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  1. There were good bits no doubt, but there were bad bits as well in season 7-10 IMO. Lenny became stagnant, Raj actually went backwards into a vortex of self pity and jerk behavior and learned nothing, Stuart went from being self-deprecating to a downright depressed punching bag. Amy has often the role of looking varying degrees of bored/annoyed/mad/angry at Sheldon and being a self-insert mary sue character to enable Sheldon’s (frankly boring ) never ending sob story of constant professional failures, his learning lessons that are reset, his emotional and psychological breakdowns, hoarding tr
  2. The FYC original is a pretty cool photo. They got nominated for Outstanding Comedy series in 2013 !
  3. I have had my fill of Sheldon learns to deal with xxxx . Enough of Sheldon’s issues ! I hope they don’t drag it out over 24 episodes how Sheldon must deal with Amy’s career. Needy, whiny or jealous Sheldon is not a great thing. Also why not have some accomplishment for Sheldon too ? I want Sheldon to be self sufficient, secure, competent at something and independent. I want him to be of some value to Amy . What does she get out of being with him ? I want to see situations where Amy is upset and Sheldon comforts her(which hasn’t happened since season 4/5). or a plot about how Sheldon sol
  4. I have not watched season 11, episode 1 but I personally think the writers are doing a great job with Leonard and Penny in season 11 from what I have read in the spoilers ! They are getting the sweetest stories so far ! I like how Beverly is proud of them both. It might not be much, but they are being written as happy and none of their plots surprisingly involve major conflicts up to now, unlike other couples. Quality matters over quantity, and the little moments of being happy and accepting each other make more of an impact on me . And I think their dynamic is also more equal . We had Leonar
  5. If u ask me ...no reason to watch imo After that clip , 11.01 shamy plot is so boring. It is basically same old lazy sitcom 101 trope of "wise patient woman putting up with her annoying foolish childish man, yet for some inexplicable reason, she is dying to marry him" On the bright side , pictures of episode 11.02 look pretty cool . That picture with just Penny and the guys and the pic of Sheldon surrounded by all those whiteboards reminds me of old school tbbt.....thinking of physics bowl and Penny blossoms. The Leonard/Penny pictures look great too. Im curious about L
  6. Haha. Couldnt agree more. Sheldon seems to be "evolving" backwards...into a toddler. Sheldon's career is a total bust and there is nothing going on in his professional life. He used to be so big into numbers and solving the mysteries of the universe and obsessed with his whiteboard , now he is dumbed down , needy and jealous. I guess the psychic was WRONG: "committing to amy" did nothing for his research or inspiration or career. They have already have child/dog sheldon jokes in the season 10 finale, combined with him squealing over "play date " with Ramona, being given a tim
  7. If Sheldon reacted to everything normally, plenty of TBBT plots wouldn't be there. The major portions of plots of Indecision Amalgamation(PS vs xbox), Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, Adhesive Duck Deficiency, Panty Pinata Polarization, Pants Alternative, Einstein Approximation (and the ball pit scene) , Agreement Dissection or…countless other popular TBBT episodes wouldn’t even exist. One one hand, you are criticizing Sheldon for running away and not having a reasonable reaction to the situation. On the other hand, You said it yourself, his antics don't HAVE to be normal and are just meant f
  8. I am just listing all the episodes /examples where Lenny had some kind of conflict(although our personal interpretation may vary) . Whether it was pointlessly OOC or not (I thought Penny decorating the room with all shades of pink was a bit OOC) , it doesn't change that Sheldon was not really causing any of those , especially not in the season 10 examples I gave. So I kinda disagree with this claim that he is 24x7 causing issues with Lenny. especially since he moved out to 4B with Amy.
  9. Instead of blaming Sheldon all the time, IMO, it is worth looking at how Leonard and Penny themselves create trouble in their relationship. 1) Their major conflict in season 10 was about Penny and Raj bonding , and ignoring Leonard. Nothing to do with Sheldon. They themselves invited Raj over. It was no one else's fault but their own. Also that episode made it seem like they both have more in common with Raj individually, than with each other. 2) Leonard is the one who went off to north sea and cheated on Penny (or at the very least lied to her for 2 years), despite their heartfe
  10. Jim Parsons is presenting at the Primetime Emmy Awards on sunday. No idea about the rest of the cast.
  11. The fight between Sheldon and Howard was actually started by Howard, not Sheldon.Howard makes derogatory remarks towards Sheldon too , like how he didnt go through puberty and what not simply because Sheldon used to be disinterested in sex/dating . Or how Amy is ruining her life by being with Sheldon. Not sure we can completely get rid of these jokes because ,imo these are long running jokes, that general audiences dont seem to mind (atleast that's what i feel). So the contract means Howard is still allowed to insult Sheldon, but Sheldon is not allowed to insult Howard lol ?
