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  1. I really liked this episode...it was funny. Yeah I agree with this.
  2. Yes for Sheldon and Bernadette's storyline...finally something a little innovative.
  3. I agree. Molaro and Co don't seem able to write female characters.
  4. I was already hooked on this project for Janelle Monae (I'm a big fan). Now Jim is in it too...I can't wait.
  5. Yes, you were right about him being her new boyfriend.
  6. I think it would never happen in the current setup...it would only happen if both will have problems again with Leonard and Amy. At the same time.
  7. Maybe watching Game of Thrones together will inspire them to go Lannister.
  8. I think if it was a kiss in a moment when they had a lot of problems or even not together Leonard will forgive them both after a while. Maybe they could use how Penny forgave him for Mandy and married him anyway. I'm sure they would find a solution for forgettin about everything later.
  9. that's why I don't think they'll go there...they don't want to risk. I think you're right.
  10. It would have some consequences but not much in the long period.
  11. I don't think they'll ever go there , to the point of sleeping together because that would be a lot to handle with in the show...but if something will ever happen between P and S I think it would be a drunk kiss in a moment of confusion/tensions with Leonard and Amy. And maybe later they'll realize it was a mistake, that they don't want this thing to ruin their friendship... Something like that. Nothing that would create too many problems for future developments for the canon couples they're using over the years(Lenny and Shamy). I said nothing bad at all about her...Kaley said this in some interviews. But anyway...
  12. yes but maybe he just wants to do something different. He seems to take acting very seriously, he's a theatre geek, so, for an actor like I think he is, play the same part for so long could be a little depressing after a while.
  13. I seriously doubt that he wants to go after season 11. Kaley seems the more enthusiast of the big 3 bunch. She always says she would do 20 seasons but she's not the only one to decide so she can't.
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