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  1. Not sure what is so surprising about these awful jokes. They didn’t suddenly appear after a long hiatus from the early seasons due to new showrunners. Just last season Howard and Raj mentioned Penny’s past number of partners when discussing her job with Zack. Sheldon slut shamed her in 10.04 before moving to 4B. In Prom Equivalency Amy and Bernadette slut shamed her and called her easy and slutty. Same with Penny’s drinking jokes and Sheldon’s inappropriate kids jokes. Its lazy writing when the writers don’t want to think of something more original. The episode that started it all- Creep
  2. I noticed that too. Early seasons Howard is condemned, yet Kripke is loved LOL ! Kripke being pervy about what sex toys Shamy use while working with Sheldon is not that different from creepy Howard wanting to read about Penny’s sex life with her blogger ex-boyfriend. Or Kripke sending a picture of his dick to Amy, is a bit like something early seasons Howard would think is charming when asking someone out.Maybe it has to do with dislike of Sheldon. So someone who is a rival of Sheldon and can teach Sheldon a lesson is liked. The writers have many plots about how Sheldon needs to learn this les
  3. Raj is being wasted at the moment, but I think he will date Ruchi in the future episodes . Stuart will be in the picture somehow . That episode(11.07) also has Bert. I still think there are just too many characters for one episode ! thanks for your balanced view point . I agree ? , which is why selective viewing is important for me. Haven't seen episodes 1-4 yet but may watch the Beverly / Penny one.
  4. because other characters are perfect and don't need personal development ? Only Sheldon ? frankly it gets boring with making everything about Sheldon's issues. They were writing him better in season 10, so I'm not on board with them regressing him...just so they can justify this overlong arc. The other characters have different issues too, yet we don't see an even distribution of episodes where any of them learn a lesson or something. which means it would be a better idea for me to just watch the "better" parts that come after the "worse" as the worse parts are neither funny, interesti
  5. I don't think they are doing a very good job of branching off to their own stories. Sheldon's entire plot was whining about Amy working too much. Maybe “needy” Sheldon is romantic for some (??), but I just can’t see the appeal. The problem is that they have so many characters that they don't know what to do with everyone. There are many productive and funny ways to write a character. Sheldon played 3-person chess, he read periodicals and listened to Feynman lectures at the same time, he tried to learn Finnish, he enjoyed discussing Flatlands for fun and bred luminous fish night lights whe
  6. So the Sheldon ,who once gave his friends insight about conducting Schrodinger’s cat thought experiments WHILE learning Mandarin , discussed Victorian social mores as a hobby , talked about the heroic mythology of looking for fun and ,helped other customers at a store with his tech skills, now has nothing better to do than be whiny and wonder why Amy works on Saturdays like an outdated stereotype from 1950s ?? The quality of Sheldon-centric humor has fallen so much . And so ...Sheldon's regression, mental disintegration, dumbing down and infantalization continued in 11.05. It just seeme
  7. Well Howard wasnt exactly considerate, romantic and respectful when he called Penny "doable". Speaking from my own personal experience being on the receiving end of words like "fuckable" and "doable" from guys is kinda disgusting, dehumanizing and not always a compliment . I agree Penny was harsh, but Howard deserved it, for disregarding her feelings and not treating her as a person and a friend. Im not saying Penny is perfect or that Howard is always horrible, but in that episode, i think Howard was more of a bad guy than Penny was. Im going with agree to disagree.
  8. Penny can take care of herself obviously. She wasn't scared or threatened of Howard, she still disliked it and also called him disgusting in season 1 . Obviously it is a sitcom so they couldn't go more serious than that. But I don't like that while Penny apologized, Howard didn't seem to learn his lesson back then. He still joked about getting "pity sex" by the end of the episode after Penny punched him. Penny didn't want to be around Howard. I remember when Howard used a recording of Sheldon's voice to get Penny to even open the door. I think she mostly went to 4A to see Leonard and lat
  9. Unpopular opinion but…..eww no. Jealousy as a means to show attraction/attachment? Really,? Just because Amy is working on another project? I don’t think it is lovely. I think what is lovely is that after 6 years Sheldon should respect Amy’s space. They could have given Sheldon something more meaningful and constructive to do. I'm going to be optimistic and hope he doesn't become an emotional equivalent of Raj.
  10. I thought it was some of Nichole Kidman's best work, especially the scenes with the therepist. Alexander Skarsgard was simply brilliant too. They were the MVPs who kept me watching beyond the first episode. The execution was nail biting yet somewhat terrorizing in the way it all unfolded. I liked Laura Dern and Iain Armitrage as well.
