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  1. Just because Jim said he wants Sheldon to have a one-night stand with Penny, does not mean the writers will actually make that happen Lol. Doesn't matter if S/P are the most popular characters. If they hooked up, they would be like those bizzare pseudo step siblings/friends from Cruel Intentions--imagine Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe lol. Haha. I mean, thats just messed up.Lol If TBBT has taught us anything, its that the writers have never been risk takers, they love to maintain the status quo. So nothing will happen to Lenny or Shamy(they just got back together, so don't think
  2. OMG, This is thread is so funny. I think none of the cast members, especially Jim, Johnny and Kaley NEED to work for money after the show. Lucky !! But realistically, Jim seems to be annoyed and less enthusiastic out of all about continuing the show. I can understand coz playing the same character can be depressing, since he is an acting geek. I loved Jim in the Normal Heart( Ryan Murphy's award winning movie) and also the same show on Broadway. I was happy he got an Emmy nomination for it. I also saw his hit broadway show last summer since I live in NYC. I'd love if Jim after TBBT, move
  3. I agree with you about lack cerebral stuff between Shamy. Any one else feel like Amy has become a put-upon stereotypical sitcom girlfriend ?? I love her, but she has kinda lost her personality. I forget she is even a genius scientist. All she cares about is relationships. Thats it. There is nothing that makes her unique. If Sheldon had just met the Amy of today, he might not have fallen for her. He liked Amy because of her quirks and he admired her mind. Its one thing to want to be social, but that does not mean you lose everything else. I love all the progess they made this season but that
  4. People are getting sick. Get well soon.
  5. Thanks!! I guess I will get the Game of Thrones references when the episode airs !! I just hope Sheldon does not actually spoil anything like he spoiled The Walking Dead in spoiler alert.About Amy, I meant i can understand why she felt left out. Personally,I wouldn't date a guy who only has guy friends either lol. And I love GG
  6. I hope you are right about casual viewers !! Shamy and Lenny are the way to go(though I am partial to Shamy ) !! BTW there is nothing 'disturbing' about Sheldon and Penny IMO. I love their friendship. I think it is okay for a guy and girl to be close friends and care about each other, platonically. TBBT seems to think that girls can only be friends with girls(eg: girls night) and guys can only be close to guys. Which is weird because TBBT at its heart is about collision of worlds & embracing differences like Sheldon and Penny do. I think people just freak out whenever Shenny h
  7. You are right , that Sheldon and Penny are the most popular ones, and casual viewers will not mind if they hooked up. But Sheldon and Amy are also liked by a lot of people. I love them !!
  8. Lol !! I just want to say your post made me really laugh out loud !! Especially what you said about Sheldon being played by Penny and Amy. Agree with you about Raj, they need to write him off or demote him to a recurring role; they'll save a lot on cast salary that way.
  9. I totally agree with you. I miss Shenny friendship. The TBBT used to be about having fun, appreciating each others' differences and being funny, but now its totally turned into a relationship show. Its not about science anymore either. People only care about relationship drama and its dragging the show down. S/P have a great chemistry.You don't have to focus on couples all the time. If I watched a random episode, I would not even have guessed that they were scientists, especially the girls.
  10. Thank you for providing the TR !!. And thanks for saying that the episode was not very heavy !! I also love Shenny and I don't want the writers to ruin their friendship due to insecurity issues from Amy or Leonard. Sheldon and Penny are very similar, despite being opposites-they are both used to getting their way, they are kinda selfish, immature and don't wanna grow up. Yeah, they are the only weirdly close non-couple guy-girl friendship in the group. I think Amy was a little insecure because she had no friends and most of her friends are Sheldon's friends, so she always felt left out.
  11. What if Vanessa came back ? She was the girl Sheldon rejected. She seemed pretty cool. She spoke Klingon and Sanskrit. She could hang with the guys. This show desperately needs geek girls. None of the girls talk about science/geek culture anymore. TBBT does not need more guys like Dave, it needs more girls like Vanessa !!
  12. Leonard and Penny need to live together, thats for sure. So maybe Sheldon can live alone . That would be a good start. You are right, its probably wishful thinking on my part that the writers would stick to something Amy said in 6x02, 4 years ago. I don't really see a wedding in 10x02 either, but maybe in season 10 finale. I don't know. The whole thing is one big question mark. Maybe they'll never get engaged. But then, why even show that Sheldon has a ring in 8x24 ? Anyway, I want Amy to act like a genius again. I would love a Shamy episode like the Herb Garden Germination, take us ba
  13. I really want Sheldon and Amy to move forward. Season 10 might be the last so they don't have much time, Its not going to be THAT different if Amy began to live in 4A and Leonard in 4B.The sets will be same and it would give more potential storylines. I don't know what the writers are afraid of. They wasted all season 8 on filler and now season 9 is going to be over. I want them to be engaged/atleast live together this season finale and I don't want any cliff hanger related to Shamy. I don't know if Sheldon will propose or if Amy will say yes but I really want closure on that ring once a
  14. I wonder why Jim never posts any pictures with her anymore. He used to.
  15. Hi I am new here !! I loved the Glamour interview. I think Jim is allowed to love multiple things on TBBT. He has always loved working with Kaley and some of his favorite scenes are those with Sheldon and Penny. I enjoy Sheldon's relationships with many women characters like Beverly, Leslie Winkle , Penny and Amy. As an actor I'm sure Jim feels , in terms of comedy that would be a brilliant scene. Doesn't mean he does not support Shamy. I mean, Sara Gilbert said she would want Leslie to hook up with Sheldon LOL. It was a fun random question :-)
  16. Love this interview. I hope Jim wins many more awards even after TBBT is over .
  17. Jim at the TBBT 200th episode celebration.
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