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  1. I was just talking about this in another thread. They really need to stop with this whole "I gave my verginity to you as a gift" plot. It's insulting in every way possible. It's insulting for Sheldon as well not just for Amy because it means he's forcing himself doing something he really doesn't want to do. And they put Amy in the position of being the girlfriend who wants sex and it doesn't matter if he wants it as well. And that's terrible. I know that's the role they made her play for the last 3 seasons but they weren't actually having sex back then. Now it's more tragic.
  2. I wouldn't want a passionate Sheldon who does it all the time tbh. This season Sheldon is already too much out of character imo. He's too soft. But since they chose the sex route I hope they won't choose the "he did it just for her" and "he will do it once a year just for her" route. You never know with the writers. I don't trust them much. Also true. He was talking about not having babies on the show 2 weeks before Bernadette got pregnant. So yeah what are we talking about?
  3. Apparently if we trust Molaro's words they chose the route of sex as a gift for Amy, they're treating it like a work he needs to do once a year but it's quite insulting for the characters. It puts Amy in a terrible position. I personally wouldn't want to mentally force my boyfriend to have sex with me just because he thinks it's important for me (but really not much for him).
  4. I think Kunal and Laura have absolutely zero chemistry together. They're the worst couple on the show. I liked Raj with Lucy.
  5. As a girl, I think Leonard is quite charming. He's kind, funny, sincere and responsible. He has a good job. He's nice to his friends. He helped Penny a lot when she first moved in. And I think Johnny looks pretty hot in the first few seasons. Penny was portrayed as a girl who had always been dating hot guys with nothing in their brains. She was alI about having fun until she began to get tired. I think in real life, Lenny can totally happen. Everything is possible of course. But I grew up around girls like Penny not givin' guys like Leonard the time of day. And I don't mean this based on physical appearance, it's about common interests. In real life a couple with zero things in common would very likely break up after few months. There are exceptions of course.
  6. I don't think moving Leonard and penny to 4b would change much at this point. They could still hang out with Sheldon and the others in 4A most of the time. The writers are dealing with Sheldon and sex like chickens as always, like with livin' arrangements etc...they're scared of some character development (that they've already started btw with Sheldon and Amy having sex and Leonard and Penny gettin' married) but they're ok with transforming their show over the years in a more digestible product for the masses, dropping all the initial characteristics that made their show great and different.
  7. Yes relationship were there but there was more balance between everything: realtionships, their work, their nerdy interests and it was more funny in general. It barely makes you laugh now, the jokes are repetitive etc. And they dropped all the intricate dialogues. No difference between this and a sitcom like Friends nowadays. Of course just my opinion.
  8. Yes but at the same time in real life I don't think Penny's character would be interested in a guy like Leonard's character as well. Especially the Penny of the first seasons.
  9. TRue that Sheldon has a huge ego but a lot of unusual minds are like that. They're not easy to deal with. I think he has Asperger tbh (Jim thought that as well) but the writers keep saying no. Anyway S and P care a lot about each other despite their huge differences. Their friendship is great (at least for me) because it seemed impossible for those 2 to develop a strong bond like they did. and yes I don't think they're going to get a divorce. It's a sitcom after all right? I seriously hope for no drama like that.
  10. I know there are Shennys survivors on tumblr. Maybe they all went there.
  11. Monica and Sheldon really are 2 peas in a pod :D. There are other 5 tapings after this one
  12. Same. And I don't like that the show is so heavily focused on relationships and basically nothing else at the moment. That's not what it was. I really miss the science in this show, the intricate dialogues. Sigh.
  13. I don't think he was. Yeah The Departed was a great movie
  14. Yes it seems like a cute episode for them, at least, let's see how it play out on screen and their facial expressions, right. LOL about the dead-line for the jokes.
  15. I'm waiting for Simon's and Melissa's movies as well. They are my favorites, with Jim. Totally agree about Gilbert Grape. But his role in The departed was so underrated as well.
  16. Even when they are at the lab the show doesn't focus on science anymore but on Will Smith .About Amy and Sheldon they seem stuck with the plot,: yes they had sex, they're closer now but we won't show steps forwards in their sex life in a while (long time for sure) because it's Sheldon, fans will hate us .
  17. I read some time ago that the main cast was already signed for a potential 11th season if the network decides so-they have a clause in their contracts- At this point I think it's in the hands of Cbs and Warner bros.
  18. No problem . Jim also said he'd like to play a bad guy again even if he did it in the past, in a play (I don't know which play). Personally I'd really like to see him play an evil character! yes finally...even though imo he should have won for other roles. But anyway, at least he got it for something.
  19. Yeah but I guess it was the spirit of the movie :D along with snorting cocaine all the time. No I just checked, it was produced by Di Caprio.
  20. I don't remember the name of the main actor but yes he was kinda creepy . About the sex scenes I remember one with Jim's character and the other guys watching a couple having sex through an open window so yeah I guess they were a little creepy as well :D. Apparently Leonardo Di Caprio produced that movie.
  21. It was a little strange, true. Ribisi was great in it. Uneasy about what in particular?
  22. Garden State is such a great movie. I always loved it. Did you see Gardner of Eden? He did some Shakespeare in theatre as well. He did a lot of theatre in general but It would be nice to find more about his plays before BB popularity.
  23. His role in "The normal heart" was nothing like Sheldon. Actually a lot of people who saw him in that thought he was wasting his time doing "The big bang theory" (some of my friends included) and that he should do more dramatic roles. You know that's because a lot of people think comedic roles are less valuable.
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