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  1. I really liked this episode...it was funny.

    On 6/5/2016 at 9:48 AM, Lionne said:

    And what about Sheldon evoking Rosa Parks, and Leonard turning to Raj and asking: "Is this a time we can pretend you're black to avoid getting beat up?" Wow. And Kunal has to sit there and grin through that one? That was uncomfortable.


    Yeah I agree with this.

  2. On 1/4/2016 at 5:46 PM, vasu said:

    depends on the reasoning they come up with.... they could have guessed Raj would have come to visit them.. and then they could also have guessed Raj would rat them out .... so in order to catch Raj... they come up with this plan and when Raj comes out of the closet ... those two could have smiled at each other acknowledging their plan worked out.................   ( again I wanted the reason because they were convinced their wives bought their lies)....

    point 2 : i honestly could not care whether shamy fans or amy fans or not.......but for me Amy's character has gone from being awesome to being cringeworthy.... still there are jokes about her being sex starved... i hated those before... I hate them even more now.... yuck just yuck.,...

    I agree. I can't stand new normal Amy.

  3. On 31/3/2016 at 10:42 AM, Serena_nyc1995 said:

    LOL. Harsh, but true. Totally agree. Watching TBBT is Misogyny 101 now.They just don't know how to write women. Penny only existed as an object, so that Leonard can have the hot girl- that was literally the basis of their relationship in season 1-2. Same with Penny's career. They didn't write Amy and Bernie any  better.  Raj is a total sexist jerk and people still make excuses for him--like we are supposed to side with him(not gonna happen, atleast with me) . 

    I only watch because ,  if the writers do it right, Shamy and certain storylines can still be witty.  I want  another Physics Bowl episode though. If Amy can bring back her inner genius again, Amy and Sheldon can totally win against Leslie Winkle haha.

    I agree. Molaro and Co don't seem able to write female characters.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, koops said:

    Yeah, I know. I mean that that wasn't *that* huge a risk given the context (i.e. Raj and Penny being single etc etc). Sheldon and Penny are a way bigger risk to take, especially in the current setup. If Sheldon never got back together with Amy and Penny and Leonard had split after Mandy, I could see it equated to Raj and Penny hooking up (to an extent, because Sheldon being Sheldon it would be pretty controversial). But not at the moment. 

    I think it would never happen in the current setup...it would only happen if both will have problems again with Leonard and Amy. At the same time.

  5. 29 minutes ago, Tonstar17 said:

    Just because Jim said he wants Sheldon to have a one-night stand with Penny, does not mean the writers will actually make that happen Lol. Doesn't matter if S/P are the most popular characters. If they hooked up, they would be like those bizzare pseudo step siblings/friends from Cruel Intentions. Haha



    Maybe watching Game of Thrones together will inspire them to go Lannister.

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  6. 27 minutes ago, Jonny83 said:

    Leonard is paranoid that he isn't good enough for Penny and she will eventually leave him for someone more like herself (well he was repeatedly during the time they were boyfriend and girlfriend, has that changed since marriage? I dunno). With that being considered a Sheldon and Penny kiss or more would mean no going back for them IMO and his relationship with Sheldon. I just don't think he could ever get over that.

    It's interesting to speculate and consider what if's but I am extremely confident this type of storyline will not happen.

    I think if it was a kiss in a moment when they had a lot of problems or even not together Leonard will forgive them both after a while. Maybe they could use how Penny forgave him for Mandy and married him anyway. I'm sure they would find a solution for forgettin about everything later.

  7. 21 minutes ago, Serena_nyc1995 said:

    Just because Jim said he wants Sheldon to have a one-night stand with Penny, does not mean the writers will actually make that happen Lol. Doesn't matter if S/P are the most popular characters. If they hooked up, they would be like those bizzare pseudo step siblings/friends from Cruel Intentions--imagine Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe lol. Haha. I mean, thats just messed up.Lol

     If TBBT has taught us anything, its that the writers have never been risk takers, they love to maintain the status quo. So nothing will happen to Lenny or Shamy(they just got back together, so don't think they should  focus on Shamy fights too much). I admit  Penny has been kinda dismissive/mean to Leonard since season 6/7. And I want some sweetness between Sheldon and Amy. But there is absolutely 0 reason to freak out.

     that's why I don't think they'll go there...they don't want to risk. I think you're right.