  12. Not really, because there is more to Penny than her looks ? She is a person , not just an ego boost trophy/lust object? Otherwise that would just give me an impression that Leonard only values her because she is hot and the only thing they have is sex. People grow old and dont always look the same. What will they have then ? I would like more examples of what else Leonard values about her as a person, other than the fact that she is hot. Why not.
  13. @NotWonderland thank you, i appreciate what u have done. Any details about the previous episode 11.03 that you want to share ?
  14. Really ? I confess, I loved Jim Parsons’ older work (esp s1-4). ! I was happy when Jim got nominated for his first Emmy and won (his first and only) Golden Globe - in s2 and s4 respectively. Also, i don't agree that Jim failed to make Sheldon lovable and enjoyable on his own. I think he largely succeeded and I felt Sheldon was always human and never a robot! This was also said(and shown) in an old pre-season 4 episode that he was caring and had emotions. In many ways he was more endearing back then , than now. A TV critic said in 2008, something I agreed with: Sheldon has become a
  15. In general, I don't think longevity and ratings necessarily mean high quality and creativity. Just because a show is 12 seasons long doesn't mean quality is good. That is subjective. There are some, IMO, awful long running TV shows ( for instance, i didn't really like 2.5 Men) so I don't see the point . Likewise, many critically acclaimed award-winning shows get cancelled early on too. For tbbt, IMO, there was a period of time, where I felt they did have quality and the writing was (IMO) funny and sharp, especially Sheldon-centric humor(season 2-6) but I am not that sold on TBBT post
  16. I think Penny has simply gotten more used to it or is more open to it. Maybe that is what makes her different from Priya or Ramona who were too intolerant and controlling. Bernadette threw away Howard's tardis and while Amy kept it , it was only to seduce Sheldon. I don't think of Penny as an extreme anti-nerd, atleast not anymore than Amy or Bernadette. Penny's attitude towards gaming/sci-fi/comic books/movies based on those feels a bit more nuanced and not always the "bunch of dopey space movies for 12 year olds" attitude. Penny played the role of "Spock" in Sheldon's acting skit.
  17. Anyone watched and liked Big Little Lies ?
  18. serena_1995


    Rachel and Chandler were my favorite characters. Phoebe too. I loved the one where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler. Thats my favorite
  19. They can get bigger shirts for him but it looks like writers dont have a problem with it.
  20. Amy drugged Sheldon haha. I'm sure she can control Sheldon and the terms of Shamy relationship . She gave him a time out and told him to "sit on stairs". Amy also doesn't think Sheldon can run his own life . The writers have Amy managing things for Sheldon, or teaching him a lesson or worrying about him running into traffic when she is away . Whereas we rarely see Amy learning something from Sheldon or Sheldon influencing Amy in a positive way or Sheldon managing Amy or Sheldon being the wise one in the relationship or Sheldon solving a problem for Amy . I get a definite one -sided "Mom ma
  21. In addition to boring it also has "dreadful" , "conventional" and "lazy" written all over the premise. They have to fill up 45 more episodes. The shamy wedding planning drama over the cliff reminds me how the show has been "over the cliff" for quite sometime now imo. Not that there aren't episodes i like anymore, but its a case of broken clock being right etc etc. We dont have enough info but both plots sound lame.
  22. I thought myself what Ramona would say about LHC. She also helped Sheldon with his paper on the decays of highly excited string states . Sheldon's interest also included heterotic string theory, particle cosmology (with dr plimpton) and later dark matter(he attempted to prove Penrose conjecture...). with Raj he investigated the something about gamma rays from the dark matter annihilation. I also liked Leonard's holographic display . BTW I would like seeing Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Leslie(would she still be with loop quantum gravity?), Ramona, Alex and Kripke interact in Caltech cafetari
  23. vintage Sheldon did not have interest in Spongebob (atleast I don't remember anything specific). Infact he mocked Zack using it as a reference:/ I would have preferred if Sheldon listened to Richard Feynman lectures and read physics periodicals on the plane, like he used to. I think they dumbed him down in this instance.
  24. Well, Adhesive Duck Deficiency won . While Bath Item has one of Jim Parsons' the most iconic performances in the show in the saturnalia miracle hug, EVERY scene in the A plot of TADD will always be a comic masterpiece for me . When Sheldon tried to be "there " for Penny it was(and still is) a timeless awards worthy moment lol.
  25. Yeah, conflict does drive the work vs relationship story, but it can sometimes be constructive too. Like how they have handled Amy as a character. While 10.24 was a challenge for Shamy, both relationship and work are going great for Amy now and they can still derive comedy from that. So they can do the same for Sheldon too. Maybe not right now given the circumstances , but maybe sometime later. On the other extreme, the writers have made long running jokes of Penny making bad dating choices and also failing at work - acting, waitressing, college and the misery of her current job...s
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