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  1. Ymmv but Imo, Sheldon was never a complete "careless ass". Thats not how Jim Parsons played him imo. He always cared and thats why became a beloved character early on. I think there are examples of him being likable in older years and many of him being an ass in later seasons. Its not so much then vs now, but about the plot for me i guess. Also, I never said the bold part. And i dont see how Sheldon was in any way egoistic in 10.23. He was supportive of Amy from the get go. But that doesnt change what hapenned to him in his professional life was kinda shitty and he had a complete right to be
  2. I'm merely pointing out that I think the loss of the Gyroscope project had nothing to do with Sheldon's ego or his other unlikable attributes, which was mentioned in some of the posts. And while we don't have enough info, it doesn't look like what happens in 11.02 is either. There was a lot of focus in posts on how other characters have taught Sheldon to improve himself, but thats not relevent to what is happening now.
  3. I am kind of torn about negative point. I guess I don't care about reputation scores but it can be abused/misused too...based on some of my unpopular opinions, I guess I would have a score of -10000 . lol. But it could be difficult to monitor the limits etc etc...so yes, the previous system was the best. But it is still there. We can still give a "like".
  4. as a Hollywood analogy, that can happen to many child actors too, like what happened to Sheldon(being a child prodigy and not being able to keep up as an adult). BTW, I think the loss of the Gyroscopic project had nothing to do with Sheldon or Leonard or Howard's ego at all. I have found Sheldon to be a bit annoying/unlikable lately(for a variety of reasons I am not going to go into), but I didn't think Sheldon was particularly unpleasant in the Gyroscope project plot at all. He even agreed to donate part of his earnings to Howard's child. In the big picture, it was a team effort.
  5. Just call it a tie and let both episodes win the tournament.
  6. I think career success can't be substituted with relationship success. What I realized is that the writers have a tendency to celebrate relationship moments/milestones when one of the partners is deeply unhappy in their professional life. Sheldon is unhappy. Shamy coitus 3.0 and engagement comes at a time of a professional setback and disillusionment with physics for Sheldon(10.23 and 11.02). It reminds me of the time Penny was fired /hit rock bottom in her career before the Lenny engagement. A/B plot without Penny will be interesting and fun. It is rare. Penny character would
  7. What is odd is that i feel Sheldon was far more likable, witty and even sort of grown up in classic episodes like Adhesive Duck Deficiency which was his funniest act of chivalry or Bath Item Gift Hypothesis where his odd neurotic gift giving ettiquette was charming and his gratitude/freak out over Penny's gift was human and hilarious ...or Barbarian Sublimation, where he seemed pretty clever and in control. They balanced his insanity with humor and heart quite well. In many ways he has grown but sometimes i think, in other ways they de-developed Sheldon , so now he has to clumsily re- lear
  8. LOL, No wonder Sheldon's career is in the dumps. They rarely show him succeed at anything for a very long time. There is nothing going on in his life other than being a fiance and a dumbed down unfunny caricature, I wonder how the Howard/Bernie plot will go. They have shown that Bernie is more successful than Howard before though and how it is (not- hilariously) castrating to Howard ughh. Leonard's thinking is depressing too but it looks like he has the most interesting original plot in this one. Very intriguing reason for Leonard to fail the interview. Thanks ! I am not watching
  9. I love that scene with the vespa ! Euclid Alternative is such a great episode from the old days. I also like : The cold open of Bath Item Gift Hypothesis where the gang discusses dry cleaners in city of Kandor . The Physics Bowl episode. The ones with Paintball (esp Cushion Saturation where Penny and Leslie also join them). Leonard/Howard/Raj Star Wars plot in Opening Night Excitation. Another one of my favorite scenes is when Penny accidentally shaves off a part of Sheldon's hair in Werewolf Transformation and Sheldon is oblivious. Sheldon accidentally aski
  10. I voted for Adhesive Duck Deficiency over Long Distance Dissonance. 8 years have passed ( ! ) since the TADD but its' A plot still holds up for me, today, as Sheldon knocked his way to 4B towards Penny’s shower and explained why his ducks holding umbrellas are “whimsical”.. That is thanks in part to the amazing comic beats of Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, esp. Jim in the ER scene and Kaley in the final Soft Kitty scene. I also found Sheldon to be a bit more likable, witty and grown up in TADD compared to Long Distance. He seemed to be on an even footing with Penny, while still retaining his o
  11. Leo was funny !! I also loved Octavia Spencer as the dmv worker in Euclid Alternative and Dr. George Smoot's appearance in Terminator Decoupling. yes that was Analeigh Tipton who played herself as a model on America's Next Top Model (Panty Pinata Polarization) and also played Sheldon's date in s9. Same actress , different characters.