  11. I have come to appreciate Gorilla Experiment much more years later, now that I graduated high school and college. Understanding some concepts in CS, physics, math and chemistry from teaching assistants or seeking help of close friends can be frustrating ! I had a similar experience in an "Introduction to computer architecture " class. Although Sheldon was teaching very basic stuff . ma=mg , and a=g . And acceleration due to gravity is constant . Jim was very funny in this. Kaley effortlessly recited the reasoning for Sheldon's spot. Penny- newton was a really smart cookie
  12. I think she was Kathy, not Patsy, The girl who approached Sheldon towards the end of The Cooper Nowitzki Theorem. She was like Ramona all over again, or so it was implied(but never shown).
  13. We can use the same example for Amy too,( about not comprehending social things). There was the time when Amy lied about being sick and tricked Sheldon to touch her inappropriately, and help her take a bath while he was totally clueless etc... Amy briefly filming Penny in her underwear, coming onto Penny physically during the sleep over, mentioning how she would let Penny handle her body hair(which was gross) and scenting both Sheldon and Penny's personal belongings...those were also types of behaviors that would bother people IRL. If we reverse genders and a man did that to a wom
  14. If you watched How I Met Your Mother (also aired on CBS), Barney's character was a source of some awful misogynist sleazy creepy borderline-rape jokes and the general lying/tricking/manipulating/ getting women drunk was IMO, in bad taste(while being only occasionally funny). And that was for almost 8 seasons, while Howard was only creepy for seasons 1-3. I also heard Two and A Half Men had some bad jokes and problematic representation/objectification of women(not a good representation of men either IMO). I only watched like 4-5 episodes, but I definitely got that vibe from Charlie and Ala
  15. How are they subjective ? They are numbers. From my understanding, I think 18-49 demographic ratings are more important to advertisers than total viewers. speaking of which, I am in the U.S. and almost 24 but yet to watch first 4 episodes. I wonder if there is anyone else here, who is in the US and in 18-49 age range and watching TBBT ?? how representative of viewership this forum really is .
  16. Why is The Big Bang Theory your favourite show? Overall appeal for me was in the premise - A waitress moves across the hall from 2 physicists. And how their worlds clash comically and they learn something from the other. I also like the show for its science /math driven plots and vocabulary and sci-fi references which IMO, separated it from a lot of ordinary sitcoms about a group of friends. What do you think makes The Big Bang Theory as popular as it is? Sheldon Cooper is often considered the break out character. TBBT is popular, in part because of many iconic scenes , the
  17. True , but close friends complain about each other many times too. or find personality traits that are tiring about each other sometimes .And there is a difference between critical comments and cruel bashing. Beverly making critical comments or observations about everyone would be welcome by me.. Doesn't mean she is supposed to be right though.
  18. I actually agree and would like to hear Beverly's thoughts on Amy, Hearing Beverly's critical thoughts about all other characters would be interesting. I also think ,( ideally ) no character should be immune to criticism or being called out. they all have their faults, that includes Amy, Sheldon, Bernie, Raj and Howard . If a character is perceived as flawless and nice, all the time , either it becomes boring writing for me OR it means that the writers (or fans) have a huge blind spot towards the faults of that character. See ? This is exactly what i have been feeling sinc
  19. Yeah, as someone who has been a victim of groping , roofying and assault myself just a few yrs ago, i found the whole thing a bit self congratulatory . great if her personal experience has not been like that and i dont think she was outright victim blaming or that she even meant to obviously. but at the same time i found it weirdly passive aggressive and condescending towards actresses who were victims, especially the generalizations about them being more attractive/their diet/ behavior/dress code etc . Glad to hear the FB live cleared it all up tho.
  20. Although , I stopped watching TBBT in season 11 , I always liked Jim as Sheldon too. He was a major reason I watched TBBT , since 2009 . I didn't view Sheldon as a total villain , who needs to be "fixed" and learn a lesson 24x7 like some do, nor did I view him as a perfect flawless character to be put on a pedestal. To me, he was just a character who was.....who he was. He hasn't been as funny or interesting now to me, but I have my classics I will always re-watch.
  21. I don't agree with some parts of what she said about attractive women/dressing a certain way etc . The wording of it, rubbed me the wrong way too.
  22. I agree. Creative integrity is important too and can actually go hand in hand with commercial success. After all, when TBBT started , commercial success and high ratings weren't handed over to them . They earned it , to some extent. Back in season 2, when the show was taking off and TV critics started praising it , it also received a lot of Emmy and other awards buzz , especially for Jim and Johnny. So artistic reasons and critical praise can also attract audiences to discover shows and check out what all the fuss is about. Not to mention, TBBT was (one of) the top rated sitcoms in season 6
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