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  1. yes sometimes Jim seems to know before the writers :D he was talking about the arrival of a girlfriend back then when the writers actually had no plans about it. Same thing about Sheldon and sex.
  2. Jim was great in "the normal heart". He even got an emmy nomination for that. The movie itself was great as well and won a lot of awards.
  3. Phoebe was my favorite female character on Friends so I was really happy to hear she was his favorite.
  4. In what do you think it has improved? It's not like I don't enjoy it anymore but I think the quality is goin' down
  5. I think I was talking about how poorly they treated P/L's wedding. But not sure. I loved the hug. P and S have a cute friendship.
  6. Of course no. But that's the reason I'm personally not surprised
  7. I agree. Friends wasn't really good in the last 2 seasons as well but they knew when to stop. I hope BBT will do the same.
  8. True. But I have the impression that Big Bang is running out of ideas and they're trying to do what they can (maybe cheap moves) to keep the ratings high. So they're milking the cash cow because they don't have great ideas anymore.
  9. We need to consider the show is in his 9th season. It's difficult to keep the quality high for a lot of years. That's why the first seasons are way better. For the same reasons maybe it would be better for the show to end next season and not at a potential 11th season.
  10. I don't know why he hasn't won anything, sadly I'm not givin' the awards :D. Probably because a lot of "experts" think his character became less interesting when Bernadette was introduced and she was introduced a long time ago. I'd like more balance too on the show but I was just pointing out how showrunners think most of the times.
  11. Simon is talented as well. Him and Jim are my favorites from the show. In the first years Sheldon wasn't so predominant but the media and the industry still thought the same and started to recognize him. After that, the show started to focus more on him. Because of the attention that his portrayal of Sheldon received.
  12. He always talks about Klingon. So I'd think Klingon.Cool! True of course.
  13. Guys I understand that everyone has their preferences, of course. And I'd like to see more balance in the show as well between the characters but are you really surprised that the show focuses so much on Sheldon? Sheldon is the most popular character on the show, the medias wrote articles about him being the reason the show was so successful over the years. Jim Parsons won Emmy awards/ Golden globe etc for the show. And now with Bialik being nominated in recent years they're focusing on Shamy as well. It's all marketing. That's how tv producers think.
  14. Probably...it would be nice to have the ceremony in Klingon :D For traditional I meant a ceremony with guests, and a reception.
  15. And So? Should I care? Still think the writers wrote a mess of a wedding for their first couple on the show. If I was a fan of the couple I would have been pissed. That wedding was BAD. Even Galecki thinks so.
  16. I think this show is at its best when it focuses on friendship tbh. After all it was the initial premise. It's about 4 friends and the pretty girl next door that arrives in their world. The entire show is based especially around the friendship between Leonard and Sheldon, since the pilot. So it's always nice when they show cute moments between them. As much as they complain about each other those 2 have a strong bond. They always had. As Leonard said before "Sheldon needs me because he's a little broken but I guess I need him too." They're like brothers.
  17. It would be nice to find more pictures on line from the old days. I just found these ones.
  18. Maybe they're preparing us for this? :D
  19. I thought about that as well. It was an emotional scene and I was moved but it was a little insensitive towards Amy to suggest to spend the night in the bathroom together.
  20. Yes the writers are clearly not really brave. I noticed this a long time ago. They almost seem scared of their own choices.
  21. Uhm I don't agree. He's whiny sometimes but considering his family is not surprising.
  22. True but consideringthat we still have to meet basically the entire Leonard's family except his mother, and the same can be said for Penny except his father, I'm not surprised at all. Leonard is more important than Amy as a character in the show and he still got basically nothing. So...
  23. Yes Penny isn't very sympatethic towards Leonard often, but I think because the writers think it's funny, like Leonard being constantly diminished by his mother or by Sheldon at work. Good point! I don't know for sure because you never know with Sheldon but I don't think he has childhood traumas that are wedding related.
  24. Yes I never liked them as a couple personally but apparently the writers kinda care about them since they were the first couple written on the show and they are still together. So it was strange imo. Sheldon and Amy are very likely the ones who have a chance of a more traditional wedding... if Sheldon proposes before the show ends. L/P's wedding in Las Vegas was sad. Penny was mad and their friends didn't care at all.
  25. I don't think her father died. They would have told us, I think. Or at least I hope so.
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