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  1. That is a bummer. The last thing I want is for the tournament to turn into an echo chamber of forum opinion. It is always refreshing to see something that doesn't reflect the forum opinion completely.
  2. Thats rather a dark and droll (but well observed) description of Stuart Bloom . I always thought it would be kinda cool if they explored Stuart as a sensitive comic artist more. He is someone who would have a good aesthetic sense . There are so many guys(and girls ) who are into comics and geek culture who don't have a PHD or are scientists . Not every character needs to have the predictable marriage/babies happy ending either. Stuart could have made sense as his own individual. jokes about suicide/depression are not very amusing to me especially on a show like TBBT.
  3. A bit ironic seeing them come to CC. They made an ANTI-Comic Con episode this season where the main characters decide not to go because they are "growing up" or facing "grown up issues" . If their fans had thought similarly , not many would have come to their TBBT panel either.
  4. Yeah...Barbarian is one of the FINEST episodes of TBBT for me(first episode of TBBT i watched ) . I love Penny-centric episodes. Kaley is amazing in it. Its not often we see Penny descend into the virtual world madness as Queen Penelope in Age of Conan, while Sheldon and Leonard act like the rational characters for a change. It is a quite original premise. I really liked the guys doing the Non Newtonian fluid (i think corn starch ?) experiment and funny lines from Leslie and Gablehauser . Vintage old school geeky TBBT at its' best. Also, Sheldon as "Sheldor the Conqueror" AKA Penn
  5. Both episodes made a creepy spectacle out of Sheldon's sex life(poor thing ! )... In Opening Night the whole "sex as a gift" thing was weird. Amy didnt even check in with Sheldon whether he was ok, whether he was doing it for the right reasons and not due to some unspoken pressure to PUT OUT, especially immediately after the break up/getting back together . She didnt even wonder to Penny and Bernadette. Sex to show how much Amy means to him....nope. Amy was just ready to receive her "GIFT"........ There was nothing "Shamy" about Opening Night. It could have been any couple. Just a
  6. Yeah its a pity they lost out on major acting nominations . This year, not even guest actors/actresses. Lots of factors go into that. Jim has been nominated since season 2. Johnny got one in s4. Mayim in s5-8. I don't think they will ever get back in the Emmy game again, even acting nominations, but who knows. At the very least I'm glad Jim got to win Emmys for the years I personally felt his work was the funniest : seasons 2-6(not necessarily the episode he submitted but his performance in the seasons in general). It was always fun to watch acceptance speeches .
  7. I remember in 2009, Jim himself was one of the announcers of the LIVE Emmy nominations and he got his own very first nomination for season 2 and he later submitted Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. I also remember Johnny and Jim BOTH got Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor for season 4 in 2011. AHHH...what an exciting time that was to be a fan of the show !!! Now it has gotten so quite and just ..boring
  8. thank you @Tensor for this project and for the total numbers. eye opening and Impressive work ! correct me if i'm wrong but, it seems Shamy(273 min) have more alone time than Lenny(261 min) over the 10 years even if shamy didn't exist in seasons 1-3. I would expect this alone time gap to increase more in the next 2 seasons. also: WOW, again correct me if i'm wrong, but I didn't realize some of the non romantic pairings like Shelnard (300 min) and Shenny (240 min) have had alone time almost comparable to main romantic pairings. None of the other character pairings(like Amy/Penny-40 min or H
  9. thanks for setting up the tournament. If i am allowed to ask out of curiosity to the mod , @Tripper which are your own personal favorite top 5-8 episodes of the series ?
  10. thank you @Tensor for your continued analysis. One thing surprising is that Penny's total screen time is like that of a supporting character in many seasons except season 8, up to now. I feel like , in seasons 1-6, she used to be behind Sheldon/Leonard/Howard and/or even Raj. Even with the addition of girls, Penny's time looks like a supporting character , not the "big 3" technically. In season 9 and 10 it is like Sheldon, Leonard and Amy who are the big 3 . Only in season 8, were Sheldon, Leonard and Penny - the big 3. I feel Penny focus may increase in season 7 since there was time devo
  11. i think Johnny got a Golden Globe and Emmy nomination in 2011/early 2012 . I am not sure if there is enough creative material for Leonard as a character nowadays. I also felt, back then, that the portrayal of Sheldon was very iconic, clever and supremely funny. I remember when Jim won a Golden Globe in 2011 and got Emmy nominations and/or wins starting 2009(that was as early as season 2 ) . There was a lot of funny stuff worthy of memes, hysterical one liners, gifs and *LOL* moment compilations in the show back then. while TBBT was never a very sophisticated show, but it was also
  12. From: The Daily Mail As Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory he's had us all in stitches. Now it's Claire Danes turn to be amused by funnyman Jim Parsons, who had her in stitches on the set of A Kid Like Jake on Thursday. The co-stars were filming a scene on the sidewalk in New York, when things got hysterical.
