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  1. Yes but she's divorcing. I thought Mayim was dating that guy with the creepy moustache who is always with her at the awards.
  2. Jim said he'd want Sheldon to have a one night stand with.......... Penny. The Shenny shippers will be in heaven.
  3. Yeah I definitely agree. She still seems pretty conservative.
  4. Yeah she seems quite different recently.
  5. Anyway I don't think they thought about who was married because based on that only Kaley seems to be single at the moment. It was a funny gag. Mayim kissed Johnny to recreate their old kiss. And the others picked the one who was sitting next to them. I would like to see a Shelnard kiss! :D
  6. Simon LOL He wasn't getting any action!
  7. I'm really missing the good old days with these classic episodes.
  8. I really want to see Howard and Bernadette's reaction to his decision... I hope they're moved.
  9. Still strange that it happened off-camera.
  10. I think Raj will play the field for a while.
  11. I really hope you're right. This season has been so focused on relationships. I miss the science stuff tbh.
  12. Another cute moment between Kaley and Jim was this one.
  13. He really has beautiful eyes. Hi everybody! I'm new.
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