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  1. I think the cabin is for P and L (they mentioned Leonard's car). It would be nice to have a trip with the entire group. But I don't think they will. Howard and Bernadette seem to be at home.
  2. she seems happy in other pictures like here...I think she was just a little tired. .
  3. Yes I don't think season 9 is better than season 8 in the humour department. Not at all. I agree the show started to lose its touch around season 7. About Amy yes I think they're using her too much. She seems the female protagonist now when she actually isn't. Penny is supposed to be.
  4. I don't know. She seems a little tired to me. Maybe she wasn't feeling well, she had a cold or something like that. Maybe they arrived at different times? yes it seems she can never win with them. When she shows skin, it's not good. When she's covered from head to toe, it's not good. She wasn't the only one from the cast (Simon for example) or in attendance in general dressed casual.
  5. ♥ - She's funny, beautiful and talented.
  6. The mannerism of the character was really different back then and they had like 2 episodes in the first seasons focused on the Leonard- Penny and their kid Sheldon theme. For the rest of the episodes he was simply their friend-roomate- neighbour. crossing fingers
  7. Exactly! The promo for the next episode is a clear example of what I meant. I was shocked when I saw that.
  8. Many of these things could fit into the show if the episodes were 45 and not 19 minutes. And since these fictional characters are people and not cartoons there's bound to be change, so this is what you're going to get in the eps. "Bernadette in the middle at every single opportunity""? She's his wife! If someone's in the middle, that's Raj! And it's not like we haven't got any HowRaj this season. And when has Sheldon been portrayed as dumb? I hate it when he morphs into a manchild, but dumb he ain't. He discovered that asteroid in a nano-second while Raj was informing him that he shouldn't expect to find anything(or sth like that) and in the Tiki bar he could still outsmart everyone while drunk (and Raj pointed it out)! They had no problems with incorporating those elements before in a very organic way. He's dumb in his attitude. Of course he's still smart. He's a genius but it's like Jim is portrayin' a total different Sheldon from the original one most of the time. I guess he was told to do so. And Sheldon was always my favorite character. So it hurts to say so. I think you have a point.
  9. I wouldn' t say so...Penny and Sheldon are the most assassinated characters on the show. He basically isn't Sheldon anymore. Same for Penny. SHe sacrificed her dreams and she's basically chained to the role of Leonard's wife with little to say on her own. So I would say quite the contrary. They want us to believe that's growth but I seriously have problems to find the original elements which made their characters great nowadays. he's full of it of course...they know in advance. Don't let them fool you
  10. And I realized that I miss the classic dynamics as well. I miss seeing the guys eating at the university in almost every episode. I miss seein' the 4 of them together at the comic book store, when is the last time they all went there together?. I miss Penny and Sheldon friendly scenes. I miss Sheldon and Leonard friendly scenes as well. I miss Wolowitz and Raj without Bernadette in the middle at every single opportunity. And of course I miss Sheldon being smart and sharp and not a man-child. I don't know who this new dumb version is but that's not Sheldon. Sigh but at least I can still watch all this on Dvds-
  11. They seriously need to unchained these poor characters from their husbands-wives-boyfriends and girlfriends for some episodes.
  12. They could at least mix up the usual pairs a little...I don't know for example an episode with Sheldon and Bernadette interacting, they were alone just for an episode seasons ago. The truth is if you look at the whole picture they're boring with everyone... Sheldon included.
  13. @vasu Yes of course but we're talking about creative jobs here. It's about having a vision on the story you want to show on screen, not just money. At least if you're great in what you do :D Exactly! I miss them as well. But not just Sheldon. The other guys too. They had a real physicist back then helping with the dialogues. Probably they don't need him anymore
  14. Of course characters go through storylines in 10 years and that's ok and normal. The show was already successful as a nerdy comedy, it's not like the show wasn't getting interest back then, quite the contrary I would say. And It was more respected in the industry because it was an original product, different from the other sitcoms. It's not like the show wasn't successful in its original form so why change the format to be more appealing to families? The answer is more money and no caring much for your creation. The dialogues changed so much to make them more easy to understand. The way these guys talked was a major aspect of this show and the reason why Jim Parsons wanted to play Sheldon's character so much in the first place (for example).
  15. That's what happens when producers are greedy. They could learn a thing or 2 from the guys who did Breaking Bad on how you don't taint your creature because of you greediness. Today it's basically just another product with the name Big Bang Theory attached but that is not really Big Bang THeory. Let' s hope next season is the last one but I already know there will be an 11th season. And judging from the quality of the last 2 seasons I wonder what they could possibly do for other 48 episodes? All the guys are married or happily in a relationship with the exception of Raj but they could resolve his storyline in a season. Will they create drama for the couples just for the purpose of filling with something the remaining episodes? Since the couples are their major focus now, and the jokes are not funny anymore most of the time, maybe they will and the transformation from sitcom to soap opera will be complete. Or maybe they will write filler episodes like season 8.
  16. Howard's transition into boring husband was so much to deal with, yes, they could have least proceeded step by step with him. About Sheldon yes I don't like these stupid jokes about him being a child so predominant in the last seasons. Season 1 Sheldon wasn't like that at all. They did a similar thing to Joey in Friends. Sheldon even understood when Leonard was sad for Penny back then. They could at least re-watch the old episodes of their own show before start writing the new ones. Yes they could do that...but probably they won't. Sigh. Fingers crossed though.
  17. I liked that scene between P and Leonard. Maybe their best scene imo. About Howard yes he was creepy but it was a huge part of why he was so funny, for me of course. What they're doing with Raj doesn't work, another example in my book of sloppy writing. They're ruining him turning him into the ladies man. He was always romantic. He's not believable in that role. That was a job for Howard not Raj. I prefer Amy in her first incarnation for the reasons already stated. She worked better as a match for Sheldon back then.
  18. Maybe they shouldn't have put them in such serious relationships so early in the show. It kinda killed the mood. That's why people complain so much I think. I personally think they should have introduced in the show at least a girl who share their interests for comics and the "nerd culture". Like the girl she was introduced this season to Sheldon. I would have liked to see a female character like her on the show. And it would have been nice to see how Penny and the others reacted to her.
  19. Exactly...the problem is what do they talk about? What do they really have in common? Proton asked the same questions :D with no answers of course from the writers. And I'd add that sadly for heterosexual women a lot of really beautiful and interesting guys are gay. :D
  20. Penny was actually interested in Leonard in the early seasons before her so called growth that sounds more like givin' up on her dreams to me but anyway. They could have put her at least in another creative job, but of course no. I know that it may sound hard to believe (or maybe not who knows) but not everyone watch the show primarily for the romantic couples and the feud between the 2 main couples of the show that seems so hip over here, but for other reasons. I actually think Sheldon's character was funnier to watch in the early seasons, before Amy. His character was a MASTERPIECE back then, now...not so much. He was one of the best characters ever created in a sitcom. At a certain point in the show they decided to treat him like it was something wrong with him, like he needed to change and conform to the norm (good job writers that's how you do a show for celebrate being different ). And they started to do this in particular imho when they decided to change Amy's character into something really different from the first Amy we encountered (a girl who was really similar to him and wanted the same things he wanted). Most of the time now the writers clearly struggle because they don't know how to deal with him without makin' him out of character and they're even making him less intelligent in the process. That line about Meemaw's menstrual cycle was cringe worthy in general but especially coming from Sheldon, the man that was calculating Penny's number of tampons to use before menopause in the early seasons. Howard as well was way funnier before Bernadette, the creepiness made him funnier. I would have married him at some point (why not), but towards the end, surely not so early in the serie.
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