons' unique iconic Emmy winning comic potrayal is one of the things that set tbbt apart from a lot of other average rom coms about nerd/hot girl cliches for me. i agree they have overused him now, but i always felt season 10 should have been the end anyway. Well, I disagree with you to some extent. Some of the most (IMO), well written , well acted and my personal favorite episodes and scenes have focussed on Sheldon like Opening Night Excitation, Adhesive Duck Deficiency, the Napkin hug or the Schrodinger's
  7. Yeah Howard can be a jerk for making fun of Raj 's ethinicity and also i hate how Howard makes fun of Raj for being into things/hobbies stereotypically considered feminine, or Raj being open about his feelings etc.
  8. Thanks @Babar . Sheldon and Amy 's math driven approach to wedding planning sounds like a unique intriguing premise. Not sure how Howard is "hurting" Raj's confidence. Maybe Raj feels insecure because he is single while Howard has a family ? And Raj's dad will also be there...
  9. Back in the day, Sheldon’s dialogue referenced Joseph Babinski ! This does feel lazy. They forgot (or simply didn’t care more likely). A pity since they used to have well crafted dialogues . The dumbing down, lack of attention to detail , continuity or whatever you want to call it- has been there even long before season 11 though….
  10. Thanks for your wishes!! Thanks for the awesome gif @veejay Justice League is one of my favorites
  11. I think there is a reference to a "break up" from the white board notes(if that is indeed this same episode) . Maybe Raj causes his dad's latest relationship to break up. Or his dad decides to remarry and that upsets Raj . I see no Ruchi in the cast in the IG post. And i cant figure out which character is listed between raj's dad and Denise in the ig pic ?
  12. Well said and I don’t mind alt shippers either. I try to respect shippers, non-shippers and alt-shippers alike. If someone likes the idea of shamy, shenny, Shelnard or even no-romance-at-all , chances are they feel it intrinsically and it would be hard to convince them that their feelings are “wrong”. At the end of the day , it is fiction and entertainment. Viewers will have their opinions based on what they liked, what they disliked and what they thought, could have been
  13. UGH, I don't like the sound of that . The "men have no input in the wedding" gag is predictable but probably just a convenient way for the writers to keep Sheldon out of any further wedding planning . I hope Sheldon does have some input and the wedding reflects who both of them are. But again, I am not one of those viewers who is really dying to see the wedding in the first place so either way.....
  14. I would hate it if it was all Amy . Its Sheldon's big day too isn't it ? Or is he just a placeholder ? Its Sheldon's wedding as much as it is Amy's. I would like atleast some reflection of Sheldon in the wedding as well. I also think, that the perfect wedding doesn't really matter. What matters is the marriage- the journey , the connection and the fun. That is something that is lacking wrt to Shamy this season.
  15. I thought it was funny and sweet. It was a nice way to explore Sheldon's views on existence of God. He is agnostic but I liked him praying to mathematician, philosopher Blaise Pascal - you have nothing to lose if proven wrong . I thought the church scenes were funny especially the tag - how could there be light the first 3 days ? Was the word Kaboom ? The faking heart attack in the tag was surprising and hilarious, And I liked the chemistry with Missy and Georgie. Georgie is interesting and I find him sympathetic for some reason, being the oldest child. Yes, she was terrific. I th
  16. Ofcourse Penny isn't real. Leonard isn't real. They don't exist. The writers control what they do and feel . Thats why Penny was not very much shown to have serious relationships on screen outside of Leonard. The realism is skewed to fit Lenny. I never once bought this idea that attractive guys are all just jerks or dumb. Or "nerdy" looking guys are just all nice sad sacks to root for. Its too binary. The writers could have also very easily written Penny to be interested in and date a tall, handsome , physically fit, nice, educated (not necessarily genius) guy who was smart but als
  17. Why was it creepy ? Why was it better suited for Will and Grace or MF ?
  18. Yes ! Now is the time for Raj ! I think the show is a lot less relationship driven in season 11 and I think there is room to explore Raj as an individual and also his relationship with Ruchi and his parents . Ruchi doesn't have to be(and won't be) in every episode but I think they could give Raj some fun plots .
  19. Sheldon showed more empathy and seemed more likable in The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary (in season 3) than in THIS episode of season 11. Back then, Sheldon let Will win, because he felt sorry his grandmother died. Sheldon’s words -No. I came here to defeat Will Wheaton, the man who destroyed my dreams. But I can’t defeat Will Wheaton, the man who loved his mee-maw. Sheldon loved his Meemaw and he fell for Will’s lie. The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary is iconic and interesting imo, because it has an evil emotionally manipulative twist at the end. Will was set up as a comical “vi
  20. Finally watched the episode ! I actually really liked Howard/Penny/Bernie interacting in their own plot. Haha . Bernadette was so freaked out in the end ! Sheldon's plot was better than last week but thats a low standard.
  21. Yes, I watched the whole episode and my sentiment remains the same. There wasn't anything negative regarding shamy in this episode, but it just felt like any other "Sheldon acting unreasonable" plot where he is on a completely different page compared to all the other characters. I still prefer this over resentment/fights/jealousy any day though.
  22. I have only seen a few clips but I didn't get the "two peas in a pod" vibe . Amy's reaction to Sheldon's tape was no different than Leonard or Penny's . All three of them thought it was awful and borderline psychotic (Amy was sarcastic enough so Sheldon didn't get it). Would have preferred if Lenny were the ones who pretended that it was nice while Amy was honest with him about his audition tape being crap and it could have been a consoling scene . OR they could have turned it into a great funny shamy in-joke and have Amy un-ironically think his tape was actually fun, unlike Lenny. or may
  23. There is a great dialogue in this episode. When Leonard is about give up his Time Machine because Penny called it pathetic and childish, Sheldon called out Penny : Little Miss “grown ups don’t play with toys”. If I were to go into that apartment right now, would I find Beanie Babies? Are you not an accumulator of Care Bears and My Little Ponies? And who is that Japanese feline I see frolicking on your shorts? Hello,Hello Kitty! i thought Sheldon had a point. We all enjoy to some extent "immature" stuff and have child-like traits or hobbies. Penny did too with her stuffed animal
  24. I liked that Sheldon praised Penny's emotional intelligence and social skills in Intimacy acceleration. It is a certain kind of intelligence and maturity that he lacks and Penny has it. I thought it was a very accurate compliment to Penny. And I like that Penny can be a very patient advocate for Sheldon, despite his weirdness, the time, Penny realized Sheldon struggles with the change in the YouTube rating system or how she asks if he wants to knock a third time, when she opens the door too soon. I think they are friends and have familial affection. I remember Sheldon count Penny as his fri
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