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  1. Their friendship is still there, like in the 200th episode, but yeah I'd like to see more as well.
  2. The writers seem very lazy so I doubt they'll start to prepare for the cliffhangers of the season finale at this point. They'll probably put the cliffhangers directly in the 24th episode.
  3. Hell no. Go tell Hollywood that Comics are old-fashioned :D
  4. They're using it. If you pay attention every season has really funny or meaningful scenes between the 2. If you mean they should have turned them romantic, maybe they wanted to show something different with them. Leonard is Sheldon's best friend. S+P would have ruined their friendship.
  5. That was funny. I wonder why they stopped. Chemistry between actors is not plot related. And it doesn't need to be romantic to be there. What does this mean? He had sex with Amy because she's his girlfriend on the show.
  6. Because they have the best chemistry on the show. They know. Or one of the best. Nah especially after they stopped dating in real life.
  7. You can't know that without seein' them acting together. Jim has medium chemistry with Mayim imo, he has way more chemistry with Kaley for example, or with Johnny. Maybe he would have had it with Kate as well.
  8. I can understand your point of view, I' m not a scientist but I'm fine about having female scientists on the show for basically the same reasons you stated but at least they could have chose a scientist with no interest in comics and sci fi and another character that wasn't a scientist but with these interests? Or maybe a character that had it all: a scientist with an interest in comics and sci fi, like the guys. The female characters they chose with Bernie and Amy are really old-fashion compared to the guys.
  9. I knew about Jim Parsons and his audition for Barney Stinson but not about Micucci/Amy. Cool.
  10. Really? I'm tryin' to imagine her as AFF right now.
  11. And I think that if they really wanted to introduce 2 "nerdy" female characters they could have done a MUCH better job than Bernadette and Amy. Don't get me wrong I love Melissa in particular, but females that love comic books and sci fi movies exist. I'm one of them for example. And at least they could have put this element in the show when they expanded the main cast with girls.
  12. Everything about this post is perfect! And I don't think it was necessary. I'm a female and I think the show lost so much when they put basically all the guys in such serious relationships with women that became main cast shortly after. It became a show about "married" couples basically.-.-.BORING.
  13. Ok, thanks! So that's the reason for no pictures :D Kaley lost to Sofia Vergara.
  14. I don't think the show aired yet. Maybe that's the reason for no pictures.
  15. He was there? He should have won them both. :D but no problem 1/2. Not bad.
  16. I don't know if it's worse tbh. But it's true that Sheldon and Penny have a very similar way of dealing with emotions and romantic stuff. Maybe that's why they are comfortable with each other.
  17. Only because she didn't have the time-...Amy was quick in her response to Bernadette :D I'm kiddin'... About Emily. I never liked her with Raj. But I hate what they're doing with her character. Once again it's clear that the writers are men. Sigh
  18. I liked that they focused on work finally. I really can't understand what Emily sees in Raj.
  19. or when the show is so focused on the couples and not on group episodes. The show only can attract the shippers as far as new fans are concerned.
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