  13. curious, why did you leave out Shelnard alone time while comparing screen time to Lenny ? Both are Shenny and Shelnard are pairings with considerable time, though . but It seems Shelnard had more time than Shenny in seasons 4,8, 9 and 10. I didn't get your statement about Lenny finally having a victory in season 8 because Penny spent more time with Leonard than she did with Sheldon. Shelnard still appears to have more alone time than Lenny in s8. It seems, using that logic, in s8, Leonard spent more time with Sheldon, than he did with Penny, so how is it a victory for Lenny? Howeve
  14. I can see @joyceraye 's point to some extent about "tweaking behavior " But i agree, im not sure they can do that believably. Its seems different characters are treated differently. Kripke is a pervert who hit on Amy and sent her a picture of his dick. And Bert hit on Amy while she was with Sheldon.But both Bert and Kripke are still around. And everyone loves Bert and Kripke ! They are presented as lovable funny losers ! But when Ramona hits on Sheldon, she is a heinous bitch who no one ever wants to see again lol. My use of hyperbole aside, I want 0 relationship drama
  15. Lets agree to disagree. Sheldon and Amy most definitely share specific interests in philosophy, linguistics and science. FWF was always a Shamy thing, it didn't exist before Amy. They love experimentation- and yes i 100 % count it as a shared interest since they are doing it for fun. Ofcourse they both have different interests. But it is a mixed bag. Sheldon liked Amy playing the auto harp in 10.20. Sheldon also went basket weaving with Amy. In 9.11, at the end of the episode , it is said they both later watched star wars and liked it. In "tangible affection proof", Amy made an effor
  16. Um..no. FWF was started by both Sheldon and Amy in its' very first episode(the pilot was in s5 i think) . Tell me which episode before Amy was FWF mentioned ? And Amy genuinely enjoys Sheldon's grammar talk and how he can explain the latin origin of a word. Just like how Sheldon liked Amy's verbal mobius strip of the word "surprise" or her multilingual skills. Their conversation about philosophers again, was something they both had in common - there was no reluctance, nor was there any over eagerness/pressure from either party- it was literally a passing conversation based on their common kn
  17. Sheldon has told Amy he is proud of her and supports her in everything she does, as of 10x23. Sheldon called Amy brilliant in 10.24 and Amy called Sheldon brilliant in 10.22. I think they do have a mutual respect towards each other now. When they started their project, Sheldon called physics and neuroscience coming together as the "Peanut-Buttercup of the mind" lol. other than that, I don't mind Sheldon(or Amy for that matter) disliking or deriding other fields, which they don't find interesting. We all have a right to our own likes/dislikes. I actually enjoy their trash talk and don't min
  18. That is a good point. Penny bought Leonard and Sheldon the expensive transporters in season 5. Penny got Sheldon the napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy, which is arguably, one of the greatest gifts Sheldon has received. There was also an old scene at the bar between Sheldon and Penny where Penny kinda referred to Starfleet Academy’s unwinnable command scenario, the Kobayashi Maru- when Sheldon asked her advice about Howard, as in "Kirk cheated". Sheldon was impressed and that was actually a very funny scene ! sometimes, I think Penny has potential to fit in better with the guys, even
  19. No. Ross and Monica were brother sister. Monica and Chandler were married. they couldn't have a child and later had an adoption arc.
  20. Sure people can change , but some explanation from Ramona about how /why her outlook changed wouldn't have hurt. Otherwise thats just what you are assuming, not what the writers had are telling - that's just bad inconsistent writing. Also , "thats life" explanation doesnt always work for tv shows. In life, people change , but they don't always change for the better. Sometimes people rarely change at all. In reality- death, divorce, permanent break ups , cheating....any of that could also occur to Shamy. I'm sure people wouldn't want . Coz its not life, its just a fictional couple a
  21. it probably would have made more sense if they had brought back some girl who had actually shown a hint of romantic interest in Sheldon . maybe someone like Martha or Vanessa or Raj's date from season 1(Lalita the princess girl ?). Ramona, as I remember didn't show any interest in dating Sheldon , although she did think he was cute. Its weird they brought back the one character who did not want Sheldon to be distracted with romance. Ramona even warned Penny to stay away from Sheldon in s2. of course, you can always explain by saying Ramona changed over the years, but she was like a whole ne
  22. I bet it was all done for comedic purpose, nothing more. i usually roll my eyes at jealousy plots but I doubt Amy would prevent Sheldon from hanging out with female physicists /grad students etc in the future. While the writers proved that Amy was correct in worrying about Ramona , i don't think the moral of the story here is "stop interacting with outside females. forever".
  23. i almost spit out water, when i read this LOL ......
  24. You may have a point. The old Penny/ Sheldon dynamic , was a worthwhile showcase of Penny as a person(atleast until they added the girls), rather than just a lust object, because Sheldon didn't have sexual/romantic interest in Penny. So Penny got to be more than just a hot girl while interacting/sparring with him. Penny played a part(however small) in pushing Sheldon out of his comfort zone and even outsmarting/stumping him on few occasions without relying on her looks or sex appeal which many times gave her the chance to show emotional intelligence, and she could be funny, sharp , protecti
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