  8. 54 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    That's a spicy comment to start off the morning!  I say maybe it could happen except for the fact that it would completely destroy Sheldon and Leonards friendship. I just don't think TPTB would do that.


    It would destroy lenny but sheldon would get a pass because he doesn't know better it would be just beating on leonard again. just a little sarcastic today

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    That's a spicy comment to start off the morning!  I say maybe it could happen except for the fact that it would completely destroy Sheldon and Leonards friendship. I just don't think TPTB would do that.

    It would destroy lenny but sheldon would get a pass because he doesn't know better it would be just beating on leonard again. just a little sarcastic today

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    I don't think they'll ever go there , to the point of sleeping together because that would be a lot to handle with in the show...but if something will ever happen between P and S I think it would be a  drunk kiss in a moment of confusion/tensions with Leonard and Amy. And maybe later they'll realize it was a mistake, that they don't want this thing to ruin their friendship... Something like that. Nothing that would create too many problems for future developments for the canon couples they're using over the years(Lenny and Shamy).

    37 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    Even when you say nothing bad about Kaley you make it sound like a put down, that's a talent

    I said nothing bad at all about her...Kaley said this in some interviews. But anyway...

  9. 1 hour ago, hokie3457 said:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Jim was not crazy about a renewal beyond what he is contracted for. This is all my opinion (of course--why do I need to say that, ha!), but he seems to be the least passionate about his character and the show. Don't get me wrong, I have seen his enthusiasm. I just find it more tempered than say, Kaley and even the oh-so-private Johnny. I bet Jim would like to be less in the limelight and perhaps do more theater......

    yes but maybe he just wants to do something different. He seems to take acting very seriously, he's a theatre geek, so, for an actor like I think he is, play the same part for so long could be a little depressing after a while.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    Jim plays Sheldon to perfection of that there is no doubt, maybe he to believes Sheldon is the star of the show.. But he dosent have the track record of the others and risks being type cast after 11 years in the role.

    Also if he again asks for more and this time gets it J&K would be totally justified in walking, the sad thing is I believe the show would go on since TPTB seem to think Sheldon is the key to the atm

    I seriously doubt that he wants to go after season 11. Kaley seems the more enthusiast of the big 3 bunch. She always says she would do 20 seasons but she's not the only one to decide so she can't.

  11. I'm sure everyone will be fine after the show ends. About Jim, he seemed annoyed at Paley. So during the last contracts negotiations he asked for more than Kaley and Johnny? Maybe that's why he's annoyed :D He wanted more than them. "Jokes" aside, he seems to take acting very seriously. And I think theatre is his first and biggest love so probably he will focus on that but who knows.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Serena_nyc1995 said:

    I agree with you about lack cerebral stuff between Shamy. Any one else feel like Amy has become a put-upon stereotypical sitcom girlfriend ??  I love her, but  she has kinda lost her personality. I forget she is even a genius scientist. All she cares about is relationships. Thats it. There is nothing that makes her unique. If Sheldon had just met the Amy of today, he might not have fallen for her. He liked Amy because of her  quirks and he admired her mind. Its one thing to want to be social, but that does not mean you lose everything else. I love all the progess they made this season but that does not mean they can't retain some of their old charm as well. Now all she does is complain about Sheldon when he remotely does anything related to his geeky interests, when the whole point of Shamy was that Sheldon and Amy (unlike Lenny) were an intellectual quirky couple , who had a lot in common.

     Amy's role now is to make Sheldon a 'better person' and 'more normal'. Thats so cliche .Ughh. They used to genuinely enjoy each other's company in season 4/5, weirdly. I miss episodes like The Herb Garden Germination where Sheldon and Amy team up or when they played Counterfactuals, Now only Sheldon talks about any kind of intellectual stuff, when earlier it used to be both Amy and Sheldon.

    I have a huge problem with the way the show writes women scientists in general. Just wearing glasses does not make anyone a geek.None of the girls talk about science or have any kind  of intelligent conversation. Its always some  relationship related stuff or gossip. They don't even share the guys' interests. If I watched a random episode, I would never have guessed Bernie or Amy were scientists. Unpopular opinion, but its true. On the bright side, I Ioved the  Howard, Sheldon and Leonard patent storyline and I hope they make something of the super fluid gyroscope !! 

