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  1. I can't stand Raj anymore...about Sheldon I don't think he's manipulative with Penny anymore...their relationship evolved a lot over the years. I think they're just really good friends. I always thought that P and S are similar to each other but at the same time so different. They're both scared of commitment (I know Penny is married now but imo she still is), they're free spirits, not exactly suited for a long time relationship. And we have Amy and Leonard on the other side always tryin' to get more from them.
  2. Penny knowing answers about comics in her sleep...is this real? :D
  3. I thought the sex scene was strangely cut probably because they needed to hide her body double. It's a little strange that she wrote a scene like this but at the same time she didn't want to get naked on camera.
  4. No huge reasons to go back to that if the ratings are high. And the ratings are still high. They're selling their product, that's what matters to them the most probably. Yes of course it wasn't a real wish but he was pissed.
  5. I never said he was thinking about Penny. Stop twisting my words. Just that the scene was weird if you think about them as brother and sister. He had an orgasm actually thinkin' about having control, for sure he wasn't thinking about Amy. He wished she was dead in that episode shortly before.
  6. yes but it would still be a creepy scene, if you think of them as bro and sis.
  7. Believe what you want to believe. Critics don't have anything to do with ratings. The majority of critics think the show was better in the early years- and not only critics, a lot of fans as well.
  8. That scene wasn't exactly like brother and sister. That would have been the creepiest bro and sis scene ever. He just had an orgasm.
  9. Thanks... It's cool to hear different opinions. I hope to hear more from you.
  10. I never said the boat kiss was planned 2 years before but it could be planned in advance. We don't know what they plan in advance or what they write at the last minute. No one of us is in the writers 'room. I said they planned Sheldon's first time a long time before it aired. Who knows what happened with leonard's story? No one knows.
  11. I personally think that Leonard contributed to the success of the show but at the same time not as much as Sheldon. But one thing, someone can hate a character. I see all the time people hating on Sheldon over here recently. What if someone hates Leonard? Or some other character?
  12. ok but that's not what I was saying in the first place. I wasn't talking about ratings.
  13. I think season 8 was a little better. Season 9 is the worst for them. 2 scenes in the entire season. I miss Wolowitz and Raj buddy scenes as well.
  14. But they planned Sheldon's first time one year in advance.
  15. I suggest to look at general opinions on the show outside of the recent hardcore fans and you will see what I mean.
  16. I see what the writers are showing of him of course, he's a character, he doesn't exists. He was perfectly normal until his confession. How is it possible the writers didn't know? They write the show. Probably they were knowing for a while before writing it.
  17. I always thought that Leonard and Sheldon scenes, Penny and Sheldon scenes and Wolowitz and Raj scenes were the heart of this show. I don't like what they did with Penny and Sheldon's characters too. I can agree about Leonard and Sheldon bein'the heart but I definitely disagree about Amy and Bernie. I love Melissa as an actress but since their arrival the show started to lose a lot of critical praise because let's be honest it started his decline after their arrival and it got worse when they became main cast.
  18. The worst part was absolutely seein' him not showing remorse for 2 years. That was worse than the kiss itself.
  19. I think it is almost mostly sheldon and his issues on screen most of the times.......... not relationships or friendship or whatever else.... His issues this season are actually Amy's issues, all the steps necessary for being the man of her dreams.
  20. I agree that it was probably worse with Penny because he actually didn't show any remorse for like what a year? But remember: once a cheater always a cheater.
  21. I don't know. I'm scared that Sheldon will end up like Howard. Always bossed around by his wife.
  22. Leonard was always like that. See what happened with Prya before Penny and the boat kiss.
  23. Who needs friendship on the show? (Sarcasm) when you have (bad or not exciting imo of course) couples all the time on screen.
  24. I think you're right about Leonard. Probably he will do something stupid again. But what about Amy? It must happen something between her and Sheldon as well for this to happen.
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