  12. ^^ Do you think telling someone to "Run to India" or wherever is really a healthy discussion ? Im always open to negative replies and disagreements. No doubt. In my original post , I was only specifically talking about negative emojis, nothing else. How would you feel if someone repeatedly gave you a negative emoji for "run to india" on every post you made from now on, just for the fun of it ? Im not saying you have to get hurt by that, but it doesnt really add anything to the discussion. I know most posters are reasonable and would use negative emojis only if they gen
  13. Are u saying Shamy is just basically Shelnard ? Sheldon is dating a female Leonard ? OMG lol. I personally prefer when Amy and Leonard are different and their mutual irritation can be used for comedic effect, like Amy doing something to freak out Leonard. We already have Leonard and Penny bonding over dealing with Sheldon. I don't need more of the same "i'm put upon by Sheldon" dynamic. I prefer when Sheldon is their friend , not their collective responsibility.
  14. To the moderators @Tripper and @Tensor: quoting myself because as an example, @hokie3457 gave me a "negative" reaction on one of my previous posts, which may prevent me from expressing unpopular opinions in the future . Any thoughts on this ?
  15. I think there are good and bad bits about everything. Nothing is flawless, which includes the girls' scenes. For instance, the major boys/girls split episode was Locomotive Reverberation this season and I certainly didn't enjoy either plots. The girls crying about marriage/babies/house and making edgy lactation jokes, while the guys work was pretty stale and gendered. Positive Negative Reaction in s9 was similarly lame with the guys discussing project ideas/girls talking about baby clothes . If the girls hang out I don't want to see some kind of plot akin to boat kiss justification or some w
  16. I am so happy for their Emmy nominations but I also love Stranger Things...so it will be tough ! can't wait for season 2. But i'm a bit let down they didn't reveal Jack's fate in season 1 finale. they'll probably drag it out for a few seasons.
  17. I feel the opposite. Many might disagree, but some of my favorite funny moments in the show have been because of Sheldon and the girls. Sheldon/Penny/Amy dealing with the infested chair in 4B ? Sheldon/Penny/Amy tiara scene ? Sheldon going on girls' night and Amy helping him with Sheldon vs Priya war in Agreement Dissection? That was all very funny IMO. Sheldon/Penny have had many classic moments from the knocks and the laundry room scenes to their sibling/frenemy wars and the general comedy . I also liked the relatively infrequent Sheldon/Bernadette interactions. Every time Sheldon bursts
  18. I think Jack is the heart of "This is Us" . Randall and Beth are also my favorites.
  19. What do nominations have to do with spark ? Jim was nominated for Emmys in seasons 2,3 and 4. That was before Mayim was a main character on the show. Those awards/nominations had little to do with Shamy spark (esp the ones from s2 and 3). Conversely, there has been plenty of shamy focus in season 9-10, yet neither Jim, nor Mayim got any Emmy nominations during these years. I'm happy to be corrected but i think chemistry is a bit subjective . Nominations can also mean the actors were individually funny in their scenes too. I do think Johnny and Kaley had great chemistry in the older seas
  20. Make the show funny again ? Preach ! seasons 8-10 have not been good. this week , I re-watched classic *LOL* moments as you said... time went by quickly, it was oddly beautiful. The clips: the episode where Leonard and Sheldon start their own fantasy sword collection and go to Will Wheaton's party(and make a mortal enemy too !), Sheldon working with Penny & Bernie at the cheesecake factory and also the episode with the wormhole generator prank. So funny ! there was heart too. I don't care that much about the proposal drama/shipping/relationship stuff(JMO) but I just miss the simple oddba
  21. My top 10 episodes are pretty much what is top rated at IMDB atm (except Robotic Manipulation, i didn't like that ): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0898266/eprate?ref_=ttep_ql_3 2.11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis 9.11 The Opening Night Excitation 3.22 The Staircase Implementation; 3.8 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency 2.15 The Maternal Capacitance 2.3 The Barbarian Sublimation 7.9 The Thanksgiving Decoupling 2.7 The Panty Piñata Polarization 4.1 The Robotic Manipulation 7.3 The Scavenger Vortex @Tripper thank you for the information about
  22. the little boy who plays Jim's son, is so cute
  23. Oh I wasn't talking of finales in particular. Completely unrelated to the latest match. I was referring to a very early post by you. Just that it was mentioned that the traffic to the website is falling and unable to reach as many Twitter and Facebook folks due to algorithm changes. So that left me wondering .
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