    Absolutely yes...that's why I can't stand Season 9 version of Amy...if they keep her character like this even in season 10 I'm not going to like her anymore.  They're ruining Sheldon's character as well with her constant push to make him more normal.  The writers are seriously messing up. And they also need to stop with the Sheldon's baby references. It's seriously gettin' out of control.

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  13. I don't think they will ever develop a romantic Sheldon and Penny especially if the shows ends with season 10. They don't have the time even if they want at this point, I think.  I don't know if the general public would care or not. In the early years a lot of people wanted to see Shenny happening. A lot of people were shipping Sheldon and Penny as potential lovers. And I saw various comments on twitter after the 200th statin' that S and P should be together. I think the general public would be really divided if the writers let them happen, but very very likely they won't because they don't seem to love taking risks in general.

  14. 31 minutes ago, Serena_nyc1995 said:

    I totally agree with you. I miss Shenny friendship. The TBBT used to be about having fun, appreciating each others' differences and being funny, but now its totally turned into a relationship show. Its not about science anymore either. People only care about relationship drama and its dragging the show down. S/P have a great chemistry.You don't have to focus on couples all the time. If I watched a random episode, I would not even have guessed that they were scientists, especially the girls.

    I love everything about this post.

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  15. 22 minutes ago, stardustmelody said:

    I am not sure I agree with this.  First off Leonard has been on the show since the pilot and it was always intended that Leonard and Penny would be the couple.  Penny was quite a different personality in the first five seasons and she went through a personality change in S6 and beyond.  Same with Sheldon.  So they can be altered and changed since the writers have taken them through a journey before.   Likewise Amy has been on since the end of S3 and she and Sheldon were both adolescents in development.  

    Both Sheldon and Amy have grown together in many ways toward adult-hood although she a bit faster in some areas than him.  But she still shows signs of her inexperience shining through as well.   But that does not mean that they have to alter the essence of who they are.  They both still can be geniuses and have their superior overlord mentalities...which is who both were in early seasons.  But they both can grow up and become a loving couple as well and use the comedy through their experimentation and situations like they did in earlier seasons.  

    Same with Leonard and Penny...they were much more loving in earlier seasons than they have been in more recent ones.   They may be harder to get there though because honestly I have never understood what makes them tick as a couple.   But somehow they can make it work and still have Penny be the shopaholic, the free-spirit that she is without having to diss Leonard week after week.   She can grow up and mature into a loving wife to him and still get into her "Lucille Ball" like messes to bring comedy back.   

    I think they can still be who they are as people, but not keep them stifled and stunted, just change the comedy to lean toward situation again instead of all about relationship.   When it is focused on relationship it becomes mean and ends up with the mess we have now.   

    I prefer the early versions of both characters tbh because I think they were more interesting to watch but of course you need to write some developments in 10 years. Anyway imo these 2 couples are never on the same page, or very rarely. That's probably why I don't ship romantic relationships on the show. They're not good writing love.

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  16. 22 minutes ago, No Regrets said:

    Gonna post this quote by Kevin Pollak again cause it's never been more accurate: "Some of the lazy writing you see on TV is this character assassination that makes me insane, where - usually in the comedies - anything for a joke. So it means a character is suddenly an idiot and he's been intelligent until now, but it's funnier if he's stupid in the scene." 

    Yes!! Like Sheldon talking about Meemaw having her period earlier this season.

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  17. 36 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    I guess the season finale for lenny could be leonard moving to 4b and penny staying in 4a with the man she seems to like better

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    Nah if they want to write more Lenny drama I think Penny will move to her old apartment. And Leonard will remain with Sheldon.

  18. 12 minutes ago, stardustmelody said:

    Sheldon has never been afraid of commitment.  In fact he "over commits" with all his contracts and agreements.  He does not have a commitment issue at all.   He has a fear of intimacy and letting Amy down if she knows the "real him" in his mind.   That is quite a different issue.   Penny has a commitment issue and I agree that even though she is married, she still has one.  She also does not like the idea of growing up and having to deal with adult responsibility.   That is where she and Sheldon have some commonality.  Sheldon also does not always like being an adult, although he does handle some things in a very adult manner compared to her.    



    They're both scared of growin'up though or having a "normal" relationship with their long time partner. I don't think they're really suited for the roles that Amy and Leonard have casted upon them without altering their personalities too much.

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