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  1. I think it's because Jim and Kaley have great chemistry with each other. Kaley and Mayim not so much.
  2. I was shocked that they didn't do at least a party to celebrate their wedding. Maybe they will do it for the first anniversary.
  3. I was actually glad that this episode focused more on the Sheldon/Penny and Sheldon/Leonard friendships. This season was lacking in that department because it's been so focused on Sheldon's love life.
  4. I don't think he will do exclusively theatre anyway. With Big Bang out of the picture he will have more time.
  5. He was great in "The normal heart". I would love to see him in more dramatic roles. And they would be different of course from BB but yes I don't think he will do immediately another tv serie after BB because people are so used to see him as Sheldon now. Anyway I think he honestly loves theatre the most, probably even more than cinema. Jim seems to be a HUGE fan of theatre. Sadly maybe because not everyone can see him on Broadway.
  6. Could be. Typecast, sadly he already is. He said it, nothing to do there but to keep working... If i think how would i feel being asked the same questions over n over again for a decade? I wouldn't even answer... I do feel he was acting for a couple of laughs at conan, nothing more. I agree. Different kind of interview. But I really believe he knows very little about science, he could be interested but he always said that Mayim is the only one of them that really knows something about science.
  7. I don't think the hug itself was out of place. It was one of the highlights of the episode for me. But they should have done a small tender scene with Amy as well maybe. She said he was the greatest gift that ever happened to her after all in this episode. Give her something back. And if Sheldon accepted Penny's offer to stay in the bathroom with him for the rest of the evening, I wouldn't have wanted to be in Amy's shoes, (like I'm throwing a party for my boyfriend and he spends the night in the bathroom with a friend, no thanks). But luckily Sheldon was convinced to return to the party.
  8. I don't see a difference in him tbh. He always said he knew nothing about science since day one. Every interview I saw of him he's always repeating that he's totally ignorant about science and "nerdy stuff". About the show I think it's possible and totally normal that he likes multiple things. That's nothing bad about it. He chose an heavy Shamy episode as his favorite (I mean the episodes aired before Conan) and during the red carpet for the 200th he said that his favorite moments from the show are Sheldon and Penny scenes. And that he was glad to have another "intimate" scene with Penny on the 200th because he always loved their scenes. Kaley chose a Sheldon/Penny moment as well as her favorite. I actually understand his point of view because I love both relationships. I think he appreciates the roles both women have in Sheldon's life.
  9. I understood Sheldon saw Leonard without pants (Amy said Sheldon saw her without pants, I think Leonard wanted to say he saw him without pants too). I think it was simply their way to remind us that Sheldon doesn't get jokes, typical Sheldon. Just that.
  10. Yes Amy was kinda snubbed yesterday, they could have staged a brief kiss or something between the 2 imo, maybe in the end after the hug with Penny. About the second part I don't see it that way, I think they wanted to show us once again that Sheldon doesn't get jokes.
  11. And it worked for me. The Shelnard moment and the Sheldon/Penny scenes were so tender. I was moved. But I really missed Mary Cooper. I know the actress is on Broadway right now. But it was still strange not having her at all in this episode. I don't understand why Leslie was there. It makes no sense.
  12. I agree with you. Mayim was like hell no at first when she was asked by Kunal. And in that moment they weren't their characters but just Jim, Kaley, Johnny, Mayim, Melissa and Kunal.
  13. They already kinda did this with the Shenny kiss this season. So probably not
  14. I love your analysis! I agree. Years ago, in the first seasons, before Amy and everything, I kinda wanted to see Penny with Sheldon. I never liked her with Leonard, not even in their best days and the chemistry between Kaley and Jim was amazing. I was really intrigued for a while. But I think it would have tainted their friendship and Sheldon's friendship with Leonard as well (I love them as friends as well). And it's definitely more unique the way it is.
  15. I don't know why , for me it's clear that it was mutual.
  16. But I don't think Sheldon did it because of her. He did it because he wanted it as well, at this point. You don't start a sexual relationship with someone, possibly for life if he wants to marry Amy, if you don't want sex at all.
  17. I think because the writers want to tell us that our partner isn't always our best friend as well. There's room in our lives for multiple people in different roles.That's why Sheldon and Penny rely so much on each other, apparently, sometimes, more than on Amy and Leonard. But this is my interpretation.
  18. When Robin/ Barney happened I didn't agree at all, considering her history with Ted and how much he cared about Robin. It was so strange. And after trying to convince me that Barney and Robin happened because Ted was destined to be with the mother (like there weren't other women on the planet ), they gave us that finale!!! I never liked Penny with Leonard. I just don't like them as a couple but I love Amy, even though I prefer when she was super quirky. I really miss quirky AMy!! She was such a great character, she's too normal this season, except for clothes, I see Mayim at this point instead of AMy basically every time she's on screen Funny because years ago I definitely thought that Leslie was secretly in love with Sheldon.
  19. Prady never liked the idea of Penny and Sheldon. Yes I think that any romance would ruin their friendship at this point. It would be the typical love triangle with the woman between the 2 friends. And I would see no point in introducing Amy years ago. The Penny- Sheldon ship (romantically speaking) has shipped years ago. The love triangle between Ted Robin and Barney already ruined How I met your mother for me. But I totally get why Jim said it. As an actor it would be a funny scene to play, something unexpected and it would create total chaos in the show. But they should have done it years ago. If they wanted.
  20. I love Simon. He was hilarious! Him and Jim were always my favorites from the cast. I have a soft spot for Melissa as well.
  21. I saw both interviews. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love Sheldon with Amy. We know that already from other interviews. I actually agree when he said he missed Sheldon and Penny (as friends). I'm missing their scenes too.
  22. Yes the others 4 joined for fun. They were recreating their old Blossom kiss. But yes at first Mayim was all NO when Kunal asked. I guess she changed her mind.
  23. He was actually asked by the reporter to choose a character from the show for a one night stand with Sheldon. But I wouldn't entirely blame the actors if they really want something shocking to happen tbh (just a guess here because we don't really know) because as actors is interesting to deal with unexpected scenes. And it isn't happening something really unexpected in a long time on the show. Some could say Shamy's coitus and Howardette's baby but personally I wasn't surprised at all. We already "knew" for a long time that those things would have happened. Exactly!
  24. I agree. If they wanted, they should have been done it earlier, for sure before P and L's marriage and before Amy. Now it would really create a disaster for everyone considering that Leonard and Sheldon are best friends and Amy considers Penny her best friend. And I also think that it would diminish Sheldon and Penny' bond. I love them as friends and after that things would become so awkward. Ah ok. I thought he was her man. Thanks
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